Organization and the Second Amendment…

I was reading a piece today that really struck me as important. It has to do with letting our guards down and our second amendment rights. I think it is very important these days to stay vigilant in regards to our Constitutional and Bill of Rights. It seems that Congress, cities, and some states are all too eager to remove those rights and informing us that they know better. In a pig’s eye!

With Congress on the dole from Lobbyists, there can be no trust in what they are up to. Big Corporations want you and I exactly where it will profit them most. And they are willing to pay millions to get it done THEIR WAY. Which of course, is not the American Way…

So reading this piece brought up the fact that those interested in keeping their second amendment rights need to do more, not less, in the way of being prepared. Read the full story HERE:

19 APRIL 1775 vs. THE D.C. GUN CASE

By Dr. Edwin Vieira, Jr., Ph.D., J.D.
April 14, 2008


The inescapable fact is that whatever “individual right” “to keep and bear Arms” emerges from the D.C. gun case will not provide “the security of a free State” at which the Second Amendment aims. True, tens and tens of millions of Americans possess firearms and ammunition; and perhaps large numbers of these firearms are suitable for Militia service. But the armed individual, simply as an individual, is not enough.

All too many individual gun owners are not even aware of each other. Although some are members of firearms ranges or gun clubs, hardly any if them are organized for anything akin to Militia purposes. They are not members of specific units. They have no designated leaders. They lack systems for communications within or among units, or among individuals for that matter. (Where, for example, is the gun-owners’ equivalent of a “Neighborhood Watch” against local usurpation and tyranny?) Even within their own neighborhoods, among families and friends, they make no attempts to insure uniformity or completeness of equipment. They lack sufficient, and often necessary, education and training. They have prepared no plans to deal with various contingencies, let alone have assigned tasks to be carried out in anticipated emergencies. More crucially, they do not understand their constitutional status, purpose, and especially authority. Many, if not most, of them have no idea what they would be defending with their “individual rights” “to keep and bear Arms”—other than, perhaps, simply maintaining possession of their own firearms for purposes of possible self-defense. So, absent direct attacks on their own persons, how many gun owners today, anywhere, no matter how serious the crisis confronting the rest of society around them, would exercise their “individual rights”? Or could effectively do so? And to what end?

These are some hugely important questions if you ask me. They are things I haven’t really thought about though I sit here and demand we be allowed to keep our freedoms. So this post was a wake-up call to me. What should we do then? Where do we start? My thoughts run to the NRA. If anyone would know, they would, or should… Organization is a key factor in all things. If we are not organized, what hope do we have for saving ourselves and eachother?

When thousands of Militiamen appeared outside of Boston, Massachusetts, on 19 April 1775. ~snip~

Very few “civilians” (in the purest sense of that term) were involved on that fateful day. Most of the men who mustered were members of Militia companies that had been training assiduously for some time theretofore. (And the ones who were not, because they were too old to be required to serve, but who fought anyway, had been members of the Militia when young.) Had not that been the case, the Militia would never have been able to assemble so many men, on such short notice, from beyond Concord all along the road back to Boston.

Neither did “the embattled farmers” fight merely as individuals. They may have employed the tactics of irregulars—neither maneuvering in parade-ground formations nor presenting a concentrated target to their enemies—but they always operated in set units, typically Militia companies, which averaged about 50 men apiece when at full complement. The Militiamen’s success was based upon organization—being called out in a systematic fashion by riders, bells, or the firing of shots; equipment—being adequately armed and accoutred; training—knowing what to do, under their designated officers; morale—being psychologically ready and confident; and especially authorityknowing that they had the legal right, power, and duty to take action, because British General Thomas Gage, and the Ministerial Government behind him, were the usurpers and law-breakers.

History has a great deal to show us here. If we forget our history, we will lose any future fight to save our freedoms. It is important to REMEMBER WHY we won the battles with England. It is important to remember HOW it was done in order to be prepared in the future. Any random acts of violence with guns for our freedoms will simply be looked upon as gang violence and radicals run amuck unless we prepare ourselves the right way.

Having said that, what do we do exactly? How do we go about forming militias when we are scattered?


Yet deterrence must be real, such that the enemy cannot believe in its ability to project power everywhere without fail, cannot imagine how to maintain its control over society (let alone regain the power it has lost), and cannot hope for final victory—so that, thus, the enemy finds itself psychologically defeated before it has begun to fight.

To provide deterrence sufficient for “the security of a free State” the size of the United States requires collective effort on a massive scale, not “individual rights” individually exercised in isolation. Also, in a constitutional republic, deterrence against aspiring usurpers and tyrants requires legal authority, which individuals generally lack except when exercising their absolute right of self-defense. The Constitution tells this country that “[a] well regulated Militia” is “necessary”. Not just desirable—but necessary. And the Constitution provides “the Militia of the several States” with all the authority they need. Under today’s conditions, only through the Militia could sufficiently large numbers of patriots be organized legally, economically, politically, and otherwise outside of the deceptive control-structures the Forces of Darkness use to maintain their illicit power. Once “well regulated Militia” are revitalized in enough States, they will far outnumber all of the thugs any unconstitutional police state could possibly deploy. And, knowing that, both rogue politicians and their myrmidons would have to think twice, thrice, and more about the harsh consequences to themselves of attempting to clamp down on the people.

I do not disagree with a single point here and, in fact, would like to see us start something like this in every state. Imagine the corrupt politicians getting the boot because We the People are organized and ready for them to try their nanny state shenanigans again! This is most definitely a must! So, how do we start?

I’d start with gun clubs and shooting ranges. Let those be the center around which individuals rally. The gun clubs and ranges can then get together, (a smaller groups which will organize reps to other states), and make suggestions for which members vote and policy is founded. Training should be well rounded and complete. How many of us know how to take apart a weapon and put it back together again quickly? Or multiple weapons? I personally haven’t a clue. I need training. Organization is a key factor here and one that must be addressed. Suggestions would be very welcome. I am not an expert in any of this and while I learned how to shoot a gun, a shotgun, and multiple hand guns as a young adult, that time is far in the past.

If we are going to demand our freedoms, we must be able to back up what we demand. We must be willing to do what it takes to keep ourselves free of the machinations of corrupt officials and corporations, and we must do it soon. The time is now…

Doomsayers and defeatists will contend that any recommendation to revitalize the Militia is merely academic or nostalgic, because the Militia are now “outmoded”. How or why, though, are the Militia “outmoded”? Simply by the mere passage of time since the late 1700s? Can time alone negate the constitutional principle that “[a] well regulated Militia” is “necessary to the security of a free State”? Does not the mess in which America finds herself today, coupled with the absence of the Militia, prove the wisdom of that principle, and the foolishness of having let so much time pass without putting it into practice? Are the Militia “outmoded” simply because Americans are not now properly organized, equipped, and trained for Militia service? With the proper will to do so, cannot the people organize, equip, and train themselves to whatever level they need? Who, after all, is paying for the huge police-state apparatus rogue politicians are now constructing? If Americans can afford to pay for their own oppression, cannot they afford to pay a little more for their own liberation? What choice do they have? Will they not be forced to pay a crushing price, unto their utter destitution, if they fail to act before it is too late?

Yup! It is past time for us to do something and to quit whining about how bad things are. We need to organize, we need a plan, and we need one now, not tomorrow or a year from now. Things are getting ugly out there as Jack Cafferty says and I agree with. It is time for us to be responsible citizens of these United States and do our duty to country and selves by organizing a militia wherever we are!

Please take time to read this article carefully. It has many wonderful points not included here and deserves to be read in its complete form. To all those out there who are concerned, today is the first day of the rest of your life, what are you going to do with it?


~ by justmytruth on April 14, 2008.

2 Responses to “Organization and the Second Amendment…”

  1. Yup, we need to address this very issue everywhere I think. Pro-action is better than NO action.

  2. I read this piece this morning and like you, agree totally with it.

    That I found, there are no NRA centers here in Arizona, or at least not in Phoenix, for learning. Need to find out where to go.

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