Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP)

bush is up to it again. On April 21-22 he will be meeting in New Orleans with his buddies from Canada and Mexico for another SPP meeting. The reasons why this should be stopped are many. If it is all so above board, how come there is no oversight to this? How come all the secrecy? This war on terror is sheer fabrication on the part of bush. Just something to keep you frightened and afraid all the time. It makes it so that while you are looking under the bed for terrorists, he’s off doing more dirty deeds under your nose.

You know any idea bush has isn’t his to begin with. He isn’t smart enough. Someone dumped this boy on his head when he was a baby and he never got over it, but he makes a good dummy for others. A good mouth-piece and target. It can be handy when you don’t want to be the most hated person on the planet in your own country.

From we have this story on the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP):

Here are 10 reasons why progressives are paying attention to the SPP:

1. No democratic oversight. Although elected officials in all three countries have demanded transparency, they continue to be excluded from the SPP Presidential summits, ministerial meetings and working groups. Legislators have formed a trinational task force to stop the SPP.

2. Secrecy. The SPP excludes civil society organizations and the media from all meetings. During a peaceful demonstration outside the last summit in Canada, the government sent in undercover agents posing as rock-wielding protestors. After being confronted with video footage, authorities fessed up to the scheme.

3. Only big business has a voice. Wal-Mart, Lockheed Martin, and 28 other corporations and business associations are part of an official SPP advisory body called the North American Competitive Council. The council made 51 proposals to SPP negotiators in February 2007 on issues as varied as taxation and patent rights. Six months later, they boasted that “all three of our governments have committed themselves to taking action on many of our recommendations.”

The article goes on to talk about increased NAFTA trade agreements, privatizations, pipeline proliferation, border talk and no do, everything that means nothing good for those of us here and better situations for big corporations. There is also some concern on the parts of Mexico and Canada that the USA will try to do an energy grab… But you need to read the article.

Now, we wouldn’t be dealing with ANY of this if we had a Congress worth the title. Had they done their jobs and impeached this bastard, and cheney too, there would be no SPP to deal with. But hey, I guess congress figures it can’t get too much worse he’s almost out. Wonder how many of them daddy bush bought off? Because I can’t imagine any other reason for this asshole to still be in office with his history. I can just hear daddy say, “I gave him the toy, now let him play with it a bit longer! His time is almost up.”

Are they setting themselves up to be kings? Let’s hope not. Maybe we should put these pictures up on wanted posters. Personally I’d want bush alive, so I could make him live out his days poor and at the mercy of his own policies. No finer punishment can I think of for a man of his stellar qualities.

You can go HERE to read about the SPP:

Just don’t count on finding out anything. They will only tell you there what they want you to know.

This is how Canadian Citizens were treated when they tried to be heard at the summit there:

YouTubeSPP Protesters deliver petition at Montebello

Maude Barlow and members of the Council of Canadians, the

Watch video – 4 min 15 sec

03:46 From: PatHarrity

YouTube – Ron Paul on the NAU & SPP

For an excellent overview of the SPP view this video:

Maude Barlow, author, Executive Director of the Council of

Watch video – 13 min

Maude Barlow, author, Executive Director of the Council of Canadians, talks about the stealth attempt by corporate forces to ‘integrate’ the U.S., Canada and Mexico in an extra-legislative trade and defense pact called the ‘Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America ‘(SPP) that would override the domestic laws and regulations of all three countries without public discussion or vote.

NAFTA on Steroids, now doesn’t that just sound great for America? Can this man betray this country any more than he already has? Given enough time I’m sure he can. bush is bad and should be treated as such and any policies he has ordered should be abolished and abandoned!

Wake up America. Wake up or die homeless and hungry with no where to go.

~ by justmytruth on April 9, 2008.

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