OK, My Dander Is Up…

Some days I swear are just “those days!” Today is one of those days. Button pushers with me are things like Real ID, war with Iran, war with Iraq, bush, stuff I write about here. So, now I’m going to add a new one to my list of button pushers, The Real ID Social Security Card!

Yup, you read it right. The card that was NEVER intended for identification purposes is now getting a RFID chip, your picture, a bar code, and 8 other things to make it harder to steal. Fact is, that card was never supposed to be a part of your regular identification process at all. It was only to be used by top government agencies when I was a kid. Now every tom dick or harry business thinks it has a right to it. And I can’t exactly remember when that happened. But I do remember being raised in school that you didn’t give that number to anyone. Now they are making this nightmare?

For the next Grammy Shame Award Nominee, we have Congressman Mark Kirk and Congressman Peter Roskam. Take a bow gentlemen. We’ll send you a nice big color print for your office wall, count on it!

Now the link Congressman Kirk gave did work for me, http://www.house.gov and doing a search for him DID pull up a name and a bill and all but I couldn’t find a current bill with that number on it. I did find one from 2006, an agriculture or forestry bill, but not this one. Got me worried for a bit. I have to be able to verify my information, not just print any darn thing. Anyway, I did manage to. So, to introduce this to you in the way it was to me, he’s the Congressman himself introducing it:

YouTubeStop the Social Security Surveillance Act (HR 5405)
Mar 5, 2008 Trying to get around the state’s rejection of REAL ID, Congressman Kirk is proposing we transform our SS card into a National ID card.

Some information I got about the bill from WashingtonWatch.com is:

H.R. 5405, The Social Security Identity Theft Prevention Act

H.R. 5405 would protect seniors from identity theft and strengthen our national security by providing for the issuance of a secure Social Security card.

Detailed Summary

Social Security Identity Theft Prevention Act – Amends title II (Old Age, Survivors and Disability Insurance) of the Social Security Act to require Social Security cards to be made of tamperproof and wear-resistant material (currently, of banknote paper), and include a digital image of the cardholder as well as an encrypted, machine-readable electronic record containing biometric identifiers.

Status of the Legislation

Latest Major Action: 2/13/2008: Referred to House committee. Status: Referred to the House Committee on Ways and Means.

This just isn’t good. If it isn’t good for the driver’s license, it isn’t good for the Social Security Card. They are just ACHING to give our information away!

I have some serious issues with the 9/11 fabricated information they use to get us all to capitulate to their brand of “patriotism” bullshit and fear mongering. After all the lies they have told in this administration, do they seriously believe I’m going to take ANY THING they say as the reason why I should do anything they say??? Just how stupid do they think we are anyway?

For this nincompoop to sit there and spout this evidence as the reason WHY we need RFID chips with biometric information embedded in a card that was never intended for identification purposes anyway, is beyond me. He has lost his fricking mind! And he wants the rest of us as loony as he is! I for one, say no. And I am going to keep saying no until someone out there starts to make sense to me. Until someone out there starts sounding American to me!

Worse yet, what happens if both of these get passed? Real ID AND the new Social Security Card? We will no longer live in a free democracy. And maybe I’m dreaming now and I’ve already lost it and all this is too little too late. But part of me can’t stop trying.

From the Restore the Republic Website we have this synopsis of the new bill:

Social Security Surveillance Act Enters House
Written by Gary Franchi
Tuesday, 04 March 2008

Kirk with an original SS card.RTR Libertyville, IL – Under the guise of protecting seniors and our national security, Congressman Mark Kirk of Illinois 10th District and Peter Roskam of the 6th District are setting the wheels in motion for another crack at a national ID card. The “Social Security Identity Theft Prevention Act” (H.R. 5405) more appropriately titled the “Social Security Surveillance Act” was likely spurred by high opposition to the failing Real ID Act. This act would be an adequate run around to implement Real ID yet in another form. They claim their reasons for introducing this act is to curb the high rate of identity theft in Northern Illinois.

The new Social Security Surveillance (SSS) card will retain the standard features of the Social Security card such as the name and account number of the card holder, but will now include beefed up security measures also commonly used by law enforcement to track criminals, and hackers to falsify and clone sim cards.

The surveillance features of the card include: a digital image displayed of the card holder on the surface of the card and an “encrypted, machine-readable electronic record which shall include records of biometric identifiers unique to the individual to whom the card is issued, including a copy of any digitized facial image printed on the face of the card.”

Manufacturing of the card will be out-sourced to the Department of Homeland Security and utilize the facilities that create the B1/B2 Visa and the Permanent Resident Card.

Remember, these visas are currently being outsourced to another country, India I think. That means that any terrorist could simply steal a batch of these and guess what?? Instant SSS! Nothing insecure about that now is there? Or maybe those were the regular visas? Who can keep this stuff straight anymore???

At a recent Libertyville, Illinois Town Hall Meeting on Saturday March 1st, 2008, Congressman Kirk explained to a packed room of concerned residents that participation is optional. Gary Franchi, managing editor of Republic Magazine, a political publication that advocates constitutional rights and limited government, asked Kirk during the Q and A session when the “optional” card would become mandatory. Kirk responded that the bill had not left the house yet. Not quite the answer found when reading the text H.R. 5405.

The bill clearly states the new surveillance cards are to be issued to social security account holders upon reaching the age of 16.

Massive new biometric databases of every American will be created to assist in tracking and authenticating the new SSS card. The US Government has a tarnished record of managing databases. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs lost a laptop and external hard drive to thieves jeopardizing the identities of 26.5 million veterans. The Metropolitan State College in Denver, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and Los Angeles’ Department of Social Services have each fallen victim to their databases being plundered. Foreign intelligence hackers, high tech terrorists, and identity thieves would have a one-stop-shop of every American in a Social Security database no longer just rich in numbers, but now biometric data.

When asked by Franchi about private firms controlling and tracking the databases Kirk pushed the responsibility of management to the Social Security Administration. However, as with Real ID, private companies like Viisage were contracted with to maintain the Real ID infrastructure. This will likely be the case with the Social Security Surveillance Card unless the bill is stopped. The bill is set to take effect two years from enactment, yet it is currently in the house, and has yet to be voted on.

For a fact I know how inept SSA is about taking care of information they receive. I’ve sent them information they have requested, and sent it return receipt requested so it was signed for, only to have them never acknowledge getting it while I sit here with the receipt! And we are supposed to trust them? Ummmmmmm, I think NOT! I’m sure there are good people out there doing the best job they can do, but the bureaucracy is so big and so dumb and the people don’t even know the full regulations under which they are functioning, that it is impossible to get an answer.

Go to the sites and educate yourself. Gain control of your representatives. Make them understand you own them, not the money bags out there. YOU! You are the one who sees that they get elected and you can see that they don’t.


~ by justmytruth on April 8, 2008.

2 Responses to “OK, My Dander Is Up…”

  1. Another one of those self-serving politicians that means the public no good but sure sounds sincere about it. He’s sincere all right, about how much he gets from his handlers for promoting this crap! Stop by any time…

  2. Thanks for this post. What Kirk is really after, of course, is the NATIONAL ID card that will “inadvertently” disenfranchise millions of low income and senior citizens–just the kind of voters republicans want off the voter rolls.

    I hope Kirk is defeated in November.

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