EADS Fights Back

I went looking for news of EADS or Boeing but things are pretty quiet on that front. This bit jumped out at me though from the NewYorkTimes business section:

World Business Briefing | Europe

France: Chief of EADS Speaks Out

Published: April 11, 2008

After months of nearly total silence, the chief executive of the European Aeronautic Defense and Space Company has begun a counteroffensive against accusations by French regulators of rampant insider trading among senior managers at the aerospace group and its Airbus subsidiary, suggesting that the regulators did not understand the intricacy of the aircraft business. In interviews published in two leading French and German newspapers, the executive, Louis Gallois, above, challenged assertions by the Autorité des Marchés Financiers that information held by 17 senior managers at Airbus and at EADS who sold shares in November 2005 or March 2006 had been privileged or market-sensitive. And in a 10-page document sent to the agency, he pointedly attacked its case, calling it “entirely unfounded, both in fact and in law.”

After reading this I wanted to go over to the EADS website and see if they had released any statements there concerning this situation. They are shocked at the leaks and at the fact that their privacy has been invaded. But there is rarely any security system invented that someone can’t break into. That is why Real ID is such a bad idea…

From EADS website then we have this statement:

Amsterdam, 08 April 2008

A press website has published and put online an extract of the AMF inquiry report on the financial communications of EADS, which has not been delivered to us yet by AMF, including a list of names of persons accused of alleged insider trading.

This is the second time after leaking the intermediate report to the Figaro on 3 October 2007 that confidential AMF documents are leaked to the public. EADS is not only surprised but really shocked to see how this is contrary to legal procedures and how the rights of defence are simply ignored.

Obviously, the company is not able to give any comment as long as it has not read and evaluated the full document and its conclusions, and keeps its official request to AMF that individuals can preserve their presumption of innocence and not being publicly accused without their own access to the files.

Well and good, but tells us nothing really at all. No help there. But in looking around the site I also found this out which I thought was VERY interesting. Consider, if you will, what combat will be like if/when all the Air craft are the same. Who would have the upper hand? The USA has always prided itself on having the best Air Force money can buy. So what happens when all the Air Forces from around the globe are all exactly the same????

Final Tranche 1 Eurofighter Typhoon delivered to the Core Programme

Hallbergmoos, 25 March 2008

With the handover of GT015, a German Twin-Seater aircraft, the final aircraft out of Tranche 1 destined for the four partner Air Forces of Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom in the core programme has been delivered on March 20, 2008.

Aloysius Rauen, Chief Executive Officer Eurofighter GmbH, comments: “This delivery represents a major milestone in the core programme. With 144 series production delivered (including five to Austria), the Air Forces are rapidly accumulating flying hours and gathering experience with the system. The nations already operate Eurofighter Typhoon in the air defence role. The Royal Air Force is preparing for the first multi-role task of Eurofighter Typhoon, deploying the system over long distances and training the air and ground crews for combat. And Austria, the first export customer, is planning to start operational air surveillance tasks with the upcoming European Soccer Championship. This is outstanding proof for the maturity of the system.”

First deliveries to the four Air Forces had begun in Summer 2003. Eurofighter Typhoon officially entered into service with the Air Forces in Spring 2004. Italy was the first nation to operate Eurofighter Typhoon in the air defence role, beginning in 2005. Today, ten units at six air bases fly the aircraft, and the fleet has surpassed the 34,000 flying hour mark in March 2008.

Aloysius Rauen continues: “2008 is set to be a landmark year for the Eurofighter programme. 38 aircraft of Tranche 2 are in final assembly with deliveries to start early summer. Later this year, the work based on the Main Development Contract will be concluded, and the contract signature for Tranche 3 is envisaged between the nations and industry.”

In the Test & Evaluation Programme, an AMRAAM firing from Instrumented Production Aircraft Two (IPA2) on 27 February represents the conclusion of weapon testing for the Main Development Contract. The successful test flight, conducted by Alenia Aeronautica at Decimomannu Air Base, Sardinia, means that all required weapons for operation with Tranche 1 are now cleared, including AIM-9L, ASRAAM, AMRAAM and Iris-T for air-to-air combat, and Paveway II, Enhanced Paveway II, GBU-10 and GBU-16 for air-to-ground tasks.

Meanwhile, the EADS Military Air Systems-operated IPA3 has, on 28 February in Manching, completed the flight testing of the Tranche 1 Flight Control System software. Furthermore, ISPA1 (BT005 of the Royal Air Force) has, on 03 March at BAE Systems’ Warton site, concluded the integration work on the Laser Designator Pod for the so-called “Austere capability” for Royal Air Force Tranche 1 aircraft.

Seems to me that if the playing field is leveled, it would be up to the pilots to do all the work. And I’m sure they are the real power in the air anyway. And it is a nice looking aircraft for someone who doesn’t fly except commercially. It looks like it can do the business it was designed for. I’m no expert though.

I would hope the military will take this into consideration; Do we really want to be just like everyone else? Does our Air Force really have to be a carbon copy of the European ones? Is it a good idea for everyone to play with the same tools? That leaves it up to guts and glory as the saying goes. I know our Boys and Girls are that good though, they have to be. Well, what do I know?


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