Someone Tell Me They Are Joking! Boobs Caused The Depression?

So, I’m reading my news this morning and nothing is striking me as very interesting or noteworthy. And then I come across this article and the title alone got my attention as it probably will yours too, LOL.

Pseudo-science Blames Coming Depression on Boobs

Posted by Amanda Marcotte, Pandagon at 6:25 AM on April 9, 2008.

Apparently, the patriarchy can do no wrong.

Sometimes I think the “Science for Choads” section would be better called the “Science Reporting for Choads”, but that would be too narrow to include all the people that make science-y sounding claims with absolutely no evidence to back it up. Via Echidne, the latest “science confirms all your gender prejudices” story is particularly nasty in terms of implication and timing.

WASHINGTON – A new brain-scan study may help explain what’s going on in the minds of financial titans when they take risky monetary gambles — sex. < underline;”>When young men were shown erotic pictures, they were more likely to make a larger financial gamble than if they were shown a picture of something scary, such a snake, or something neutral, such as a stapler, university researchers reported.

The arousing pictures lit up the same part of the brain that lights up when financial risks are taken.

And this is new news how? Any woman alive knows, and has known, a man thinks about sex more times a day than he thinks about anything else. How is this a new study or new information? Inquiring minds want to know…

“You have a need in an evolutionary sense for both money and women. They trigger the same brain area,” said Camelia Kuhnen, a Northwestern University finance professor who conducted the study with a Stanford University psychologist.

Remember: The capitalist patriarchy can do no wrong. That is the first rule. Everything that goes wrong is due to effeminate liberals or actual women.

The war would have gone smashing if not for the effeminate peace movement that stabbed the country in the back, just like a bitch would. Hell, why “stab in the back”? Why not “poison the eggs” to drive home the point? The inevitable abuses when you give men power over women — rape, domestic violence — women’s fault, of course, for starting shit. Women’s inequalities? Women’s choice.

But it’s going to be hard to explain how a male-dominated financial sector that gambled and deregulated our economy to shreds is actually innocent, because it’s some bitches that did it. But here’s your proof: These guys would have sober, cautious, hard-working members of society who give back instead of getting greedy if women didn’t flaunt the boobage. Housing crisis is all about those terrible women with the sex.

So, we have a finance professor who concludes that this is all the proof you need that women’s sexuality is to blame for everything. And in case you didn’t get the point, men’s stupidity when it comes to the all-powerful female sexuality is to blame for our current economic situation — you know, instead of greed and deregulation and engineering the tax structure to drain the middle class of wealth and the war.

I’m not saying that women could do it better, but they sure couldn’t do it any worse! And, at the same time, when it all works out we’re supposed to stroke you say what a good job you did! Give me a break here, LOL! Trouble is that the only woman with a chance just hasn’t shown herself to be all that trustworthy now has she?

The things that pass for *science* these days are simply laughable! Take the former surgeon general’s report on smoking, if all you read are the conclusions, you will find that 85% of them do NOT support what the surgeon general said. Any wonder why he wasn’t given a second term or why he has disappeared? But hey, it’s science right? < shaking head here > My friend runs a great blog about the latest medical issues and what is being done there. You should check it out: SWFreedomLover

And if this is evolution, I’d hate to think what isn’t. Seems to me men have been this way from the dawn of time. Is it just that now we can take pictures of the brain that makes this NEW? Silly me!

The article goes on with this though and I do tend to think this makes it a much more credible and palatable article:

My emphasis. It’s worth noting, by the way, that the sample size was 15 college-aged men, who are a lot younger than the titans of finance, and they didn’t bother to test women, saying they didn’t know what pictures aroused women. (Which strikes me as pure bullshit — actual sexuality researchers have shown for long time that while women might be put off intellectually by porn, either because of the contempt for women in much of it or because women know they’re not supposed to like it or else they get called sluts, images of sex tend to get women as aroused as men.) But if you read a slightly less sensational version of the story, it turns out that the findings aren’t so much that men get stupid when they see naked women — making it easy to blame women for our current financial crisis — but that once the pleasure parts of the brain are activated, people are more willing to engage in risky behavior. Which shouldn’t surprise anyone that’s caved and eaten a donut once smelled while on a diet.

Now, didn’t that last sentence bring back the smell of walking past a bakery first thing in the morning and smelling those smells? Since I’m female, maybe that is better than sex for me? LOL… Well it sure worked for me. Warm bread smells have always done that.

Anyway, be sure and read the rest of the article. I enjoyed it. It sure got my attention! Something different on this Friday morning. So, with thoughts of bread in my head, here’s hoping everyone has a safe and short Friday!


~ by justmytruth on April 11, 2008.

2 Responses to “Someone Tell Me They Are Joking! Boobs Caused The Depression?”

  1. Yup, I did know, but you have some great stuff in this area too so that’s why it got plugged in for that. I figure once they are on your site they’ll see all the kewl articles you have there and stay awhile!

  2. OMG the things they won’t waste our tax dollars on. What’s worse are the people who donate money to charitable organizations and other non-profits thinking their donation is going to actually do some good. I stopped giving once I learned where the bulk of the money went.

    Thanks for the plug, but you do realize that my blog isn’t about the latest medical issues? I just include them. My blog is about all this craziness that is happening these days……..the destruction of this country’s foundation, the psuedo-science being used to pass laws to control our every movement and choice; the downfall of civilization as we know it. We may not be a perfect civilization but it’s not so bad either.

    Maybe if we all just started living and letting live and following the only rule that is necessary in life “harm none” we might actually manage to reduce crime, hunger, homelessness.

    OK, I need to get back to work here so I’ll quit ranting now……..hehehehehe

    Happy Friday!! 😉

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