Latest Tanker News Update 4-21-08

According to USA Today, lawmakers are getting together to protest the contract that the Air Force gave to EADS/Northrop Grumman. Considering what an embarrassment this must to the the military in general, and the GAO in particular, not to mention the Air Force having everyone breathing down their necks, we just might get something done here for America and American workers.

Now, I’m all for creating jobs in Mobile, Alabama, but not at the expense of outsourcing our military technical expertise. Not at the expense of a lifetime of experience and proven track record. And NOT when the tax dollars improve European markets instead of American ones. Even if Boeing’s record hasn’t been stellar all the time. Let it be known that what the CEOs and higher-ups do is not what the workers and technitions do. Most of the illegalities of the past were done by those thinking they could make more money illegally, not the workers at Boeing.

The longer this goes on the worse it seems to get for EADS/Northrop Grumman. It seems the Air Force all but stood on its head in order to award Northrop Grumman/EADS the contract. Or at least that is how one side of the story is being portrayed. After seeing how many retired military generals EADS/Northrop Grumman could put together, you have to wonder just how coached they were on the deal to begin with. And that article was outrageous for the amount of name calling the old men did. Naw, there’s no bias here, no ties to military personnel, no inaccuracies. Did I mention I had beach front property for sale here in Phoenix?

Lawmakers, unions protest tanker deal

WASHINGTON (AP) — Kansas lawmakers joined labor leaders on Thursday to protest the massive Air Force tanker contract that Boeing Co. lost to a European rival and vowed to stymie the deal in Congress.

Organizers of the Capitol Hill rally said the contract would subsidize foreign competitors at the expense of U.S jobs in the aerospace defense industry, particularly in Washington state and Kansas, where much of the work on the tanker would have been performed, had Boeing won.

“The Air Force process was so badly flawed that it was skewed to favor one bid,” said Sen. Pat Roberts, R-Kan. “What should have been a boon to American taxpayers is instead an embarrassment to American taxpayers.”

Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., called the Air Force’s decision “an insult to our workers” and also raised questions about the fairness of the selection process.

The rules were changed on Boeing time and time again in order to keep a foreign competitor at the table,” Murray charged.


“We will be sending our tax money to Europe to energize their economy while our economy goes in the tank,” said Debbie Logsdon, Midwest chairwoman of the Society of Professional Engineering Employees in Aerospace, the union representing most of Boeing’s engineers and technical workers.

Members of Alabama’s congressional delegation have defended the selection process, which would result in a tanker assembly plant in Mobile and the creation of 2,000 jobs. Northrop claims its victory would support at least 25,000 jobs at more than 200 U.S. suppliers, while Boeing says its aircraft would support more than 44,000 jobs at 300 U.S. suppliers.

Reps. Todd Tiahrt, R-Kan., and Norm Dicks, D-Wash. — two influential members of the House Appropriations Committee — are considering legislation to overhaul the procurement process or block funding for the deal.

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In a letter to bush, Senator Murray and other Congressmen and Women asked some serious questions they hope the White House will answer. bush being bush, he probably won’t get around to addressing the issue any time soon. He’s a coward that way or makes wrong headed decisions. I’m not sure why they bothered with this moron except that it is the way they do things up on the Hill. ~sigh~

A copy of the letter can be found HERE:

Join the Fight!

I’d like to see all military contracts under screening and open to public scrutiny. I want to know why my tax dollars are going to pay for some organization like Blackwater when our military doesn’t take care of its enlisted soldiers first. This is unacceptable to me and I hope there are others like me out there too. Talk about a government entity run amok! Time for that to change. The Air Force just got caught on this one. My belief is that this is a serious problem for them and that favoritism and rampant abuse of military contracts goes on every day. Consider all those retired generals that are now working as consultants for Northrop Grumman. Questions, questions…


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