Four New Shame List Appointees

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I know some people mean well, but they just have their heads screwed on backwards. This country is drowning in illegals and these four shame list appointees want to make the situation worse. What is shocking is that three are from border States. You would think they would have a clue by now. However, looks like their pockets have been lined by the other bleeding heart groups and so they are sucking up to them!

The fourth? Well, there is no excuse for him. This country made him what he is and he repays her by saying bring in more low wage workers for big corporate interests. If things had been this way back when he was getting his start, he’d have never made it. How quickly they forget. I’m NOT a fan. Nor would I fawn all over a puke like him. However, our congress sure does. It’s totally disgusting!

In point of fact these no-do-gooders are having a devastating effect of both moral and economics in the area. Going against the Citizens of the area by doing what they want to is not serving the public interest.

From CNN’s Lou Dobbs tonight I bring you this story:

DOBBS: Drug traffickers invading the Tucson, Arizona area. It is exactly that, an invasion. And it can be linked as well to simply a lack of enforcement by the U.S. attorneys’ office in Tucson.

Congressman John Culberson of Texas is a strong advocate for border security. He says some of the smugglers arrested in Tucson may never go to jail. Congressman Culberson joins me now from Capitol Hill.

Congressman, good to have you here.

REP. JOHN CULBERSON (R), TEXAS: Lou, always good to be with you.

DOBBS: What is going on here that apparently in this sector of the Arizona border with Mexico, that the U.S. attorney is not prosecuting drug loads under 500 pounds?

CULBERSON: Lou, I did discover personally from visiting Tucson that the policy in the Tucson sector, the busiest on our border is that the U.S. attorney will not prosecute any smuggler carrying a load of dope less than a quarter ton. If you are arrested in Tucson by the border patrol carrying less than a quarter ton of dope, odds are you’ll be home for dinner. There’s a 99.6 percent release rate. No one essentially is being prosecuted in Tucson.

DOBBS: What percent?

CULBERSON: 99.6 percent release rate on all arrests by the border patrol in the Tucson sector and it’s going to stop. I am on the Appropriations Subcommittee for the Department of Justice, Lou, and I am going to get them the resources and the support they need. That prosecution rate has got to be — we need essentially Lou, a zero tolerance, prosecution rate from Brownsville to San Diego.

DOBBS: It looks like you’ve got a zero prosecution rate.

CULBERSON: We do. The prosecution rate in Tucson is at zero, essentially. It’s everyone other than violent criminals are being turned lose and what that does to the border patrol morale, the criminals are laughing at us in Tucson.

DOBBS: Let’s be real honest, Congressman, the fact is if every drug trafficker, every human smuggler in Mexico isn’t laughing at the United States government, they would just be demonstrating a lack of a sense of humor, wouldn’t they really?

CULBERSON: It’s just unacceptable. It’s dangerous for the officers; it’s dangerous for this nation. The criminals are laughing at us and I’m done. I’m fed up with it and I’m working on a personal mission, Lou. I want you to know I have read “Charlie Wilson’s War” and from the Appropriations Committee if Charlie Wilson can help beat the Russians; I am personally committed to seeing a zero tolerance policy rolled out from Brownsville to San Diego. And I can tell you that I’ve already got it done in Laredo. It’s being done in Del Rio. They’re arresting everybody. They’re prosecuting everybody.

DOBBS: Let me tell you what the U.S. attorney for the southern district of Arizona, Diane Humetewa says, she says her office is at full capacity, and goes on to say, “Arizona is not Texas and Tucson is not Del Rio. The Tucson U.S. attorney’s office handles one of the highest criminal case loads in the nation; however, it is simply false that we do not charge defendants.”

CULBERSON: Well, no wonder they have the highest crossings in the nation, they are not prosecuting anybody. The word got out to all the illegals and the smugglers to come to Tucson, it’s open country and you can just come on in. Her excuse is just not acceptable to me, Lou. I’m going to get her the resources. There is no excuse for a .4 percent prosecution rate. If they were at 10 percent prosecution, maybe 15 percent, maybe I might listen to them about lack of resources. This is a blanket policy, turn everybody loose and it’s going to stop.

DOBBS: All right. You also talked with Attorney General Michael Mukasey about the border patrol agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean who are still in prison, still awaiting a decision from the appellate court, what did he have to say?

CULBERSON: Unfortunately, the attorney general would not answer my question directly. I asked him twice to please recommend to the president pardon donning Ramos and Compean for the same reason that Scooter Libby was pardoned. The sentence didn’t fit the crime. These guys have suffered enough but the attorney general would not answer the question so America need to keep writing letters and phone calls to get Ramos and Compean out.

DOBBS: Can I make another proposal, a separate proposal, say to the U.S. attorney general that he should really conduct an investigation as to why this administration, this U.S. Justice Department went after these two agents instead of the drug smugglers, what about that idea?

CULBERSON: Absolutely, Lou, and justify why we are arresting border patrol agents, throwing them in jail for ten or 12 years and releasing every single criminal and illegal that crosses in the Tucson sector. Why is Tucson wide open and our border patrol agents are thrown in jail. It’s not acceptable. And I’m not going to rest until that border is secure with a zero tolerance from Brownsville to San Diego. I’ve done it in Laredo and Brownsville is next and we’ll do it sector by sector.

DOBBS: Congressman Culberson, thanks for being here. Thank you, Congressman.

CULBERSON: Thank you, Lou.

Get caught with less than a quarter-ton, Culberson said, and “You have a 99.6 percent chance of being home in time for dinner.”

Just to make it a little easier to contact Ms. Humetewa I’ve gotten her information for you here:

Diane J. Humetewa, USA*

Two Renaissance Square
40 North Central Ave. Suite 1200
Phoenix, AZ 85004-4408
Phone (602)514-7500 Fax (602)514-7693

405 W. Congress, Suite 4800
Tucson, AZ 85701-5040
Phone (520)620-7300 Fax (520)620-7320

123 N. San Francisco Street, Suite 204
Flagstaff, AZ 86001

Nor does her excuse hold water with me. As a person who lives in Arizona, I expect those in positions of authority to ACT like they give a damn! So, to Ms. Diane J. Humetewa goes our first award of shame! Shame on you! I hope you hear from a lot of Arizonites about this one! You deserve it! Our border patrol agents give their all and you turn these drug smugglers and people smugglers loose? What kind of American are you? Move to Mexico if you can’t stand it here, other wise do the job you were hired for!

The next one is by far the worst offender. With his money, gotten by living and being an entrepreneur in America, this bastard has the nerve to criticize the United States of America and say yea to China! Don’t you just want to smack some people up side the head and say what the hell are you thinking? I’d like to meet this guy personally since I’ve had to work on his shitty program since the days of Windows 3.1. He’s a thief and a liar but because he has money he’s been able to buy his way out of it. Would that justice worked as well for the rest of us.

From CNN’s Lou Dobbs tonight we have this gem:

DOBBS: Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates, he’s been calling for more foreign workers in this country for some time. Now Bill Gates says the United States is in decline and that a wealthy China in his words is a very good thing. Gates told the meeting of the Inter American Devilment Bank in Miami, “If you care about the human condition, then a richer China is better.” But Gates then said, “Economic and social advances in the rest of the world would erode U.S. dominance and he thinks that’s a good thing.”

Businesses looking to hire cheap labor today celebrated a victory handed to them by the Bush administration, of course. The Department of Homeland Security is now changing the rules to extend visa states to technology students. The extended stays will allow foreign students a better chance of being hired here at a time when more and more Americans are out of work. It will give as a matter of fact them more than two years to find work.

Bill Tucker has our report.

BILL TUCKER, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Microsoft’s Bill Gates wasn’t shy making his wishes known to congress last month.

BILL GATES, MICROSOFT CHAIRMAN: There are a number of steps that congress and the white house should take to address this problem including extending the period that foreign students can work here after graduation.

TUCKER: He got his wish. The Department of Homeland Security has now announced new rules that allow foreign students graduating with degrees in science, technology, engineering and math to stay and work for 2 1/2 years after graduation. It’s a move that angered Senator Charles Grassley who calls it “Corporate America’s latest attempt to get around the H-1B program.” Critics of the program argue that such policies undercut American graduates in those fields.

PAUL ALAMEDA, AFL-CIO: The projection is the growth in this industry is about 120,000 jobs per year and this is in the high tech meaning math and science degrees. And we’re graduating in excess of 300,000 with bachelors, masters and PhD’s from United States universities.

TUCKER: Despite there been apparent oversupply, corporate America continues to lobby to expand the H-1B visa program. And one former programmer who now campaigns against the program, fears it’s only a matter of time before Gates gets his other wish, that caps on the H-1B visas are abolished.

JOHN MIANO, ATTORNEY: We have created a system in Washington you know of lobbyists and firmly entrenched politicians who in general are not working in the interests of the American peek.

TUCKER: There are now two bills in congress that would more than double the size of the H-1B program. They were introduced the day after Gates testified last month.

TUCKER: Now there was a 60 day period of public comment on the new rule extending foreign students’ stay. The comments can be submitted at this email address, in your subject line.

DOBBS: We’ll put it on the website.

TUCKER: You’re going to put it up on the website.

DOBBS: You bet.

TUCKER: All right. Look at it because you need the subject line in there.

DOBBS: I noticed it wasn’t on the screen.

TUCKER: Well, no, that’s fair, we should help people, if they want to submit these comments be able to put them in.

I want to make one other point, Lou, here. This optional practical training time, OPT is what it’s called, has no wage provisions, no protection and no protection for U.S. students.

DOBBS: Who introduced this legislation right after Gates went in and testified?

TUCKER: Representative Gates out of Arizona.

DOBBS: Representative who?

TUCKER: Giffords out of Arizona and Lamar Smith out of Texas.

DOBBS: Lamar Smith out of Texas did that?


DOBBS: Lamar, you’re smarter than this. This is amazing to me. This is selling out the country. This man is on — I mean what is he thinking about? You can’t imagine. He knows that seven out of the top ten companies applying for H-1B visas are Indian companies in this country for the specific purpose of bringing in cheap labor to which American corporations can outsource jobs, middle class jobs. He knows this. And he sat there with a straight face and testified before congress.

TUCKER: And said give me more. And they did.

DOBBS: Bill Gates, come on down, let’s talk about this. I mean you really — I’m afraid I’m not going to be quite in awe of you like those slobbering congressmen were there day who sat there and were in so in awe of your billionaire self. It’s ridiculous, this country has got to start standing up for something and when we allow a guy who’s the third richest in the world, he’s basically ordering up legislation.

TUCKER: And in defiance of every piece of study that’s been done in the last year, Lou, that says we are producing enough kids in math, science and technology degrees.

DOBBS: Let me be clear. I want us to graduate far more students in mathematics, far more students in natural sciences. I’m with anybody on that one. But this business is just ridiculous and for these congressmen to be going along with it; Congressman Giffords, Congressman Smith, please come down and explain how in the world a U.S. congressman can just fall in line at the beck and call of a billionaire from Bellevue. The information will be on our website. We appreciate it.

Thank you, Bill.

So Congresswoman Giffords, Congressman Smith and Bill Gates, you all deserve to be in the Hall of Shame! If you can get more un-American, I just don’t see it! I didn’t see the information on Lou Dobb’s website though. If someone else finds it I’d appreciate it. I’ve included what I did find and hope it will help you raise your voice and let these idiots know how you feel! I’m not laying down any more for anyone!


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2 Responses to “Four New Shame List Appointees”

  1. Oh, I totally agree. Enforce the laws and things will change. Those breaking them take their chances on getting caught. I have no sympathy…

  2. We need laws to make the people who have law enforcement “Officials” enforce these laws, and if not, they will be arrested and tried as felons.

    Lock up the ones allowing it and this crap will stop!

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