The True Cost Of Illegals

I was reading the piece Tom Deweese wrote again this morning. So much great information there when it struck me that he lists his website, more or less, and decided to go surfing over there just to see what he had been writing about. I came across this piece and it just makes me mad. After doing that article on the Mayor of LA and him being so damned proud of being a sanctuary city, this stuff makes me mad. So, here is another piece on the high cost of illegal immigrants and why they should go home!

First of all we need to repeal the mandates that make it so that illegals can get health care at any hospital! They are breaking these hospitals financially and costing taxpayers over $3 billion a year. This is NOT right. And the taxes illegals pay for working here do not in any way cover the costs of the services they use for free!

The law in question was put through in 1985 and states the following:

EMTALA STATUTE: 42 USC 1395 dd42 USC 1395dd. Examination and treatment for emergency medical conditions and women in labor; also known as Section 1867 of the Social Security Act; also known as Section 9121 of the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985.

Common names: COBRA, EMTALA, Anti-dumping law.

(a) Medical screening requirement
In the case of a hospital that has a hospital emergency department, if any individual (whether or not eligible for benefits under this subchapter) comes to the emergency department and a request is made on the individual’s behalf for examination or treatment for a medical condition, the hospital must provide
for an appropriate medical screening examination within the capability of the hospital’s emergency department, including ancillary services routinely available to the emergency department, to determine whether or not an emergency medical condition (within the meaning of subsection (e)(1) of this section) exists.

(b) Necessary stabilizing treatment for emergency medical conditions and labor

(1) In general If any individual (whether or not eligible for benefits under this subchapter) comes to a hospital and the hospital determines that the individual has an emergency medical condition, the hospital must provide either–(A) within the staff and facilities available at the hospital, for such further medical examination and such treatment as may be required to stabilize the medical condition, or

(B) for transfer of the individual to another medical facility in accordance with subsection (c) of this section.

The code goes on and on. The important thing to note here is that while they continue to tell us that SS will go bankrupt in the next 40 years, what they don’t tell us is the reason WHY this is happening, namely the forced treatment of illegal immigrants to this country and hospitals that are forced to treat them in order to treat those of us who depend on medicare and other social services for treatment. This needs to stop and stop NOW!

Tom Deweese puts it this way:

Health Care

The annual cost for uncompensated emergency care to Mexican Border States (California, New Mexico, Arizona and Texas) is $200 million. California taxpayers paid $79 million for illegal alien health care. Four major Los Angeles hospitals were bankrupted and shut down in 2004. Texas paid $74 million. Georgia ran a $63 million deficit for 64,000 unpaid doctor visits in 2002. Cochise County, Arizona spent 30% of its annual budget on uncompensated care to illegal aliens. University Medical Care in Tucson, Arizona spent $10 million on uncompensated care to illegal aliens. 77 hospitals in the four Border States now face financial emergencies. Legal citizens are forced to fly emergency patients to other cities for treatment. Taxes are going up to compensate.
Meanwhile, as a result of the Federal Emergency Medical Act, Mexican ambulance drivers are transporting hospital patients unable to pay for medical care in Mexico to facilities in the United States. The ambulances are driving through unguarded potions of the border with “little resistance” at the instruction of Mexican officials.


Federal laws and a Supreme Court decision mandate that schools cannot deny free education to illegal aliens. Over 300,000 pregnant women enter the nation illegally every year. Taxpayers pay for food, housing medical care and school. The average annual cost per child for education is $7,161, totaling $109 billion to educate illegal aliens annually. The average cost of bilingual education is $1,200 per illegal student. U.S. schools annually educate 1.1 million illegal children. Schools have become over crowded and unruly. Teacher shortages (especially those who speak Spanish) are a growing problem for local school districts.

One teacher has reported what it is like in the classrooms in schools where federal tax dollars pay for free medical, free baby sitters for student mothers as young as thirteen, and free breakfasts (where “the waste of food is monumental, with trays and trays of being dumped in the trash uneaten”), new computers are “carved with graffiti by students.” “I have had to intervene several times for young and substitute teachers whose classes consist of many illegal immigrant students here in the country less than three months who raise so much hell with the female teachers, calling them “Putas” (whores) and throwing things that the teachers were in tears” she reports. Such is the atmosphere in today’s schools which are overrun by illegal aliens who speak no English and there is no ability to control or discipline.

Moreover, state run colleges and universities are being forced to allow illegal aliens to receive in-state tuition discounts that are supposed to be reserved for residents of that state. In California, a law, (Assembly Bill 540) allows undocumented high school graduates who have been in residence for three years to enroll in community colleges and the California State University and University of California systems without paying nonresident tuition. The same is true in many other states across the country.

And there is no appreciation for these services, not when teachers are being abused by students who really don’t deserve the education being given them by this country. Time to stop the abuses and save the programs for legal citizens who are in need of these services and stop the drain on our economy!

The Jobs Americans Don’t Want

In 2003, illegal aliens displaced American workers at a cost in excess of $133 billion, while American college and high school students can’t find summer jobs in yard care, landscape, fast food or service jobs – because illegal aliens work those jobs at a third of the wage – often under the table.


Crimes committed by alien criminals, such as rape, murder or drug distribution costs U.S. taxpayers $1.6 billion in prison costs alone. The figure doesn’t include the cost of lost property, medical bills of the victims, time lost from work to recover, higher insurance costs, etc. Today, illegal aliens make up twenty nine percent of the U.S. prison population – or 500,000 illegals.

Those numbers are just incredible. So let’s add up the figures and see how much illegals are costing us on average. I came up with this figure, which may or may not be accurate since most of these numbers were rounded out. $293,679,000,000.00 billion dollars per year… That’s an awful lot of freebies in this country for illegals that you and I pay for. And this has NOTHING to do with race or racism. This is simple math, not prejudice. But if you must call me names, fine, I’ll take them. You know, sticks and stones and all that jazz…

We need some government reform here and the ability to enforce laws that are already in existence. And those who are bleeding hearts such as the mayor of LA need to be removed from office and those willing to support law enforcement put in their place. The security of this country is at stake. And those like bush who are demanding we throw open our borders and allow all these illegals in must also be removed. There is no longer any room in the USA for those who break our laws to get here.

If Mexico is forced to deal with its issues instead of being allowed to burden the USA things will change there also. Those that are corrupt and think that laws only apply for the edification of the rich need to be removed. But the people of Mexico need to unite and not fight against each other. It is no longer the responsibility of the United States of America to float the Mexican government.

So far it is easier for Mexico to send its problems here than it is for them to fix their situation. Time for this to change. Let’s make it tougher for illegals to get services and there will be fewer illegals to deal with.

The numbers speak for themselves. Tell Congress and the administration this is how it is going to be. Tell them We the People DEMAND they fix the problems instead of making more. That we require they change the laws that favor illegals to take care of our own citizens and that illegals are denied those benefits that they are not deserving of. And they AREN’T deserving of these benefits! These should be reserved for taxpaying Citizens of the USA. Let’s fix what is broken here and we will be that much better off.


Send an email to your representatives and demand they take action to fix the problems which allow illegals to benefit from our systems which should be reserved for those of us here LEGALLY! The voice of We the People is loud when it wants to be. We can be heard and fix the problems which are dragging us down and denying our children the futures they deserve.


~ by justmytruth on April 14, 2008.

10 Responses to “The True Cost Of Illegals”

  1. LOL! the illegal who was Training me Got deported! His was a 50k per year job which is NOW held by an American! It’s not only the low life who are illegals in my country.

  2. I’ve very glad to see that at least 1 American is back to work and doing a job that illegal aliens held. Congratulations!

  3. Hi,

    Popped over here on a link ( search on stats ) …
    would like to see some up-dated numbers if you have them.

    If you can keep up!!!

    Good work … it’s an up stream battle and the stream is getting
    deeper :o/

  4. That piece was only done last month. I’m not sure just how much more current you would like the figures.

  5. Ok, not to be rude, but do you ever check your spelling?

    As for the numbers, check out the article from Tom DeWeese, the numbers came from him. He is noted for fair and unbiased information too. And I never claimed my blog to be other than biased in favor of LEGAL IMMIGRANTS and CITIZENS OF THIS COUNTRY…

    Nor am I an illusionist. check out these:

    Thanks for dropping by and posting.

  6. Apparently you are good a math but seems to me that those numbers are from a illusionist. Next time you approaching numbers you should post the source of that information.
    I encourage you to posted a balance and fair discussion otherwise you are another Illusionist Nativist to trying to seems the Undocumented Immigrants as bad for our society.
    I will posted some facts for your where’s the root of the problem on Healthcare cost as Medicare and Medicaid.

  7. This is one of the reasons we cannot let congress slip those bills by that grant amnesty to illegals. Sorry, having trouble with my cox connection today. It keeps going out. More out than on!

  8. I have been fighting this for years, and agree totally. My husband was in homicular auto accident on 1/20/07 in which a 24 year old HS teacher was killed instantly. The illegal was intoxicated driving southbound on the northbound side of 94 in WI at 5:am. He was taken by helicopter to a hospital and kept there for over a month with guards posted at his door for fear of him fleeing with his family’s help. He has been sentenced to 18 years, and we get to pay for his keeping for the next 18 years…Enough is truly, enough! By the way, 2 months later and “depressed” illegals shot an Kenosha policeman in the head…..Don’t forget the cost in American lives!!
    That is the true cost of illegals!

  9. Mexico’s problems and its people must deal with their issues on their side of the border. It is too much to ask taxpayers to continue to fund programs for which illegals take advantage of while denying American Citizens these same programs. Close the border, enforce the laws, THEN worry about human rights issues. Let the UN step in and help Mexico. They have lived too long off of hard working Americans.

  10. Great piece! The illegals are a problem for sure. I also see it as a double-edged sword. I understand denying benefits to non-citizens who are here illegally, but there is also the human rights side of the issue. Do we really want to start denying health care to ill people? It’s one of those damned if you do and damned if you don’t scenarios.

    Illegals are a problem, yes, and yet, I can understand why so many might risk it too.

    I hate seeing all sides sometimes……hehehehe

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