Mad Cow Disease In The United States?

This news article got past me the first time it was announced. But, thanks to Organic Consumers Association it came to my attention again. There isn’t much more I need to say to introduce this topic so here you have it.

Virginia woman may have human form of Mad Cow Disease

05:29 PM MST on Tuesday, April 8, 2008
By Wayne Carter, WVEC-TV PORTSMOUTH, Va. — A 22-year-old Portsmouth woman is close to dying, and family says doctors believe the human equivalent of Mad Cow Disease could be the reason.

Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease , or CJD, is so rare that there has only been one other possible case ever in the United States.

The Portsmouth Health Department is looking into the case because the variant form of the disease comes from eating infected meat, and Aretha Vincent’s family says she’s never left the United States.

Robin Vincent told us her daughter, Aretha, became very ill with dizziness and vomiting that led to blurry vision. Then, she could barely stand.

“Oh, God, it was like she put all she could put into trying to walk,” said Aretha’s mother.

Mrs. Vincent took pictures of her daughter being led to the hospital, where she says doctors diagnosed her with variant CJD.

The disease, known for its horrid affect on animals, can be passed onto humans, but it is rare.

“Aretha has always lived in Virginia,” said Mrs. Vincent. “She has not traveled overseas. She’s not even been to the Midwest.”

Vincent came home from the hospital last weekend for her last days, but went back hours later and remains in the ICU.

Aretha’s sister, Joy, says her best friend was healthy one minute and couldn’t speak the next.

“They just told us there’s no cure, no treatment,” she said. “We’re just waiting for a miracle to happen.”

Now, they just pray and read cards, many from the long-term sub’s students at Douglas Park Elementary.

The Health Department says they can not confirm this is, in fact, CJD. 13News has learned the only way to definitively confirm it is to conduct a biopsy after death.

There isn’t much to say on this one except that it looks like the FDA screwed up again. Now there’s a surprise, huh? Unfortunately for this woman, there won’t be any way to save her if it is Mad Cow Disease. There is no treatment and no way of knowing for sure until after she has died. Is the FDA another agency that has long since served its purpose and is now only able to make mistakes?

According to the Washington Post, testing for the disease has been sharply cut down. This will lead to cases getting through that shouldn’t. You’ve just got to wonder if anyone over there knows what they are doing and thinks about what they are implementing BEFORE it causes problems:

Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns toured a Utah beef-processing plant in 2005. Testing will be reduced because of the low incidence of mad cow disease in the United States. About 110 cattle will be tested each day, instead of 1,000. (Douglas C. Pizac – AP)

Testing for Mad Cow Disease to Be Cut

U.S. Says It Will Monitor 110 Cattle a Day Instead of 1,000

Associated Press
Friday, July 21, 2006; Page A08

The Agriculture Department said yesterday that it is cutting its testing for mad cow disease by about 90 percent, drawing protests from consumer groups.

The current testing level — 1,000 each day — reflects the heightened concern that followed the discovery of the disease in a U.S. cow in December 2003.

So instead of better testing we get less. That’s reassuring…NOT! Seems the Agriculture Department is just as flawed and susceptible to problem decision-making as the rest of the Government. Is there any body out there with any common sense? Is there anybody out there? Have you had enough Kool-Aide yet?


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4 Responses to “Mad Cow Disease In The United States?”

  1. i’m pretty sure that a man in detroit died of CDJ in 2009. last name is “jacqua”.

  2. I’ll check it out. Thanks!

  3. I wouldn’t worry about it too much, this seems to have been an isolated instance. I’ve heard no news reports stating that there were other cases. Fear mongering is a great way to control the public. Just be aware of where you buy your food and who it is from. Try to stay away from mass produced stuff.

    Thanks for posting and come back soon.

  4. What should we eat to live now. even Jello is made of cow bone. no hambergers, sausage, and even the foods that our kids eat at schools might contain meat from an infected cow. Lord!

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