KBR/Halliburton Employ Animals

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If war isn’t bad enough, we have some really sick bastards over there. I’ll bet their Mommas would be proud of them! Not on your life!! Again, the Military and Halliburton/KBR have refused to join the 21st century and are allowing men in their employ to rape women indiscriminately. It is a fundamental right of women not to be subjected to these crimes. And it is the Army’s duty, the Air Force’s Duty, the Navy’s duty and KBR/Halliburton’s duty to prosecute these sick bastards for what they are, criminals.

If women are taking the same risks as their male counter parts in war, they shouldn’t have to be afraid of men they work with while doing so. It should be that simple. Any male caught doing what these men have done should be made to pay in ways that discourage, and hold up as examples, what happens to the male who rapes.

That the military turns a blind eye says much about the mentality of the top brass. Were it not for their condoning of these crimes, you can bet your ASS it wouldn’t be happening. From the top down heads ought to roll!

Please remember that Halliburton also owns KBR , that fine institution for which the VP has worked. Gosh, I’m so NOT surprised then when I read this story knowing the character of that man.

From CommonDreams.org

Published on Thursday, April 3, 2008 by The Nation
Another KBR Rape Case
by Karen Houppert

Editor’s Note: Lisa Smith is a pseudonym used on request. Additional reporting by Te-Ping Chen. Research support provided by the Investigative Fund of The Nation Institute.

Houston, Texas

It was an early January morning in 2008 when 42-year-old Lisa Smith*, a paramedic for a defense contractor in southern Iraq, woke up to find her entire room shaking. The shipping container that served as her living quarters was reverberating from nearby rocket attacks, and she was jolted awake to discover an awful reality. “Right then my whole life was turned upside down,” she says.

What follows is the story she told me in a lengthy, painful on-the-record interview, conducted in a lawyer’s office in Houston, Texas, while she was back from Iraq on a brief leave.

That dawn, naked, covered in blood and feces, bleeding from her anus, she found a US soldier she did not know lying naked in the bed next to her: his gun lay on the floor beside the bed, she could not rouse him and all she could remember of the night before was screaming and screaming as the soldier anally penetrated her while a colleague who worked for defense contractor KBR held her hand–but instead of helping her, as she had hoped, he jammed his penis in her mouth.

Over the next few weeks Smith would be told to keep quiet about the incident by a KBR supervisor. The camp’s military liaison officer also told her not to speak about what had happened, she says. And she would follow these instructions. “Because then, all of a sudden, if you’ve done exactly what you’ve been instructed not to do–tell somebody–then you’re in danger,” Smith says.

From the title you can clearly see this isn’t the first incident, nor is it unusual. I’ll bet it is the same perpetrators in a lot of the incidents too. How many of our young women on the ground in combat have to deal with this? And then are denied contraception by the military? The military should be ashamed of itself. Those at the top help accountable for the awful deeds their men do. I don’t care if this is a private contractor or not. If they cannot do what they signed on to do then there needs to be better screening done of these men. Animals don’t belong there, we have cages for them.

You can contact KBR through this website.

Let them know what you think of these despicable men and their crimes. Let’s not let their dirty little secret stay that way. Let’s make it loud and public! And in the process maybe get some justice for these women. They shouldn’t have to fight off the men they work with while trying to do a job. I don’t know any men that would put up with that shit.

The story goes on:

In fact, a growing number of women employees working for US defense contractors in the Middle East are coming forward with complaints of violence directed at them. As the Iraq War drags on, and as stories of US security contractors who seem to operate with impunity continue to emerge (like Blackwater and its deadly attack against Iraqi civilians on September 16, 2007), a rash of new sexual assault and sexual harassment complaints are being lodged against overseas contractors–by their own employees. Todd Kelly, a lawyer in Houston, says his firm alone has fifteen clients with sexual assault, sexual harassment and retaliation complaints (for reporting assault and/or harassment) against Halliburton and its former subsidiary Kellogg, Brown & Root LLC (KBR), as well as Cayman Island-based Service Employees International Inc., a KBR shell company. (While Smith is technically an SEII employee, she is supervised by KBR staff as a KBR employee.)

Jamie Leigh Jones, whose story made the news in December–when she alleged that her 2005 gang rape by Halliburton/KBR co-workers in Iraq was being covered up by the company and the US government–also initially believed hers was an isolated incident. But today, Jones reports that she has formed a nonprofit to support the many other women with similar stories. Currently, she has forty US contractor employees in her database who have contacted her alleging a variety of sexual assault or sexual harassment incidents–and claim that Halliburton, KBR and SEII have either failed to help them or outright obstructed them.

Most of these complaints never see the light of day, thanks to the fine print in employee contracts that compels employees into binding arbitration instead of allowing their complaints to be tried in a public courtroom. Criminal prosecutions are practically nonexistent, as the US Justice Department has turned a blind eye to these cases.

Jones’s case was the subject of a House Judiciary hearing in December. Right now, Jones’s lawyers are awaiting a decision on whether she will get her day in court or be forced to submit to binding arbitration, which KBR is insisting on. Likewise, the company is pressuring Lisa Smith into pursuing her claims against the company through its Dispute Resolution Program based on the contract she signed before she went to Iraq. Critics argue that the company’s arbitration system allows it to minimize bad publicity and lets assailants off the hook.

You can contact the board of Halliburton from here:

In the search box type in Contact Us and it brings you right to the page you want. Let’s see an end to this type of disgusting animal behavior. And if these men are going to act like animals, let’s treat them as such. A nice cage out in the desert sun with them totally naked for all to see sounds about right to me.

It is bad enough what they do to the Iraqi people, but to do this to our own is unacceptable! Make your voices heard and please, pass this along. Time to stop the “don’t see, don’t tell” mentality that has ruled these bodies for so long.

Women should be sacred. By raping a woman you are raping a race, the life-giver. Stop being animals and stop allowing animals to pose as men. War is bad, don’t make it worse.

Let’s bring these dogs out into the light of day. Let’s hold the agencies responsible for them too. Time for Women to stop being afraid.


Jamie Leigh Jones- KBR gang rape Keigh Oberman countdown You Tube Repeated inquaries into Jamie Leigh Jones case go ignored Jan. 08, 2008

CNN feature

Time to cage these dogs and tell Halliburton and KBR their accountability is due! Contact them today and demand they take action!


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