The Betrayal Of Our Soldiers…

I was reading a post from Alan Stang today. It was called, “Ultimate Proof George Bush Is A Traitor.” Now, I make no bones about the fact that I despise him,(bush), as a human being, as a spiritual being, but mostly as a pretender in the Oval Office. I’d just as soon see the man and his good buddy cheney in a set of stocks in the square for all to egg. I’ve never felt this way about another human being in my life. It disturbs me greatly!

So reading this piece today from NewsWithViews, I thought, how bad could this be? I’m pretty sure I’m aware of the awful things this pod-person has done. WRONG! I had no idea he was betraying military men and women over in Iraq. They are following orders and either dying or languishing in prison for doing so. This just makes me sick. How could America betray those who bleed and die for her in a moment’s notice? How could dubya do this? My horror at this new assault on Americans from this pretender, war criminal, betrayer of the laws of the USA, goes so deep today I am almost speechless. I am truly sickened…

For example: Alan Stang wrote about an incident involving some Navy Seals. Well, best to let you read it as he wrote it. But if these don’t move you to passion…

Marcus Luttrell is a Navy SEAL. In June, 2005, he and three others parachuted deep inside Taliban territory in Afghanistan. Their mission: kill or capture a Taliban leader named Ahmad Shah, thought to be close to Osama bin Laden.

But a couple of local Afghans discovered their hiding place. One of the SEALS voted to kill them. Another voted to let them go. The third abstained. The deciding vote was Marcus Luttrell’s and he elected to spare them. Why? “I didn’t want to go to jail.” The SEALS let the Afghans go. The Afghans reported their presence to the Taliban, about one hundred of whom returned and attacked. Three of the four SEALS were killed.

Sixteen Special Forces rescuers aboard a Chinook choppered in. The Taliban shot it down with an RPG. All sixteen were killed. Luttrell was the Lone Survivor. That is the title of his book, published last year by Little, Brown. His nose was broken, his face torn up, some vertebra were shattered; his legs were full of shrapnel. Nineteen men died because Marcus Luttrell voted to let those Afghans go. Why? Again, “I didn’t want to go to jail.” He was worried about committing a war crime.

Now, if this had been women and the Seals had raped the women, I’d feel differently. But this story here illustrates the split second decisions these men have to make to live. So WHY would this Navy Seal be afraid? Because of the Rules of Engagement. Because the commander and chief laid out the rules that would make this happen. That’s why Blackwater and such exist, so our soldiers can be afraidSo Americans can be held to a different standard, and die for it. Or worse yet, not die and be treated like they don’t exist or are a burden on our society. Did I say how much I loath this pretender? Oh, this just gets better…

I was horrified by that story. And ya, I am a dumb blonde…in this case, I’ve never had to deal with this kind of situation, I admit it. I’ve seen terrible things, but never experienced it first hand, only second hand. But Alan has a way of writing that you can feel. Read on…

Compare this horror to World War II. The reason that war is so important in this case is that it was the last war we fought that was legal and the last we tried to win. There was a legal declaration and we won in only three-and-a-half years. Could you name for me please one – one is all I ask – just one war crime committed by U.S. forces in that war? You say you can’t?


So the question is not whether you will make a mistake. You will. Especially behind enemy lines and house-to-house. You will make mistakes every day. That is not the question. The question is, will command back you up? And the answer is, yes, a government run by Americans will do that because, if you put a man in combat, it is a sacred trust, a most holy commitment originating in scripture to protect him. If the children of Israel honored their commitment to Rahab, an enemy hooker, how much more allegiance do we owe our own men?


Here is another example of what happened to a man who did the opposite. U.S. Army sniper Evan Vela Carnahan is now serving ten years in prison. What did he do? Remember the “Sunni Triangle,” the “triangle of death?” He was there last year. In more than three days, his sniper team had slept about four hours. The temperature was 120 degrees. And his superiors were complaining that the snipers were not killing enough.

Suddenly, outside Iskandariyah, an Iraqi discovered their “hide,” making as much noise as he could, trying to alert nearby hostile Iraqis, yelling despite the sniper team’s efforts to keep him quiet. Carnahan’s superior ordered him to shoot the man to protect the team, which he did. And to please high Iraqi government officials, our government sacrificed him. Sgt. Carnahan is now in prison. Would he have been jailed for disobeying orders if he had not killed the man? By the way, he has a brother who has been in the Navy for six years.

Somebody please tell me this is a joke! Someone tell me a soldier of ours is not rotting in a GD jail cell because our government, the so called commander and chief, is in bed with the Iraqi? I’m sending this post to each Congress man and woman out there and if they aren’t moved by this and don’t do something immediately, each congressperson who doesn’t should be voted OUT of office. Because those who fight and die with loyalty to this Country in mind and heart, should NEVER be treated this way! If you had hit me with a 2X4 I couldn’t feel more stunned.

And then I read this, and my horror grew even greater…

As I write, Jose L. Nazario is waiting to go on trial. In 2004, he was a Marine and fought in the month-long battle for Fallujah. This was room-to-room, house-to-house, hand-to-hand combat. One hundred and fifty Marines were killed. More than two thousand were wounded. Nazario’s battalion alone suffered thirty three dead and more than six hundred wounded.

His unit came under fire from a house. Inside the house, the Marines found Soviet AK-47 rifles and ammunition, along with four men. Another Marine on the radio told Nazario to kill them. He allegedly killed two. He was honorably discharged from the Marines after eight years of service and two tours in Iraq, moved to Riverside, California and became a policeman. Last year, Washington charged him with two counts of manslaughter in the incident, which they cannot prove really happened.

If you can read this and not be OUTRAGED by it, I pity you. You are not human. If you read this, and are affected like I am, help me get these men out of jail or off of the judicial systems roll. If the men of Blackwater can walk around doing whatever they please, claiming they are working FOR us, but not under our laws, then these men deserve to be honored by all, not put on trial or put in prison!!!

So there is a crime here, yes, but the crime is not what Sgt. Vela did, what Navy SEAL Luttrell did not and what Sgt. Nazario is accused of doing. The crime is blithely starting a war drunk with imperial fantasies on behalf of favored international corporations, a war there was no legal, constitutional reason to start, a war in which our military men – the best of the best – are treated like one-use, throw-away accessories. If enough young Americans understood this, no one would enlist.


Again, Jorge W. Boosh is responsible for all this. We know that because if he were to pick up the phone and say, “Stop this at once,” it would stop – at once. He is a coward who, like his pal Clinton, the Arkansas rapist, evaded combat himself. Imagine dropping this smirking mountebank with Marcus Luttrell behind enemy lines.

What a great idea!

© 2008 – Alan Stang – All Rights Reserved

I’ve got one better for you Alan Stang, let’s put dubya in a boxing ring with Iraqis who don’t like us being there. We’ll let him prove to us what a big man he is. Let’s see if he is willing to “do what it takes to be an American” for a change. In fact, we’ll send cheney in with him. They can both prove what great men they are. But you are right, dubya and dead-eye cheney are cowards, of the worst sort. If there is any justice in this world, they will be imprisoned… for the rest of their unnatural lives.

I am so heart-sick that My Beloved America could treat Her Own this way. That there are those who are pretenders who strut around in those places where only The Best of the Best should be. Where moral ethics and the true interests of America should be. Yet where a despot and his cronies are now. To think our Oval Office where the Commander and Chief plans for America, should be so betrayed and her Sons and Daughters too! How low can we be brought?

More on the Rules of Engagement can be found HERE


And this too from Wikileaks:

Last one I promise…  Here from Human Rights Watch:

What will you do about it?

~ by justmytruth on April 18, 2008.

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  1. the rules of engagement have been the same since before bush was elected president the same thing happend back in vietnam

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