A Congress Of Cowards

As the war in Iraq goes on, we have many of our soldiers returning home wounded, not just in body but also in mind. Nothing is being done for them. CNN’s Lou Dobbs last report said:

DOBBS: Turning to the war in Iraq, insurgents today killed another of our troops. Our soldier was killed by a roadside bomb just north of Baghdad. Twenty-five of our troops have been killed so far this month, 4,037 of our troops have been killed since the war began, 29,780 troops wounded, 13,297 of our troops wounded seriously. In Afghanistan, two of our Marines were killed in Kandahar province. 412 of our troops have been killed in Afghanistan since that war began nearly seven years ago.

Of those seriously wounded troops, the government is failing miserably to care for them. Seems they are happy enough for you to sign up and go fight, but if you come back unable to fight again, they don’t want to know you. This is outrageous. The failure of Congress and those cowards sitting in those chairs on Capitol Hill is enough to make you want to get rid of the whole lot. Enough with them lining their pockets, enough with the rampant corruption and graft, enough already! In fact, come back wounded and they want your sign-up money back!

These young men and women went to war in an effort to protect America as told by bush lies. They believed the commander and chief when he lied to us all, as some of us did too, and so they signed up and went into training and gave America their all, only to be repaid by being treated as if they don’t exist. Shame on you America. Shame on you Congress! And I won’t even bother repeating my thoughts on this administration.

They are our nation’s kids. They might have been young men and women on any American campus — there was the usual abundance of tattoos and piercings — but there was a difference.

Many were broken, some grievously injured in battle, some missing limbs. All of the vets with whom I spoke had obvious psychic scars; several exhibited unconscious facial ticks as they spoke. As I talked to one young woman — she couldn’t have been more than 22 or 23 — I thought to myself, ‘oh, that’s what those Vietnam vets mean when they talk about a thousand-yard stare.’

When we consider about the costs of these occupations, as tax-payers, we shouldn’t forget that we’re getting off cheaply. The Iraqi people have paid the dearest price for Bush’s adventure in the Middle East, and, after them, it’s been the 1.7 million Americans who have been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan at one time or another over the past five years who have had to bear the greatest burden.

The thousand yard stare… How would it be to be locked inside the head of one of those kids? What is their mind replaying over and over and over again that makes that look stay on their faces? And why aren’t they being helped? Why isn’t there ANY media coverage about the returning soldiers and their plight? Is it because the media thinks American’s already have too much to worry about? or is it that the war is so unpopular now that they believe we don’t want to hear about this? Or, and this is my suspicion, is it that the bush administration doesn’t want us to know about how badly they are treating these wounded soldiers???

Meanwhile, congress does its best to make the worst possible decisions. Instead of coming up with a concrete plan to help homeowners in the mortgage crisis, they bail out the home builders instead. Instead of making sure that investors and those who had their money in Bear Stearns get their money, they bail out the bank and wall street. And instead of getting us out of Iraq today, they give more budgeted money for MORE mercks, and more black hole ops and nothing to care for the troops who have served honorably and deserve the help they need more than anything else we could do for them. AND, for the first time in history, we have soldiers charged with war crimes… Unbelievable! SHAME ON YOU CONGRESS!

We have a Congress of cowards. As a voter, I know I am going to vote the whole lot out of office here. I’m going to talk to my friends and neighbors and see how they feel about it too. I’m going to start a grassroots movement to get the corruption OUT of congress. I’m going to see if I can’t get Lobbyists and their money out of congress so we can get congress back on target. I’m putting congress on notice here and now, your days of lining your pockets at the expense of our citizens is over.

Just look at the voting record of those running for president to see how ineffectual they are. They sat on the fence most of the time, not voting at all on most issues, or voting where it would do their special interest groups the most good. And I do mean ALL THE CANDIDATES. The proof is at VoteSmart.org Simply type in the candidate of choice and see how they voted, it is pathetic.

Jackie Smith welcomed her husband, Staff Sergeant Steven Smith of the 1st Brigade Combat Team, 3d Infantry Division, at a homecoming ceremony at Fort Stewart in Georgia. (John Carrington/Savannah Morning News via Associated Press)

1 in 5 veterans found with mental disorder
Depression, stress called undertreated

By Julian E. Barnes

Los Angeles Times / April 18, 2008 WASHINGTON –

The latest and most comprehensive study of veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars has concluded that nearly 1 in every 5 veterans is suffering from depression or stress disorders and that many are not getting adequate care.

The study shows that mental disorders are more prevalent and lasting than previously known, surfacing belatedly and lingering after troops have been discharged into civilian and family life.

An estimated 300,000 veterans among the nearly 1.7 million who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan are battling depression or post-traumatic stress disorder. More than half of those people, according to the study conducted by the Rand Corp., are slipping through the cracks in the bureaucratic system, going without necessary treatment.

The Rand study underscores one of the hard lessons of modern counterinsurgency conflicts: Such wars might kill fewer soldiers than traditional fights but can leave deeper psychological scars.

Congress, meanwhile, is acting as though it cares, as though it is doing something. However, it is all pre-election posturing. Just wait until the elections are over to see what I mean. Then the real congress will be back, taking bribes from lobbyists again and it will be business as usual, selling out the American citizen in favor of big business and big pharma. The millions of dollars pumped into the pockets of these congressional members to get what these corporations want has never been greater, and so too the cost to the American public.

Just look at what is going on in the military. We have, for an example, the Boeing situation. And so many others that the Air Force has done recently favoring companies with ties to military personnel. See Here: air-force-contract-negotiations Or Here:

Air Force Rushed Contract, Report Says

Homeland Security Technology, Inc. to Enter Contract Negotiations with GSA; HST Renews Recon Mountaineer/Combat Trauma Bag Joint Venture Agreement

Blackwater Contract Renewal Not Approved by Iraq: Maliki

Our government is rife with favoritism from those who know how to “negotiate” the best. And that doesn’t necessarily mean the best deal for the American Public either. It means you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.

To this Congress of Cowards, you are on notice, We the People will not stand for your corruption and graft. Either improve your performance record consistently or face the wrath of the citizens of this country.


~ by justmytruth on April 20, 2008.

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