Psychological Torture, The American Psychological Association

You know visions of the days of Nazi Germany just keep getting stronger here. That there is even need for this discussion is an indication of how corrupt this nation has become with bush at the helm. But bush made torture in this country a reality and then tried to justify it. So I guess these men and women think it is ok too. That’s a scary thought considering their field. I would think that this association would want to hold to the highest of standards, but it seems there is a division in that.

Now, didn’t they have to be medical doctors in order to become psychiatrists? And isn’t there a Hippocratic oath in there? Unfortunately, from browsing the web it seems only about 15% of medical and other doctors actually take the oath and one has to wonder if they even mean it or just do it for traditions sake.

I can’t imagine the ethics of a person who has this type of background participating in torture. It is both a scary and a sad thought in terms of today and our future. Torture is simply morally wrong. There can be no two ways about it. Even the worst person on this earth, the dregs of humanity, the beasts, the murders, the rapists, do not deserve to be tortured. Anyone stooping to such is one sick puppy.

From the news room at we have this:

A Torture Debate Among Healers

By Amy Goodman, King Features Syndicate. Posted April 10, 2008.

Why is the American Psychological Association still allowing its members to participate in torture? < small snip >

Last year, Reisner and other dissident psychologists formed the Coalition for an Ethical Psychology in an attempt to force a moratorium against participation by APA members in harsh interrogations. During the initial phase of this year’s selection process, Reisner received the most nominating votes. He is running on a platform opposing the use of psychologists to oversee abusive and coercive interrogations of prisoners at Guantanamo, secret CIA black sites or anywhere else international law or the Geneva Conventions are said not to apply.The issue came to a head at the 2007 APA annual convention. After days of late-night negotiations, the moratorium came up for a climactic vote. We saw a surreal scene on the convention floor: Uniformed military were out in force. Men and women in desert camo and Navy whites worked the APA Council of Representatives, and officers in crisp dress uniforms stepped to the microphones.Military psychologists insisted that they help make interrogations safe, ethical and legal, and cited instances where psychologists allegedly intervened to stop abuse. “If we remove psychologists from these facilities, people are going to die!” boomed Col. Larry James of the U.S. Army, chief psychologist at Guantanamo Bay and a member of the APA governing body. Dr. Laurie Wagner, a Dallas psychologist, shot back, “If psychologists have to be there in order to keep detainees from being killed, then those conditions are so horrendous that the only moral and ethical thing to do is to protest by leaving.”

I really want to know what planet these Military psychologists are living on because on this planet, in this country, torture is still Illegal even if bush says otherwise. bush is not the law of this land, in fact he is the worst law breaker there has been in a LONG time!

And, notice how they start to yell when you disagree with them? So typical. If they can’t beat you with logic they’ll yell at you and try to intimidate you. Pathetic! I’m with Dr. Laurie Wagner. If things are that bad, leave and start telling the world what you have found there. Don’t continue to help perpetuate the problems. That is truly twisted psychology there Col. Larry James! Fit for a psychiatrist and military man. And while he may have had the brains to get through school, he certainly lost them along the way somewhere in the military.

Mentally healthy people do not think in terms of torturing people. They aren’t obsessed with hurting people to get useless information. And while you may get a bit of information now and then, most people would sell their soul to make the torture stop. Just how good can information gotten in that way be? Your thinking is highly flawed there Col. James. I gave up looking for his biography page. It just wouldn’t come up for me. Some things he wrote did, but nothing about him personally. I find that strange since almost everyone else you can find a page about somewhere in the government pages. Odd, don’t you think?

The article goes on to say this:

Reisner and others began withholding dues. Prominent APA members resigned, and the best-selling author of Reviving Ophelia Mary Pipher, returned her APA Presidential Citation award. After several months of bad publicity and internal negotiations, an emergency committee redrafted that resolution, removing the loopholes and affirming the outright prohibition of 19 techniques, like mock executions and waterboarding.

Some people, at least, have their heads screwed on straight! Thank goodness for that!  This could be one scary field if turned towards the accepted use of torture!  To think how devastating this could be when used to break someone, and not just on a short term basis either, but life long.  The ramifications just multiply!

Hats off to those who stood up and just said “NO” to the army, navy, marines, and any other government agency that wished to so use and abuse this knowledge!  Sanity prevailed in this case it seems.  But I wouldn’t give two cents for it coming back to haunt us again.  Men and power just cannot be trusted sometimes.

~ by justmytruth on April 11, 2008.

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