Clinton Stuffs Her Shirt…

Ya know, it is a rough world out there and when you are tracked as much as political figures are, you have to watch what you say or be called a liar. Clinton likes to stuff her shirt with all kinds of things, sniper fire in Bosnia, her elitists religion, and now we have her contributions to the peace process in Ireland! Sheesh, talk about an overactive imagination! And she never quite manages to pull of the sincerity thing for me. Hype and blather, smoke and mirrors, that is the Clinton campaign.

That the media doesn’t really call her on this crap is amazing to me. But considering most of it is Corporate owned, I guess it is to be expected. Still, do journalists even bother to check these things out from all sides anymore? Doesn’t it bother them that they seem like sheeple and not journalists? This is one of the reasons to support Free Media!

Reading this article today from I was glad someone had really documented these things, not just relied on memory, like the Clinton campaign! That memory has proved to be ultimately fallible! Clinton’s latest snafu is this:

Ultimately, the real credit for peace can only go to the brave people of Northern Ireland, as well as the leaders of Ireland and the U.K. But I also know that helping to advance the peace process and to achieve the Good Friday Agreement is one of my husband’s proudest accomplishments as President. And I too am proud to have played a role in that effort.”

~Smacks Forehead~ Oh, so that’s how it was, funny, historians don’t seem to remember it that way. According to author Paul Bew, a professor at Queen’s University in Belfast, there is a simple way to find out. He points to a new book called, “Great Hatred, Little Room: Making Peace in Northern Ireland” by Jonathan Powell. Powell was Tony Blair’s chief of staff back then so he ought to know. In the book Powell does mention Hillary Clinton, barely, by mentioning the following:

Look at the index of this book for “Hillary Clinton,” Bew told me. There is, he said, “only one reference to Hillary Clinton.” Bew was right about that. That one citation refers the reader to a tangential anecdote in which Powell mistakes a female Secret Service agent assigned to First Lady Clinton for a friend (Nancy Soderberg, a national security aide in the Clinton White House) and cheekily asks for a kiss.

So if Hillary had such a large role in this peace process, or even any role, how come no one involved remembers it the way her campaign does? Interesting. Another “misspeak” perhaps? Naw, she couldn’t be that dumb? I just don’t know about that Kool-Aid! When it addles your brains or makes you hear things unsaid in explanations, you have to wonder just why so many people would want to drink it.

Remember, those asserting to Hillary’s claim have an interest in her campaign. They aren’t being paid to tell the truth. They just want you convinced she’s the best one for the job and to that end, they will say and do whatever it takes to make that happen. They just can’t believe anyone would disagree with them openly. Especially the media. And rightly so apparently with the way supposed journalists fawn over the political figures. It is so very boring to watch. I know CNN’s Lou Dobbs finds this all amusing as hell, but I just find it shallow and insincere. Wish there was a way to make these Candidates really spill their guts and tells us what they really think instead of listening to them say what we want to hear.

And then there is all that experience that Hillary claims to have in leadership. Talk about stuffing your shirt! I direct you to this article in for further enlightenment…

To start with, for 14 of the 35 years that she’s counting, Clinton was a full-time corporate litigator in Little Rock, Arkansas, at the Rose Law Firm. Further, for her White House years – aside from her work as chair of the President’s Task Force on Health Care Reform – she served as First Lady, not policy maker.


While First Lady in Arkansas, she did, as she claims, help “transform the education system.” Teachers and others there agree that, as chair of a commission to re-write Arkansas’ deplorable education standards, she was effective. Among other things, the new norms raised teacher salaries and amounts spent per pupil, and reduced class size.

Since Arkansas ranked 49th out of America’s 50 states in most educational measurements, and dead last in the percent of students who went on to college, the base was so low that any gains would be good. But it’s a fact the numbers improved.


Let’s start with her now-impassioned concerns for workers’ rights. This is surely an eyebrow-raiser, since her record on labor issues is roughly zero.

For example, she was on WalMart’s Board of Directors from 1986-1992, a company legendary for its low wages and union busting. Not surprisingly, her official biography omits this six-year stint.

So you see, there is a lot of padding going on in this campaign. So much so it is a wonder that she is believed at all! There goes that Kool-Aid again… It really does a number on reality checks it seems to me. No one seems to question anything about these candidates, or hardly anyone. Myself and a few others is all. I keep wondering what all these people are on in order to be so completely taken in. Rose colored glasses simply can’t explain this.

The article goes on to talk about issues inside Walmart, like how employees were threated with job loss, the closure of distribution centers, co-worker spying, and other illegal activities when the unions were trying to organize the workers to get better pay and health care. It is a must read on both Clinton and Walmart!

Come on Candidates, impress me, I dare you! So far I’m only being put to sleep by their non-statements and exhortations. Blah, blah, blah you just aren’t all that and the bag of chips you think you are.


~ by justmytruth on April 16, 2008.

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