Phoenix Mayor Needs a Wakeup Call

Seems the Mayor of Phoenix Arizona is out of touch with voters. Over 75% of voters here love what Sheriff Joe Arpaio is doing, but the Mayor has called for an investigation into the Sheriff’s activities. Mayor Phil Gordon is whining that he thinks Sheriff Arpaio is targeting hispanics in his crackdowns on drunk drivers and other offenders. Maybe we should call the waaaaambulance for the mayor???

From CNN’s Lou Dobbs we have this story:

DOBBS: The mayor of Phoenix, tonight, is calling on the Justice Department to investigate Maricopa County sheriff Joe Arpaio because of the actions he’s taking to crackdown on illegal immigration. Mayor Phil Gordon claims that sheriff Arpaio’s violating civil rights and in point of fact engaging in racial profiling. As Casey Wian now reports, Sheriff Arpaio says he’s just enforcing the law.

CASEY WIAN, CNN NEWS CORRESPONDENT: Maricopa County, Arizona, Sheriff Joe Arpaio has been aggressively pursuing illegal aliens for years. In recent weeks he’s deployed teams of deputies and volunteer posse members in largely Hispanic areas near Phoenix, arresting people for traffic violations and other minor offenses. Sheriff Joe calls the actions “crime-suppression sweeps.” So far they’ve resulted in 150 arrests, including 73 illegal aliens and 40 suspects with outstanding warrants. He scoffs at accusations he’s violating suspects’ civil rights.

SHERIFF JOE ARPAIO, MARICOPA CO, ARIZONA: We’re not violating anybody’s civil liberties. Everybody’s stopped for speeding, DUIs, you name it, every day thousands of tickets are given out. People are arrested for DUIs. I can go on and on. So, what is wrong with us enforcing the traffic violations also?

WIAN: Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon disagrees. This month he wrote U.S. Attorney General Michael Mukasey and asked that the civil rights division of the Justice Department and the FBI investigate. The Anti- Defamation League, the American-Jewish Committee and the Arizona Ecumenical Council have joined Gordon’s efforts.

MAYOR PHIL GORDON, PHOENIX, ARIZONA: Whites aren’t being stopped. Blacks aren’t being stopped, it’s Hispanic. This based on race, because of the color of the skin.

WIAN: Gordon also claims Arpaio’s sweeps interfere with undercover operations and have sparked potentially violent protests.

GORDON: People don’t want to solve illegal immigration at the expense of the Constitution and racial profiling. They want congress to act, they want the border secured and they want immigration fixed.

WIAN: Arpaio says public opinion is on his side. A February Arizona State University poll found 79 percent of Phoenix residents favored giving local police more immigration enforcement power.

ARPAIO: So when he so the groundswell against him, his only last act is to go to Washington to camouflage this whole issue.

WIAN: The Justice Department says it will review Mayor Gordon’s letter.

Now, Immigration and Customs Enforcement has already reviewed Sheriff Joe’s crime-suppression sweeps. ICE found that his tactics are within the guidelines of their agreement allowing Arpaio’s deputies to enforce immigration law, because they are apprehending suspects for other crimes and then determining their immigration status — Lou.

DOBBS: Yeah, I mean, this one looks — this — this is pretty amazing. The ADL, the American Jewish Committee, and the American Ecumenical Council, all of these groups suddenly are in an advocacy role. They’re not functioning here as watchdog agencies of any kind, they are out and out advocacy groups on this.

WIAN: And they’re going against the will of the people in Phoenix, Arizona. They want, polls show, over and over, they want local law enforcement to be involved in helping the feds enforce immigration law.

DOBBS: Well, with 79 percent, that’s the — that’s the number, 79 percent, you would think that a person who is so quick to pander as Mayor Phil Gordon on this issue, would be paying some attention. I mean, what in the world is going through his mind?

: Well, he says that he believes that people are afraid to go out in the streets in largely Latino communities in Phoenix. I asked him why would anybody who is here legally and hasn’t committed a crime be afraid to go out in the streets? He says, they are, children are afraid of being separated from their parents who may be here illegally. He also says the Phoenix Police Department does cooperate with ICE to a certain extent. They’ve helped them enforce thousands of illegal aliens.

DOBBS: Oh, that’s baloney — that’s baloney and you and I know it. I mean, you know what? I mean, that’s just baloney. It’s one of the things I’ll take up with the Phoenix mayor here tomorrow, Casey. Casey Wian, thank you very much. I mean, this report really — I mean, this is — this is playing games. And those games have got to stop. I’ll be talking with Phil Gordon, the mayor of Phoenix here, and I’ll be asking a few of those questions and some more. We’ll find out what in the world he’s thinking about.

I agree with both Lou Dobbs and Casey Wian! I’m a resident of Phoenix and we are so sick and tired of seeing illegals on the streets looking for day labor jobs or holding out their hands for money, Or, getting accosted in parking lots as they try to sell you something! I think I’ll have to send my own letter to Mukasey.

Hispanics are notoriously bad drivers. And they seem to drink a lot. So getting rid of the illegal population around here. as well as drunk drivers and other offenders is JUST FINE BY me! We are hoping they will feel very unwelcome here and go elsewhere!

As for the MAYOR PHIL GORDON, PHOENIX, ARIZONA you can contact him at the link there and let him know how you feel. I enjoyed leaving him my comment! I told him either he supports Sheriff Joe Arpaio or he can be replaced. I’d be happy to see to it. I also intend to write the Justice Dept. and let them know what we think of this Mayor!

But legal Hispanics shouldn’t fear Sheriff Arpaio. There is no way these people would get separated or families torn apart unless one or more is a criminal. The Mayor’s premise that they are afraid is ridiculous. I think he is being pressured from the business sector which wants cheap labor and that is NOT the will of We the People! Get a clue quickly Mayor or we’ll replace you, simple as that! We like what Sheriff Arpaio is doing and want him to continue. You either leave the Sheriff alone or get behind him. One of the two.

And yes Mr. Gordon, WE DO want to solve illegal immigration. You are just pandering to those businesses who love hiring them. Quit your groveling, it isn’t dignified. You also might want to think about that extra money they are paying you, if we catch you, it won’t go well for you.

And if those Hispanics decide to riot, I’m sure the rest of the LEGAL Citizens of this State will be happy to counter that situation too. These bleeding heart groups that have decided to jump on the mayor’s band wagon will find themselves very unpopular also. The Citizens of this country are damn sick and tired of this bull shit going on. And just because you wear a Minister’s collar doesn’t make you right. There is nothing here that is anti-semantic so I don’t know why the heck they are even involved. As for the Christians, do they believe that only Hispanics are Christian? Incredible!

And speaking of the Mayor, he seems to be trying to sign a trade agreement with Dubai! Since when was it legal for a Mayor to do such things? Check this out from the home page of the Mayor:

At a breakfast meeting Thursday organized to respond to private sector interest in forging coordinated, private sector participation in international economic development partnerships, Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon announced the creation of a Global Trade Initiative delegation intended to help advance a variety of international economic development opportunities.

While the delegation’s focus will include opportunities across the globe, Mayor Gordon said that the delegation’s first focus would be to take advantage of opportunities now emerging in Dubai from his own efforts and those of Arizona State University, GPEC, and local Valley entrepreneurs. Thursday’s breakfast focused on initiatives now being contemplated by the city of Phoenix in Dubai, including a formal trade agreement. Panel members at the breakfast also discussed the experiences of local Valley entrepreneurs in that region, and the ongoing efforts of local economic development professionals.

“Notwithstanding where we may have come from, what most of us share is a story about why we came to Phoenix,” said Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon.So, it won’t surprise most people to know that our attraction is global. Today, we are exploring economic partnerships and investment opportunities with the country of Dubai, United Arab Emirates which will result in the promotion of mutual trade delegate visits for the expansion of bilateral trade and foreign direct investment.”

“It’s an extraordinary opportunity and an exciting time,” Gordon said.

More global shit! Being run by business of course! Now I checked under the Arizona Laws and could not find anything allowing a Mayor to sign Trade agreements with another country. I do not think he can legally do so. So I plan on writing the Attorney General and see if this is even legal. If not, this Mayor might be in some trouble. I was under the impression only the US Government had the ability to sign trade agreements. Can you say I don’t trust this guy? Yup, that’s how it is…

We’ve got a Sheriff doing an excellent job and the mayor is getting pissy about it. He can pander to illegals all he wants, he can also pander to business, but there are still a lot more Citizens out there than there are business owners. We’ll see if he stays in office…

As for the trade agreements stuff, I’ll keep looking.


~ by justmytruth on April 15, 2008.

7 Responses to “Phoenix Mayor Needs a Wakeup Call”

  1. Why would the Mayor and his officials be courting the government and corporate businesses of Dubai to bring the total chaos of their economy to Phoenix, especially when those institutions are refusing to pay their contractors and workers, forcing numerous bankruptcies in the Middle East, while knowing that these same entities have already been unwilling to live up to their financial and contractual obligations to business owners and individuals while conducting business in Phoenix over the past year? How can the Mayor put the citizens of Phoenix at such risk at a time of such economic frailty?

  2. This Mayor is not concerned about the people of Phoenix. If he were, he would get off the ass of Sheriff Arpaio whom the people have elected 5 times. The Mayor is a bad man who needs to be ousted.

  3. […] City* policies and we weren’t happy about it. I wrote several pieces on it earlier, see HERE: And Here: Sure is nice to know you can get someone’s attention. But I’m not willing to […]

  4. That is one of the reasons he and Mayor Napolitano need to be gotten rid of. It is obvious that they are both soft on these issues.

  5. My biggest fear about Mayor Gordon and his elitest group dealing with Dubai is for the homeowners. I see Phoenix being sold out from under us to foreign investors in the name of progress. It will soon get harder for the neighborhood associations to fight off big investors.

  6. Thanks Gerald. Glad you stopped by. Guess I’ll be doing this article next… Love to put the heat on these idiots that think US Laws are optional!

  7. I live in Phoenix too and the mayor is … well you already said it. There is a recal pending NOW by American Citizens United. Check the story at KTAR web site. Damn good comments and suggestions to contact Attny Gen Mukasey, I’ll do that now.

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