An Unpopular War, Not Just Here Either

Reading about the war in Iraq, the way the government continues to push it, the way Congress refuses to bring our troops home, and knowing that we are there for the sake of lies and oil, it just makes me mad as hell with those in Washington D.C. I have to wonder if they were all dropped on their heads that they cannot seem to get their collective heads out of the Iraq sand long enough to see what is actually happening.

Do not ask me to believe that the intelligence community these Congresswomen and men have access to is so inept that they cannot make heads or tails of situation there. While I know it is hard to imagine that bush bungled the job from the minute he decided to go for it, don’t you think there is enough evidence out there now so that we can bring our young men and women home?

Seriously, when I think about the complexes being built in Iraq that sound more like one of Saddam’s palaces, I have to wonder if that is where bush intends to run when the heat is finally turned up to the point that he and his administration come tumbling down? For myself, I can’t wait to see the backside of the man, his administration, and this entire 8 years of unending stupidity and lies. Every time his face comes on tv with that stupid moronic grin I just want to hit something. ~rolls eyes here~

I read a fantastic article in today about getting answers to 12 questions no one is asking about Iraq. It was an awesome piece! And, what appears to be so clear to the American public, even with all the disinformation this administration has tried so hard to shove down our throats, the truth is still coming out. An article I did, Con Artists You Believe talked about these * so called * military analysts that were nothing more than the administrations mouth-pieces. I will never see a single one of those faces and believe them again. How about you?

And now, after years of lies, they hold up Gen. David Petraeus, jump up and down in a victory dance and say,”See, its working!!! The surge is working!” Do they seriously believe we drank that much kool-aid? All the evidence points the other way. Now, I want to know what this administration is smoking that they can see victory where the rest of us see a country made worse on a daily basis with our very presence there? At what point do we start to listen to the Iraqi people, who happen to know their country a hell of a lot better than we do, as to how THEY want to be governed? DUH people! Get a grip on something intelligent PLEASE!

From IPSNews today came this article I found so typical of how the administration gets the intel of one thing and spins it another way. Wonder how Gen. David Petraeus feels as a moral human being about lieing, or trying not to lie, to the American people, to justify the deaths of so many soldiers.

Petraeus Hid Maliki Resistance to US Troops in Basra
Analysis by Gareth Porter*

WASHINGTON, Apr 17 (IPS) – In testimony before Congressional committees last week, Gen. David Petraeus portrayed Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki’s late March offensive in Basra as a poorly planned effort that departed from what U.S. officials had expected.

What Petraeus did not reveal is that al-Maliki was deliberately upsetting a Petraeus plan to put U.S. and British forces into Basra for a months-long operation to eliminate the Mahdi Army from the city.

Petraeus referred to a plan for an operation to be carried out in Basra that he and his staff had developed with the head of the Basra Operational Command, Gen. Mohan al-Furayji. But Petraeus carefully dodged a question from Sen. Hillary Clinton about what resources he was planning to deploy to Basra and over what length of time.

I expect that he would dodge these and any other incriminating questions, but the real question is, what is the real agenda here. If the real agenda is oil, like a lot of people think, then why are we in this pretense of a war? There is much more going on here than meets the eye. But who are the real puppet masters here? Who is it really that is using the USA and flushing her young down the toilet? Because for all the sense this war makes, that is the end result.

After 8 years of failed policy on the bush administration’s side, by failed I mean policies that will be overturned sooner or later, we are going to believe he is capable of winning anything? Hell, he couldn’t run a business by himself and not run it into the ground and we expect him to do better in the White House?

But, damn the torpedoes! This administration refuses to do anything but what it wants. And congress, for whatever reason, continues to go along. I really want to know what their reasons are for that brilliant piece of intelligence. Now are we really surprised by all that? No. Still, I just wonder what I’m not seeing here.

This plan for a major foreign troop deployment to the south for the first time since the U.S. battles against the Mahdi Army in April 2004 did not sit well with al-Maliki. In 2006 and 2007, he had repeatedly blocked U.S. proposals that U.S. and Iraqi forces target Moqtada al-Sadr’s Mahdi Army in Baghdad as well as in the south.

When Vice President Dick Cheney, who had previously played the “bad cop” in the George W. Bush administration’s relations with al-Maliki, visited Baghdad in mid-March, one of his objectives was to get al-Maliki to go along with the Petraeus plan to eliminate the commanding position of Sadr’s forces in Basra. Al-Maliki has told Iraqi officials that Cheney put pressure on him to go along with the Basra operation, according one Iraqi source.

After Cheney met briefly with al-Maliki Mar. 17, he discussed the “security situation” with Sadr’s Shiite rival, Abdul-Aziz al-Hakim, head of the Supreme Islamic Iraqi Council, which has been pushing for the destruction of the Mahdi Army. Cheney lavished praise on Hakim, whom he ostentatiously called “my friend”, for “working so hard with the United States and with Iraq’s other leaders to advance the cause of Iraq’s freedom and democracy.” The signal of the Bush administration’s intentions toward Sadr could hardly have been clearer.

The Cheney visit apparently mobilised al-Maliki, but not in the way Cheney had intended.

Does it seem like both sides of the fence are being played here? Or that cheney is the strong arm of bush? Well, bad boy cheney, you just screwed the pooch… It seems that Iraqi don’t appreciate your methods of persuasion.

Petraeus was informed four days after cheney’s visit that al-Maliki had changed the plans, significantly! Instead of the month long campaign Petraeus had planned, al-Maliki told him it would only be for a week to 10 days ONLY. Kinda makes you wonder how he, (Petraeus), took that news doesn’t it? Oh, to be a fly on the wall…

The point is that while our soldiers are down there walking around, tensions are becoming greater by the moment. The Iraqi people don’t want us there, and can you blame them? We are occupying their country. How would you feel if it happened here? al-Maliki is trying to keep from having a civil war down there and probably working on keeping his friends safe. But that had to piss off Petraeus and bush. All their hard work planning the deaths of all those young men and women and for what? I want to know. Why are our kids dying?

In the South of the country, the Shiite, are dead set against any foreign occupation. Should the USA travel down there, it would be really bad. And the main point of al-Maliki’s operation was to exclude US and British troops. He didn’t want us there. And he had a plan to make it happen. al-Maliki was afraid that if the US and British were part of that excursion, all hell would break loose. al-Maliki explained himself in an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper on April 7, 2008.

The truth is that US and British troops are exactly what Iraq doesn’t need. In some parts of the country tensions are so high that any sign of US or British troops could cause a major confrontation. The Shiites in the area are ready to explode.

Hind sight is always 20/20. And so now we can see just what a failure this assault on Basra was. While Gen. Petraeus had warned al-Maliki that he thought there weren’t enough men involved in the operation, al-Maliki was determined and so Petraeus went along. DUMMY!

But the bush administration went into overdrive wondering about conspiracy theories. The thought was that al-Maliki was deliberately working against the USA in Iraq and deliberately undermining the goal of getting to the Mahdi Army and eliminating them.

Nor could the administrations fears have been eased when a delegation of pro-government parties traveled to Iran to ask the commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) to negotiate a ceasefire with the Mahdi Army. Considering the USA believes the IRGC to be a terrorist organization, I can see why they would worry… But the negotiations worked, sort-of. This new agreement would prevent the deployment of US and British troops inside Basra and would prevent the US from going after the Mahdi Army later this summer. al-Maliki isn’t so dumb after all…

Now, the bush administration would have us believe that since this debacle in Basra, al-Maliki has changed his heart about Iran being a friend. However, al-Maliki’s interview on April 7, with CNN correspondent Nic Robertson shows just how wrong headed that assertion is.

But al-Maliki’s Apr. 7 interview with CNN’s Robertson made it clear that he has not budged from his position that his government’s interests lie in an accord between Iran and the United States — not in taking sides against Iran.

“We will always reject the idea of any side using Iraq as a launching pad for its attack on others,” said al-Maliki. “We reject Iran using Iraq to attack the U.S., and at the same time we reject the idea of the U.S. using Iraq to attack Iran…”

*Gareth Porter is an historian and national security policy analyst. The paperback edition of his latest book, “Perils of Dominance: Imbalance of Power and the Road to War in Vietnam”, was published in 2006. *

CNN’s Nic Robertson sees the fighting in Sadr City and discovers the city isn’t under government control. Video


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