bush administration, We Don’t See Any Sex Crimes…

It seems the bush administration just can’t be bothered getting justice for American women who work in Iraq and are attacked sexually by coworkers. The women are left in a limbo world where nothing happens and no answers are forth coming. Gosh, what a surprise…

U.S. Fails to Move on Iraq Sexual Assault Complaints

By Lesley Clark

WASHINGTON – While working in Iraq as a “morale coordinator” for a U.S. government contractor, a Tampa woman says, she was raped by a drunken colleague who secured a key to her apartment from an unlocked storage box.0411 06

That was in December 2005, and her attorney said he’s unaware of any criminal charges in the case.

The U.S. Justice Department has the authority to prosecute, but she and at least three other women who say they were assaulted complain of being trapped in legal limbo between a military system that doesn’t oversee the private contractors and a justice system that appears unwilling to do so.

“American women are vulnerable not only to assault, but to achieving justice,” said Sen. Bill Nelson, a Florida Democrat who since December has been pressing the Bush administration for answers over the treatment of U.S. citizens sexually assaulted by contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan.

He got a few Wednesday. Following tearful testimony at a Senate hearing from two other women who reported being raped while on the job in Iraq, the Defense and Justice departments acknowledged that though more than two dozen U.S. civilians working in the war zone have complained of sexual assaults, no one has yet been tried for a crime.

“We’ve got a problem that justice is breaking down here,” said Nelson, whose wife Grace and daughter Nan Ellen watched grimly as the women testified about being raped — and in one case, discouraged from reporting the attack.

“I’m in a war zone, and I have to worry about my co-workers,” said Mary Beth Kineston, an Ohio woman who drove a truck in Iraq for Houston-based military contractor KBR and said she was raped by another driver.

A Texas woman, who attended but did not testify at Wednesday’s hearing, drew national attention to the issue last year when she told a congressional panel that she was raped by co-workers while working for KBR in Iraq in 2005.

It is very sad to see cases like these as well as Ramos and Compean when we see bush’s buddy, Scooter Libby set free for much less. Justice is not only blind, she’s been bound and gaged too. What will it take to get the DOJ off its collective ass for these people?

Congress acts like this is some kind of twilight zone where they don’t know what to do, but common sense tells you there is plenty to be done. Any of it could restore the faith of We the People at least a little bit. Instead, they leave it hanging as though this was not worthy of their concern. Trust me, it is…

Are we loosing our humanity? Doesn’t anyone in a position of power give a shit about We the People? Have we lost the Law to lawless people and the dregs of the earth all for the money? I think in these times it is important to consider what has happened to us as a society where this type of behavior is condoned by the US Government.

~ by justmytruth on April 12, 2008.

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