McCain’s World, Through The Looking Glass

When you think back on your life and your experiences, it is no wonder that you think the way you do, or make your decisions based solely on what you’ve experienced, so too with John McCain. But John McCain has two big differences, he was a POW for 5 and a half years and he is running for President of the United States of America. McCain’s world view will always be shaped around that POW experience and his experience in the military. Once you understand that, you know why he should never be elected President.

In an article I read today from IPS News they did an analysis of where McCain is coming from and why his views on war have changed so dramatically over the years. It is a must read! I have thought in the past it must have been a case of pancake envy, you know, getting flipped to cook properly? But apparently there are very good reasons for McCain’s seeming to flip flop on the same issue time and again:

POLITICS-US: McCain’s Vietnam Lessons Unlearned?
Analysis by Ali Gharib

WASHINGTON, Apr 16 (IPS) – Throughout a long career in politics, presumptive Republican presidential nominee Sen. John McCain has had his foreign policy shaped by his and the United States’ experience in the Vietnam War.

But that shaping has been very dynamic — not beholden to any one particular lesson of the conflict, but rather taking each political situation presented to him and viewing it through the lens of Vietnam, often with mixed results.


The Powell Doctrine sets out requirements for U.S. engagement in a military conflict. Included in the criteria are U.S. public support, clear objectives, and the use of overwhelming military force.

But just as critics use Vietnam to challenge the folly of continued occupation, McCain uses it to defend the U.S. presence there — citing a Vietnam-era criticism of the U.S. that it had “lost the will to fight”.


Upon his release from captivity, McCain returned to the U.S. as a war hero, and used the platform afforded him to support President Richard Nixon’s escalation of the conflict and, notably, his support for the “Domino Theory” — that if South Vietnam fell to communists, a “red fever” would spread across Southeast Asia and strengthen global communism and its alleged goal of violent and forceful world domination.


But while McCain moved away from many of his originally stated lessons on Vietnam as he went into politics, he has since returned to many of them as he has grown closer to the neo-conservative movement — rehashing the old arguments to warn about the dangers of leaving Iraq even as those ideas proved to be false alarms in the case of Vietnam.

I don’t think someone who has such “wrong” views should be able to be in such a position as to exhort Congress to war. I find his thinking flawed and suspect. Did McCain get mental help after he was released from captivity? Can he be made to see the real issues in Iraq or will he always see Iraq through preconceived notions, (rose colored glasses)? If his military advisor’s were to tell him to get out of Iraq, would he be capable of listening and of doing so?

And when I see McCain offer a 12 cent gas tax relief for consumers when some real work in Congress is needed RIGHT NOW for those facing the loss of their homes, jobs or what have you, it makes me mad. It is almost insulting for him to think he is actually helping the middle class or poor by this proposal. Is McCain so insulted from the average American he actually believes that 12 cents per gallon will make a difference in our lives? What about those people who don’t have cars? Where is the help for them? Reality dislocation is where McCain stands is. McCain supporters must be double-dipping that Kool-Aid!

Among other things I question is McCain’s hot temper. When we need a cool head, he won’t be up for it. Simple comments from someone could have us in a world war in no time. And it is up to other’s to keep their cool around McCain, his verbal abuse is notorious!

So why would anyone support McCain? Because he is a Republican? There were other Republicans running. Why did they settle on McCain? I’ve no idea. Must have been that he drank the same Kool-Aid the other neocons were drinking and so the buddy system kicked into full gear. Maybe it is just that he knows exactly who to say yes to?

At an event at the Washington think-tank the Brookings Institution earlier this month, Scheunemann spoke of another of McCain’s fears about a U.S. defeat in Iraq — a weakening of U.S. military forces. Again, McCain’s contention was based on the Vietnam experience of returning to active duty in command of a squadron rife with recruiting issues and planes grounded due to disrepair.

“[McCain] served in the military in the aftermath of defeat and saw first-hand how difficult it was to recruit and retain personnel to keep aircraft flying and so on,” said Scheunemann.

But Shecter complains that McCain and Scheunemann have it backwards; it is the Iraq war itself that has weakened U.S. military forces rather than the specter of defeat.

Well, no doubt, death and severe/permanent disability tend to deplete the forces. Without unlimited forces you can’t fight a war forever, even if you want to, like McCain and his 100 year Iraq occupation.

Before I voted for McCain, he’d have to be certified by someone I trust as mentally sound. But I don’t plan to vote for McCain anyway. I just wonder why anyone would. Perhaps McCain thinks it is cute to be so foul mouthed and condescending, but I question the man’s whole career in Politics. I think he’s shady and corrupt.

Why else would McCain offer to give us 12 cents a gallon off and then turn around and make those on Medicade/Medicare pay more for prescription drugs? As a disabled American I pay as much for medical insurance as someone making $80,000.00 a year. My income is less than $700.00 per month, that’s about $8,400.00 per year. Want to make some good changes McCain that will impress me? Stop giving free services to illegals and insure ALL Americans, and don’t make me pay as much for insurance I don’t use as someone making 10 times my income! THAT will make a difference! That will impress me. But it won’t happen. Real issues never come to the table. Just like Veteran’s Benefits won’t increase.


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