Is LA Changing Heart?

I was extremely glad to watch on CNN’s Lou Dobbs tonight that LA is upset over the death of Jamiel Shaw who was just 17 years old and murdered by an illegal gang member. There seems to be the sentiment that people are tired of these gangs and want them gone. And some council members have said they are willing to at least listen. This is a very good start for LA.

It still bothers me though that there could be a part of the United States of America which has chosen to harbor so many illegals. These people do not owe an allegiance to this country, would not fight for her if we went to war, would not stand up and be counted when the going gets rough and only drain off our resources. Just because they have family in LA doesn’t mean they should be allowed to live off the backs of American Tax payers because it is better here than in Mexico.

But, from CNN”s Lou Dobbs I bring you this story about this Sanctuary City:

DOBBS: In Los Angeles tonight — Los Angeles, a sanctuary city — some city officials are beginning to fight back against that illegal alien sanctuary policy, known as special-order-40. One city council member is actually fighting for police to be able to question suspected illegal alien gang members and to be able to cooperate with federal immigration authorities.

One thing interesting to note today is that while I can get to the website on Special Order 40, I cannot link to it. So I copied it and placed it in a word document for you to access if you would care to. I have no idea why I can’t link to it when I can get to it via a search, but there you have it. I’ve tried a dozen times this morning and nothing will work…

That’s right, Los Angeles is part of the United States.

Casey Wians has our report.

WIANS: If you’re an illegal alien gang member in Los Angeles and an LAPD officer spots you on the street, you have nothing to fear, unless you’re wanted for another crime. The city’s Special Order 40 prohibits police from making arrests solely for immigration law violations even if officers know a gang member has been previously deported.

This is just plain idiocy if you ask me! If you have already deported someone and they are back, how can you NOT arrest them and send them out of the country again? OR, better yet, put them in prison for a while so they get the feeling it isn’t so fun to be an illegal in the United States of America with a record? I would think that the Governor of all people would understand what is wrong with this picture being one himself!

Now city councilman Dennis Zine, who spent almost four decades as an active and reserve LAPD officer, wants to allow officers to question gang suspects about their immigration status and require the LAPD to turn over illegal alien gang members to federal immigration authorities.

DENNIS ZINE, L.A. CITY COUNCIL: You’ve got these ruthless thugs that are gang members that come here from all parts of the world that terrorize the immigrant population.

WIANS: Zine’s proposal is in response to the killing of Jamiel Shaw, a star high school football player allegedly murdered by an illegal alien gang member last month.

ZINE: The Shaw killing is one in many. When is it going to stop? And who’s going to have the courage to stand up, to say, “If you’re here illegally, we understand that.” This is not about illegal people who are here, this is about illegal people who are here who are gang banging, who are terrorizing.

ZINE: L.A.’s police chief and mayor both support Special Order 40.

MAYOR ANTONIO VILLARAIGOSA, LOS ANGELES: Every chief of police in the city of Los Angeles since Darrel Gates and virtually every big city members of the police, where there are large immigrant populations, particularly large undocumented populations, believe that the only way that we can fight crime is to make sure that people, that witnesses can come forward, you know, when crimes are committed.

WIANS: Zine rejects that argument, saying otherwise law-abiding illegal immigrants fear gang members, not the police. At least 10 of L.A.’s 15 city council members say they are willing to consider Zine’s proposal.

Now see, this to me is a no-brainer. These people aren’t afraid of the cops, it is the gangs they fear. This special order 40 has made a mockery of the system. It has made LA a laughing stock across the country. And while you might puff up your chests and think you are all that and a bag of chips, all you are is a dirty city with a huge illegal population and multiple gang problems. And Mayor? You need to be recalled and some real affirmative action people put on there. Time for LA to come into the 21st century.

WIANS: For now, there’s little chance of doing anything more than slightly modifying Special Order 40. According to Zine, major changes would have to be approved by a federal judge because the LAPD has been operating under a federal consent decree since the Rampart scandal of the late 1990s, Lou.

DOBBS: You know you’re — the city, from which you’re reporting tonight, it’s pretty disgusting when you think about it, that Special Order 40 even exists, and that a councilman has to speak with such timidity about what is a critically urgent issue, and that is, of course, gang violence. Where does Los Angeles rank in gang violence in this country?

WIANS: I don’t know the exact number, Lou, but I know it’s pretty darn high. That’s all I can tell you.

DOBBS: And in point of fact, the idea of that sanctuary city status is permitted under federal intervention, I mean, what is that about?

WIANS: Well, it’s not that it’s necessarily permitted under intervention, it’s just that it was — because the LAPD CRASH unit officers back in the 1990s, the so-called Rampart scandal, part of what they were doing wrong…

DOBBS: Why does that judge have to approve a change of Special Order 40, which is created by the city council?

WIANS: Well, according to the city councilman, anything that’s a major change to LAPD policy would have to be approved by a federal judge, because there are very specific requirements about what LAPD officers have to do in terms of interviewing suspects, determining whether they can interview someone based on their race and their national origin. It’s a very involved, complicated, very specific consent decree…

DOBBS: So tonight we can conclude by saying to the people of Los Angeles, good luck.

WIANS: You could say that, Lou.

DOBBS: Thank you, Casey. Casey Wians from Los Angeles.

Now, I searched the web for a legal status for sanctuary cities and couldn’t find one. I did searches to include the federal government and sanctuary cities, sanctuary cities and mandates, sanctuary cities and laws, etc. but nothing came up, NOTHING. Just the Wikipedia reference I included. So, if there is nothing in the federal government that allows for sanctuary cities, how come all these cities are demanding that they be allowed to be such? It seems to me this is just plain unpatriotic! Not only are they demanding this be allowed, but they want to continue getting federal funds to do it. This is clearly illegal. Congress should do something about this. If you want to be a sanctuary city, go ahead, but do not expect funding from the federal government to boot.

YouTubeLou Dobbs – Shaw Family vs. Sanctuary For Criminal Aliens

I applaud Dennis Zine and others who are working to get illegal criminals out of this country, however, ALL illegal aliens are ILLEGAL, what part of that isn’t clear to these cities that claim sanctuary status? And since I could not find any legal standing for that claim, I say it is plain bunk! And it seems to me that the mayor of LA is just another Mexican in disguise as a legal citizen of this country. He is working with big business to allow cheap labor into this country and it needs to stop!

Why the citizens of this country haven’t risen up in rage over this issue is beyond me. Maybe it is the fact that there are simply so many illegals in this country now that it seems hopeless, however, the tide is turning and their get-into-the-United-States-free card is about to expire. You can feel it happening.

Bleeding hearts, such as the Pope, who advocate open borders, (and I laugh at the Pope considering Vatican City is walled away and heavily guarded), are fools who do not respect the sovereignty of our Country. Let’s send the illegals their way instead. Make Vatican City a sanctuary city for illegals and their gangs and see how the Pope reacts then, shall we? You can bet he would change his tune in a big hurry.

And on that vein, Lou Dobbs did a story about the Pope last night:

Well, Pope Benedict XVI is in the nation’s capital tonight, there to help the Catholic Church and the Council of Bishops push the amnesty agenda. As the pope attends ceremonies in our nation’s capital, the Vatican is working actively to help illegal aliens cross our border with Mexico, in fact.

The Vatican has donated directly at least $20,000 to build a shelter for illegal aliens, making their way from Central America, trying to enter the United States. That shelter is in southern Mexico, where Catholic Church officials defend the donations as a humanitarian gesture.

Pope Benedict himself, obviously, supporting that approach and calling upon the United States to ease any enforcement of U.S. immigration laws.

I noticed in the interview done with this Bishop Paris, that the Bishop was extremely careful in choosing his words for the show. He must have been warned ahead of time about saying anything contrary to the Pope’s message or in any way saying anything that might be construed as being contrary to the Pope’s message.

DOBBS: Joining me now for some analysis of Pope Benedict’s visit to this country, Father John Paris, professor of bioethics at Boston College. Father Paris joining us tonight from San Francisco.

Father Paris, good to see you. Thanks for being here. I’d like to, if I may, go straight to the meeting between the president and the pontiff today, and this is — at the White House, this is what the pope had to say.

POPE BENEDICT XVI: As a nation faces increasingly complex political and ethical issues of our time, I’m confident that the American people will find in their religious beliefs a precious source of insight and an inspiration to pursue reasoned, responsible, and respectful dialogue in the effort to build a more human and free society.

DOBBS: Is he talking about illegal immigration, is he — what is he talking about there, if I may ask, Father?

JOHN PARIS, BOSTON COLLEGE: Oh, I don’t think he’s talking about illegal immigration at all. I think he’s talking about the human community and how we can best reason together out of spiritual motives and reason to achieve peace and justice and equity in a society.

DOBBS: Peace, justice, and equity in a society, six archdiocese have gone bankrupt in the Catholic Church. Thousands of victims of sexually — sexual predators, priests, what in the world — why did it take so long for this pontiff to address this issue as he basically set foot on the airplane to take off to come to this country?

PARIS: Well, he has addressed the issue before, but he hasn’t addressed it to the American public, because he wasn’t in the presence or about to be in the presence of the American public, and as he said, he’s deeply ashamed by what happened and is willing to undertake whatever measures are necessary in order to guarantee that such a horrendously awful, sinful form of behavior does not occur in the Catholic Church again.

DOBBS: And the Vatican has made much of the fact that the pontiff is going to take up the issue of illegal immigration with President Bush and obviously with the leaders of church in this country. Do you think that’s a mistake?

PARIS: Oh, not on the part of the pope at all. His view transcends individual nations, and he’s concerned with what he calls a human family. As he said in his address today, we’re brothers and sisters in one family at the same table, and he’s concerned about the poor, the weak, the downtrodden, the most vulnerable members of the community, and that’s part of the entire Judeo-Christian tradition.

DOBBS: It is, and what is troubling for some, though, who are not Catholic, and who are interested in the issue of illegal immigration, border security, it’s one thing to say that the pope transcends governments and these secular interests, but the reality is that he is talking very specifically about secular interests and the very borders that he seeks to transcend, which, frankly, puts, it seems — it seems to me, at least, the pope in a difficult place to be talking about this country, its immigration policies, laws, and the way in which it enforces laws when we are the most welcoming society on the face of the earth and the pontiff doesn’t take note of that, nor does the Vatican or the U.S. Council of Bishops.

PARIS: Well, he focuses on what he sees as the problems. The problems he sees are women and children, women being separated from their children. And he says, this is not a humane way to deal with the issues. And so he focuses on what he sees as the problematic.

So send the women back to their families and children, don’t force US to bring the rest of the illegals here. That just isn’t right. It is a drain on OUR financial resources, a burden on OUR society, and causes tensions where there don’t need to be tensions. This is ludicrous thinking.

Now he comes here saying, I come with three purposes, I come as a friend of America, I come — and this is the important part, as a preacher of the Gospel, and it’s the Gospel that he’s preaching on this issue, and he comes as one who protects the secular society of America and its pluralism.

Pure unadulterated bullshit! Protecting America’s pluralism? What the hell is that? I’ve never heard of this. Some new way to say see this is how you should live? Give me a break pontiff, you have no clue about America and your opinions are so biased as to be lost in outer space. You do not inspire me to anything you preach.

But it’s the second part that’s the real issue with regard to the pope who sees himself as a pastor to these vulnerable people.

DOBBS: So it would be too much to hope, for example, that perhaps there was some fact-finding in the pope’s mission here?

PARIS: Well, he’s not interested in the politics of individual issues, he’s interested in the broad issue of how we respect the dignity of human beings.

Of course he is else he wouldn’t be here saying what he is saying and meeting with the countries supposed leaders right now. Give me a break here. Talk about a hypocrite! And people will eat this up! Makes me want to puke!

DOBBS: You know what, those are — that’s a pretty lofty mission for all of us. And as always, Father Paris, we thank you for being here.

PARIS: Good. Thanks, Lou.

DOBBS: (INAUDIBLE) talking with you. Father John Paris of Boston College.

I’ve got to tell you Pope, your opinion on illegals in this country means shit to me. You have no right to express that opinion and have it heard since you are NOT a tax paying citizen, nor are you living in this country. You live in a walled in city in which NO ONE comes or goes without express permission of the papacy. How on earth you equate your status and your city with the rest of what you preach is beyond me. I have no respect for someone who says one thing and does something else.

As for visiting with bush, that will get you nowhere either! bush is the biggest loser on this earth right now and facing charges of treason, high crimes, tyranny, abuses of power, etc. Need I say more? And bush looks so please with everything. Ever notice he looks like the stupid cloud who really doesn’t understand what’s going on around him? Geesh!

And, BTW POPE, you are welcome to set up all the sanctuaries you want to in Mexico, but if they actually come here because of those sanctuaries, we ought to think about charging you and the Vatican with sponsoring illegal immigration and breaking the sovereignty of the United States of America. The catholic church isn’t what it once was. And just because you say you are sorry doesn’t make it ok…

One abuse of power after the other. And the religious sect just doesn’t get it. Religion and politics do not belong together.

~ by justmytruth on April 17, 2008.

2 Responses to “Is LA Changing Heart?”

  1. Those were my thoughts exactly! How dare he wander over to this country and start telling US how to treat others after the incredible atrocities of the Catholic priests? Just amazing!

  2. Well said!! Considering the Vatican protects a large number of pedophiles within its own ranks/churches………….he has nerve! He needs to focus more on monitoring his own first, and not worrying about the U.S. actually enforcing it’s already existing immigration laws. I love all these people telling us what to do when they themselves do the opposite.

    Mexico’s president was another one telling us to be kind to the illegals. Mexico who doesn’t allow illegals into it’s own country and treats them very harshly if they are found. Mexico with it’s poor record of human rights, telling us that illegals are no big deal?!!!

    And the Vatican, if I’m correct, you cannot even enter the plaza without being screened. So the pope is in NO position to talk about openly welcoming anyone.

    The hypocrisy is not only amazing but appalling!

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