A License To Kill

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Every day we read about the war in Iraq, a war based on lies by the bush administration. Every day more and more people protest the actions taken by those involved in the war, torture, genocide, and the companies that seem to have recruited the worst of the worst to be in those places.

It is justified by saying, “But we need them there is no one else is willing to go.” That’s because we know it is wrong. God said, “Thou Shalt NOT Kill.” He didn’t just mean sometimes, he didn’t mean that war is justified. And he didn’t mean “when it’s convenient to dump the rules it is OK” he meant what he said, “Thou shalt NOT kill!”

bush and cheney don’t care about that though. They don’t care about the cost in human lives, human misery, and human endurance. It doesn’t touch them. The decisions they make keep them insulated from it, and while they mouth platitudes at us, you know they are wondering what the hell the big deal is all about.

Seems to me they are doing everything they can to destabilize Iraq. Bringing in Blackwater and renewing their contract is just one example. Hiring Halliburton and KBR is another. The list of atrocities layed directly at the feet of these two men is horrendous. It will be a joyous day when they pass away!

I don’t know why Congress can’t get their shit together, except that maybe they are being paid not to? They expect the rest of us to. I only have one solution, get them out of office if they can’t do the job. Get the Lobbyists out of there too, since they are the ones filling the pockets of these lawmakers. Get rid of that and we might get a Congress back that is worth being called a Congress.

From CommonDreams.org I bring you this story about Blackwater’s contract being renewed:

Published on Saturday, April 5, 2008 by Reuters Iraqis Angered by Renewal of Blackwater Contract by Khalid Al-Ansary BAGHDAD – Iraqis expressed anger on Saturday at news the United States had renewed the contract of Blackwater, a private security firm blamed for killing up to 17 people in a shooting incident last year.

Renewing this contract means we will see this sort of thing again in the streets,” Abbas Hasoun, a grocer, said. “I wish we could turn the page on this, but keeping this company here means bloodshed will continue.”

A traffic policeman who said he was questioned in Turkey by the FBI about the shooting was patrolling on Saturday the same busy traffic circle where the incident took place.

I went to Turkey and testified about what I saw, but all my efforts were in vain when I heard the news,” said the policeman who asked that his name not be published for security reasons.

The FBI is investigating whether Blackwater employees broke the law during the shooting last September when Blackwater staff, apparently believing they were under attack, fired into cars in heavy traffic, killing civilians.

In spite of the criminal probe, the State Department announced on Friday the firm’s contract to protect U.S. personnel in Baghdad would be renewed.

The State Department says Blackwater’s tactics have been changed to prevent further incidents like last year’s shooting.

Sure they have. And if you believe that I have some beach-front property here in Phoenix for you! Nothing like another lie when you have told so many already huh? Oh, and we can trust the FBI, right? NOT! The only people they care about is themselves. It seems a given that no one in the FBI has a conscience. Else, WHY WOULD THEY SPY ON THEIR OWN PEOPLE. PEOPLE THEY HAVE SWORN TO PROTECT? More bush politics and mandates. And who wants to be in the Army, Navy, or Marines, even the National Guard, when you can get paid so much more as a mercenary? From Alter.net we have this story:

Mercenaries ‘R’ Us

By Bill Berkowitz, AlterNet. Posted March 24, 2004.

There are currently thousands of mercenaries serving in Iraq. Their high salaries and shorter terms of employment will inevitably make a serious dent on the military’s budget — and soldiers’ morale.

With the casualty toll ticking ever upward and troops stretched thin on the ground, the bush administration is looking to mercenaries to help control Iraq. These soldiers-for-hire are veterans of some of the most repressive military forces in the world, including that of the former Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet and South Africa’s apartheid regime.

In February, Blackwater USA, a North Carolina-based Pentagon contractor, began hiring former combat personnel in Chile, offering them up to $4,000 a month to guard oil wells in Iraq. The company flew the first batch of 60 former commandos to a training camp in North Carolina. These recruits will eventually wind up in Iraq where they will spend six months to a year.

We scour the ends of the earth to find professionals — the Chilean commandos are very, very professional and they fit within the Blackwater system,” Gary Jackson, the president of Blackwater USA, told the Guardian.

While Blackwater USA is not nearly as well known as Halliburton or Bechtel — two mega-corporations making a killing off the reconstruction of Iraq — it nevertheless is doing quite well financially thanks to the White House’s war on terror. The company specializes in firearm, tactics and security training and in October 2003, according to Mother Jones magazine, the company won a $35.7 million contract to train more than 10,000 sailors from Virginia, Texas, and California each year in ‘force protection.’

Business has been booming for Blackwater, which now owns, as its press release boasts, “the largest privately-owned firearms training facility in the nation.” Jackson told the Guardian, “We have grown 300 percent over each of the past three years and we are small compared to the big ones. We have a very small niche market, we work towards putting out the cream of the crop, the best.”

Ya, we know what your best and the cream of the crop mean, those who have a license to kill and rape with impunity! Some cream of the crop! And this is happening in the United States of America! And, from a man who claims he loves GOD! Can you be any more hypocritical than that? Is it any wonder God has turned his face away from this once Proud Nation?

For More on Erik Prince go HERE:

YouTubeBlackwater: Shadow Army

The Nation’s Jeremy Scahill describes the rise of Blackwater

Watch video – 4 min 25 sec

YouTubeBlackwater in Potrero

In late 2006, Blackwater USA, known as Blackwater West, now Blackwater World.


November 23, 2007 In late 2006, Blackwater USA, now known as Blackwater Worldwide, submitted a proposal to build a training facility called Blackwater West in the rural San Diego County town of Potrero. This documentary tells the story of what followed. Features interviews with Jeremy Scahill, the author of Blackwater: the Rise of the World’s Most Powerful Mercenary Army as well as Brian Bonfiglio, the vice president of Blackwater West; Gordon Hammers, Jan Hedlun, Mary Johnson, Jerry Johnson, and Thell Fowler of the Potrero Planning Board; Raymond Lutz of Citizens Oversight Committee; Rep. Bob Filner, and many others. Producer: Andy Trimlett; Associate Producers: John Odam and Aaron Seeley.

After the article I did which included a link for the secret prisons being built around the United States of America, and now with these training camps wanting to be set up everywhere also, it begs the question, “When will they be used to police the American Citizen?” I don’t think that is too far-fetched right now. Again, with the amount of money each of these mercs is getting, why would anyone want to be in the Military? The video mentioned $1,200.00 per day and with the decline of the dollar, it is probably higher still. That is $445,000.00 per year! Fuck the army huh? Can you say “martial law?”

To hell with enlisting in the Air Force or Navy or the Marines, just go to Blackwater. At least there if you die you will have earned something. Not like the military who, if you are wounded beyond finishing your contract, or dead, they want their money back! Give me a break here! I can’t think of anything more demeaning to Our Nation, than to treat our wounded like that!

Someone has got to get a brain here! I know the biggest oxymoron is “Military Intelligence” but come on guys, do you need to prove it so often? if the Military is so interested in giving money away, they can pay me! I would only need a small portion of that to live on! Geesh!

Yup, Jack! It’s Getting Ugly Out Here!

The Secret FEMA concentration camps:


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