Congress Needs To Be Drug Tested

I’m feeling that those in Congress simply must be on drugs. That is the only way to make sense of the things going on there. Having listened to these people for long enough, they ALMOST start to make sense, if you are a snail and have 100 years to mull over what it is they are having a problem with.

My sense of the matter is that these men and women from this committee have had their palms greased by a few Mexican Nationals or else they are getting something even better! In essence they wish to make it harder to secure our borders during a time when that is all that We the People want them to do. The insanity of their turgid mental machinations doesn’t seem to bother any of them in the least. Who voted for these idiots anyway?

Here is a list from CNN’s Lou Dobbs website:

Do you just want to knock some heads together and ask them what the hell their problem is? These well meaning nincompoop people could well tie up the securing of our borders for a long time. According to Lou Dobbs:

Border Fence Fight
The Homeland Security Department is waiving more than two dozen environmental and other laws to speed up fence construction on the southern border. Now 14 members of the current democratic majority, including Homeland Security Committee Chairman Bennie Thompson, are joining environmental groups and asking the Supreme Court to force homeland security to obey the laws.

Lou Dobbs had quite a long discussion with Bennie Thompson. I felt that Bernie was one of those turtles you want to help across the street because everyone is waiting. I’m not sure he’d be able to move his ass in a fire! Speaking English intelligibly was a tad bit rough for him also.

DOBBS: Congressman Bennie Thompson is the chairman of the homeland security committee and he’s leading an effort to block construction of a fence that is ordered by law to be built along our border with Mexico.

Congressman Thompson argues the Department of Homeland Security is breaking the law trying to stop illegal aliens and drug smugglers from entering this country. Congressman Thompson is good enough to join us tonight to argue this view from Capitol Hill.

Mr. Chairman, good to have you here.

REP. BENNIE THOMPSON (D), MISSISSIPPI: I’m glad to be here, even though your premise is absolutely wrong.

DOBBS: Let’s get to that. I say the Department of Homeland Security should be securing the homeland and doing it fast. You as the chairman of Homeland Security Committee in the House should be making that job easier, not more difficult.

: Let me tell you how I’ve made it more easy, Lou.


THOMPSON: As a Democratic chairman, I pushed through $3 billion for border security. We have 15,000-plus agents working along the border going towards 16,000. That’s what we have to do. We have equipment. We have all those things going on. But you know we have to follow the law.

OK, so where is the money? How much has been spent where? Do you have a budget or a clue where that has gone. And this is TAXPAYER money, not something you forked over yourself Mr. Thompson. Give us a break here, OK?

DOBBS: We have to follow the law and the law does permit Secretary Chertoff to carry out waivers on those laws to get it done. And in point of fact, as you know, the United States Congress laid down a law that this fence would be built.

It is, by the way, I think it’s demonstrably effective unlike some of the people who are signing on with this amicus curiae that will be filed with the Supreme Court apparently over the next week. The fact is it must work because they’re fighting hard against the fence, Mr. Chairman.

THOMPSON: Well I think what people want to do is to follow the law. Some of those waivers do away with the clean water act, they’ll do away with clean air; they’ll endanger cemeteries, religious institutions. So there are some things that we’ve had in law for years that we need to protect. What I’m trying to do, along with others is to say to the secretary, just follow the laws. We’ve given you the money. All you have to do is carry out the law.

DOBBS: It’s that a hollow and false order because you know it can’t be done expeditiously and effectively because it could be tied up in court for literally decades, Mr. Chairman, and isn’t it also true that your committee has not once taken into consideration 25 million pounds of waste and damage to the environment along the border with Mexico? There’s been no step taken or any step urged by your committee for either the border patrol, customs, the bureau of reclamation, the Department of Homeland Security to do anything with that.

In point of fact, we’re sitting here waging a war on illegal drugs along that southern border. Let’s leave illegal immigration out of it. That obviously is a point that apparently is favored by the members of the 14 congressman who are going to be advancing their interest.

The fact is that Mexico remains the primary source of methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin and marijuana into this country and your committee continues to permit those drugs to enter the country. It’s not all of the fight of the war on drugs. It’s an important, just absolutely vital element of necessarily combating those drugs.

THOMPSON: Well Lou, I want you to understand one more time, my committee gave $3 billion towards border security, more than in the history of the committee before I became chairman. I’ve made border security a priority.

Now for your information, we’re talking about the waiver on building the fence. We’re not talking about any of those other issues. I have for you, since you have sometimes difficulty understanding —

DOBBS: I have limited comprehension, I couldn’t agree with you more.

THOMPSON: I have 36 items that the waiver would do. If we’ve used these laws to build dams, to build nuclear plants, to build power generation facilities, military bases, why can’t we use the same laws to do the fence? That’s what I’m saying, follow the law. We need to protect the property rights of citizens.

Now what in the hello do dams, nuclear plants and power generation facilities or even military bases, have to do with border security? Am I missing something here or did he just jump a fence I didn’t see? I’m telling you these politicians can go mental places the rest of us can only dream of! And I don’t think he is worried about property rights here if he is talking cemeteries and religious institutions. These are not private properties. And are you seriously telling me that in the time it takes them to build a fence, they are going to permanently damage the environment to such an extent that it cannot recover? Especially given the fact that with thousands of illegals crossing every day the garbage they dump is staying there permanently? Get your hands off your woody here bub!

DOBBS: I’m saying it straightforwardly. Your committee and everyone opposing the construction of the fence is putting the lives of young Americans at risk because you’re not fighting with every resource at your disposal those people who would bring those illegal drugs into this country and the majority of those drugs are entering across that border.

THOMPSON: Well, Lou —

DOBBS: Well? That’s what you say to the death and destruction of all those young American lives?

THOMPSON: All you have to do is look at the fact. On my committee, we’ve made money, appropriated and authorized for it. We’ve done the right things. We’ve put more people, more equipment but we need a border security plan. We need a strategy. That strategy could include physical barriers.

There is some doubt/question that this is a physical barrier we are talking about here? I mean, we don’t have a physical barrier right now and they seem to be getting through that all right, guess that means a physical one would be a Grand Idea!!! I tell you, this guy’s been into what the Mexicans are bringing over! He sounds like a fussy old man to me. We need a PLAN! < smacks the table > We need a plan! < smacks the table again for emphasis >

It also should include more boots on the ground, but it also should include technology. But it has to be a strategy. It shouldn’t be run out there and ignore property rights of individuals. This is a country of laws. What we need to do —

Man, I wonder just how long he rehearsed that one! “boots on the ground!” What a rousing phrase that was! And there he goes with the strategy again as though they were just going to throw a fence up any old place and in any old direction. I need a vacation here with men like this at the helm!

DOBBS: A country of laws? You haven’t secured the border. 95 percent of the cargo coming into ports is uninspected and you’re telling me we’re a nation of laws?

THOMPSON: That’s right and you know why? Because I passed the Law House Bill One.

A picture of a rooster comes to mind here, puffing out his chest. “I did this!” Ya right we’re real proud of ya buddy.

DOBBS: I do know why, because you and your Democratic colleagues and your Republican colleagues refuse to represent the will of the majority in this country and to look after national interests and the common good rather than special interests.

THOMPSON: Again, you have it wrong, Lou. If you read the law, we’re requiring within five years 100 percent cargo screening.

DOBBS: Right. That will be what, 12 years after September 11? I got say I think every Democrat and every Republican on Capitol Hill should be proud of what you’ve done for the American people.

And the sarcasm drips onto the floor, drip… drip… drip…

THOMPSON: We passed a law requiring 100 percent screening. We’re doing it, moving forward with it. I think you need to give the people the facts. We identified screening as a problem. We’re about the business of fixing it. If we required it today, commerce would stop. And so what we’ve done is worked with the business community. And others that try to get it right. Within the period of time.

DOBBS: All that’s left are the irresponsible American citizens that are vulnerable and will remain vulnerable apparently for 12 years after September 11. That makes us the fools?

THOMPSON: Well, I said nothing about fools. There you go again, Lou, misrepresenting the facts. I think you misled.

DOBBS: In my misguided and misled fashion, sir, I think the government of the United States should be able to secure the borders and defend the people some seven years after we were attacked on September 11th.

THOMPSON: I agree. We’ve allocated more money to border security since I was elected than in the history of this business. So if you look at the facts, Lou, you will see that we’re moving toward that. We still need a border security plan. If you look where we have fences, we have to come up with a plan for tunnels. We have to make sure that we have enough men to support the fence.

DOBBS: Mr. Chairman, if that is persuasive to you and that leaves you satisfied then there’s not much more than I can say. We’re going to have to agree to disagree. I appreciate you being here. I hope you’re come back. We’ve used up a lot of time. I appreciate it.

THOMPSON: I came on your show because I think the other side needs to be told.

DOBBS: I appreciate it. You bring that other side every time, you’re more than welcome.

THOMPSON: Thank you.

DOBBS: Thank you, Mr. Chairman. Congressman Bennie Thompson.

It was very painful to listen to that pompus ass seem so pleased with himself and his committee while the average citizen is screened heavily at the airport and the ports in and out of this country don’t get checked at all, or maybe, very rarely. That it takes 12 years to accomplish so little as 100% inspection of these crates and cargoes coming into the USA, never mind anything else. Enough time that those committing these illegal acts, etc., can figure out a way to continue it with the new screening systems they install. Someone get me an aspirin! With mountain movers and shakers like this the next millenium will roll by before we secure our borders. I’m sure by then it won’t matter!

And doing a search on House Bill 1 brings up this tidbit of information:

But it says nothing about it being passed, only that it has been read twice and is still there. So maybe he knows something I don’t. Highly possible.


~ by justmytruth on April 10, 2008.

2 Responses to “Congress Needs To Be Drug Tested”

  1. But we can vote them out. We can make them afraid…

  2. Unfortunately we can’t counteract the high that power + a stupid electorate gives off.

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