Real ID, Thanks But No Thanks…

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The Department of Homeland Security has decided to award ALL the States and the District of Colombia an extension in order to comply with Real ID. Seems the opposition to it is getting to them and short of admitting they are wrong, they will just give us more time to comply. Forget the fact that with the housing market in the toilet, most cities are facing budget crunches right now. Forget the fact that while this is voluntary, they will ram it down our throats regardless, and forget the fact that while this is a free country, Papers Please!

From CNN’s Lou Dobbs we have this:

DOBBS: The Department of Homeland Security has granted all 50 states and the District of Columbia now an extension to comply with the real I.D. program, but South Carolina is one of several states that simply want no part of real I.D.

Governor Mark Sanford joins me from Columbia, South Carolina.

Governor, good to have you with us.

GOV. MARK SANFORD (R), SOUTH CAROLINA: My pleasure to be with you.

: Governor, it’s a federal law. Why would you not want to comply?

: Well, I think the most American of all themes is this idea that we may come from different perspectives, we may come from different points of view, but at the end of the day we debate ideas in America, and based on that debate, law becomes indeed the law of the land. What you have here is a law that was never debated in congress. There were never hearings held in the house, never hearings held in the senate. And you had simply a bill that was attached as a rider to an emergency supplemental bill to help tsunami victims in Southeast Asia and military folks in the Middle East.

DOBBS: I take your point. But you wouldn’t deny that it’s the law of the land.

SANFORD: Well, it is. But it’s got a number of different foibles. Among them, it’s a huge unfunded mandate to every state and every individual out there —

: Well, if it were funded — by the way, I happen to agree with you. It is an unfunded mandate. And to that degree and in that regard, I think there are certainly — reasonable objections can be raised.

But if the federal government were to fund the expense and the cost of real I.D., would you then be in favor of real I.D.?

SANFORD: I would still have problems with it.

DOBBS: See, there we go.

: Because I think that states are perfectly capable of issuing driver’s licenses. And if there are a couple laggards, you can provide incentives to those laggard states rather than nationalizing the driver’s license process in America.

: Here’s the deal —

: I think that — sure.

: Here’s the deal. We’ve got a number of states, for example, Maine, there’s no residency requirement for welfare, for a host of services. There is no requirement residency for a driver’s license. We have now — that’s gone from eight now down to four states. The trend is going in the right direction as people are becoming more responsible.

We have to have standards for national security reasons. Don’t you agree?

: You can have a standard, but you don’t have to have a mandate. You don’t have to have the federal government taking over this function. You don’t have to have for the first time in American history an I.D. card basically issued by the federal government to visit your congressman or senator, which would be the case with the real I.D.

I think that there are a lot of questions about a national I.D. card that ought to be debated. And this whole nation that we’re going to dictate from Washington, D.C., without debate an idea that was never able to pass muster within the halls of congress without slipping it in as a rider, I think, is problematic. And I think, particularly, given the money trains in Washington, D.C., their idea now is to pass the bill to individuals and to states, in this case to the tune of somewhere between $23 billion and $29 billion, again I think, really wanting.

DOBBS: You know what? I happen to agree — be one of those people that agrees with you about dialogue and debate, but I’m also a fellow that likes to know what the real issue. And the real issue is, if it’s state control of your driver’s license and a refusal to take national security issues into context and into consideration, you know that’s a hard one to push through in this era where everybody’s taking their shoes off at the dog gone airport to have somebody wave a wand over them.

SANFORD: But again the issue here is real I.D. You have a whole number of costs and hoops that citizens in America would have to contend with it.

It has no jurisdiction over a foreign passport. So the idea that a terrorist is going through the hoops involved with real I.D. when they can go to a third world country and get a passport and come to this nation on that basis doesn’t make sense.

Or for that matter that the ninth circuit court has now ruled that you basically need a pat down search and no identification whatsoever to get on an airplane —

DOBBS: Forgive me, Governor, as far as I’m concerned, the ninth circuit court can slip into the Pacific Ocean. It’s liberal radical to the extreme that I think it would nauseate even you, sir.

SANFORD: I’m not disagreeing.

DOBBS: OK, so let’s return to reality here. How about this? What about if we decided in this country we’re going to have a nation has an absolute commitment to individual rights, freedom.


DOBBS: We’re going to possess and preserve our national heritage and our national values, the quality and individual liberty. And we’re going to secure our borders so that people within those borders don’t have to go through a pat down and an electronic search every time, because we know who’s coming into this country and we know what is happening with our citizens.

SANFORD: I’d say amen. I’d say amen.

DOBBS: Then amen, brother.

SANFORD: You would begin with — you would begin with have the federal government take care of, indeed, their responsibilities, which is indeed, securing the borders and things like that.

The idea of stepping in and nationalizing the driver’s license system so that you’ve got to walk around with a national I.D. card. And for the first time, to visit so much as a member of the congress, house, or senate, you’ve got to walk in with that real I.D. card, to me to be a breach of what the founding fathers talked about in your ability to address your congressman or senator without the card.

DOBBS: I think you and I can agree on a whole lot.

I do, however, think that one of the little issues we’ve got is we’ve got a number of states who haven’t got the sense to secure their driver’s licenses, and that’s a problem.

And we’ve got a huge problem with fraudulent documents in this country. That’s an issue for a host of reasons. It’s great to have you on the show.

SANFORD: As well and I want to come back to that.

DOBBS: Take 15 seconds real quick and wrap it up, if you will. Can you do it in 15?

SANFORD: The question would be, yes, would documents be more secure in a one stop shopping to hackers around the world in Washington or spread across 50 different states? I think they’ll be more secure spread across 50 different states.

DOBBS: Let’s have the debate, get it wrapped up, because national security is at stake.

And by the way, there’s a little thing also at stake here called our national values above liberty and equality. Governor, thanks for getting here. Let’s get that debate underway. Oh, that’s what you’re doing. Thanks.

I hope Lou will take the time to really investigate this Real ID BS! This isn’t Nazi Germany and we don’t want to have to show papers everywhere we go. Let’s secure our borders with or without the help of the federal government whose track record so far is ziltch and Oh! This administration will go down in history as the worst ever imaginable. The federal government just doesn’t have the kind of track record to smile about right now.

We really need people to be clear what Real ID is and what it means to American citizens. For more information see the following:

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YouTube – The Real I.D The Microchip

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YouTube – Is There a Secret Government in the United States?
Just a look at some quotes and other information that
Keep those phone calls coming to your Senator and Representative. They need to hear from you. CONGRESSIONAL SWITCHBOARD at 1-800-839-5276 Tell them what you think of Real ID and the real Nightmare it means to American Citizens.

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