Obama Mania, The High Cost to America

I didn’t do anything with this article when I first got it, but I saved it knowing I wanted to do a piece of it and it just wasn’t the right time. Today it is calling to me so today I’ll do something about it.

I’m not a fan of any of these candidates and I didn’t drink the kool-aid, so I’m not sure why people are swooning over them. I see nothing special about Obama and when I listen to him speak, I’m convinced he means America NO good. It is the WAY he words things, the WAY in which things are put together that tell you a lot about this man. For those who are mesmerized, wow, I’m truly, truly sorry for you.

From NewsWithViews I bring you an article from back in February:


By: Devvy
February 25, 2008

© 2008 – NewsWithViews.com

Before I get into vote fraud, my mail box has been drowning in e-mail from Americans who are very alarmed about Barack Obama. Not all, of course. One man said in his e-mail that he didn’t believe what I wrote in my last column. He said, Obama is a “good person.” Obama gave him “hope” and “inspiration.” It didn’t seem to bother this man that Obama’s past history includes a cozy relationship with a known communist or that he knows nothing about constitutional solutions.

Will it bother Obama faithful that he supports a “world order”? Watch this short video clip of Obama and listen to what he says: That “we” must invest (that’s the sweat off your back he’s talking about) in other countries to create a “world order we’d all like to see.” Pure communist propaganda and that’s why he’s getting the support of every flavor of communist in the world.


Go to this web site and spend a few minutes. It should horrify you. Obama is “Bigger than Kennedy…This is the New Testament!” “An agent of transformation….” “What if God is trying to make a statement? In the last generation, a motivated, organized “religious right” has flexed its considerable muscle in both electing candidates and shaping American public policy. But what if God is trying to make a statement in 2008 through the meteoric rise of a new symbol — a charismatic, eloquent senator from Illinois who is turning conventional American politics on its head? That food for thought will form the basis of Sunday’s sermon by Pastor John Van Sloten at New Hope Church.”

Now, I have to tell you here that I do not share the views of the authors next statements. I believe in the Golden Rule and I believe in harming none, ever, but the author feels more passionate than I it would seem. So while we share the same view of Obama, we do not share a religious one. I happen to think that Gay people didn’t choose to be the way they are anymore than I chose to be heterosexual, so how can what they are doing be a sin? God created them too and God doesn’t make mistakes, right?

God has made many statements. He has told us forcefully that sodomy is an abomination as well as lesbian sex. Obama supports and condones that which God has told us is an abomination. God has commanded us, not asked us, but commanded: Thou shalt not kill. Obama supports and condones the murder of an unborn baby waiting in it’s mother’s womb to reach the stage of growth where he/she can live outside the mother. Pastor Van Sloten’s words, “…meteoric rise of a new symbol” smacks of worshipping false idols. Many brutal dictators throughout history had this same kind of “meteoric rise of a new symbol.” The Third Reich comes to mind.

This circus between Obama and Marxist Hillary Clinton will soon play itself out. The lame stream media, particularly the cable networks, will fill endless hours with useless chatter about them and in the end, it will mean nothing. The shadow government will make sure they get the candidate they want and herd voters in the right direction. As Madame Clinton is facing a fraud trial, it’s not likely the machine will allow her to be the “winner,” but you never know.

John McCain is an evil, dangerous man. He took a few hits last week, but as everyone considers him the locked in nomination for the Republicans, it is here we must concentrate our efforts. I hope you will make every effort to get the word out about McCain. First: McCain sold out our POW/MIAs. There can be no forgiveness for what he has done to our precious military personnel left behind. For solid source material, please see the links in my column here. We must get this material to as many veterans and active military as possible. I also recommend you get the DVD, Missing: Presumed Dead. If money is a problem, go in with two or three friends. Get this DVD to your local VFW Hall and other veterans organizations.


Albanian lobbyist Joe DioGuardi stands left of McCain.

Second: Our national security and McCain’s tireless efforts to support this invasion underway by illegal aliens. McCain’s boast that he the prince of ethical standards would bring tears to the eyes of an Angel! This is such a blatant lie, it puts him on a par with the Clinton’s. Patrick Briley’s last column should be given mass distribution on the Internet because it is factual and contains very serious information on McCain, i.e., “Former CIA officer Phillip Giraldi has linked John McCain with corrupt senior U.S. officials who criminally helped proliferate U.S. nuclear technology to Islamic nations according to this February 4, 2008 article, “Why Sibel Edmonds Must be heard:” And,” John McCain armed Kosovo Islamic terrorists. February 13, 2008. “[McCain] He did everything that we asked of him, including arming the KLA”, said Albanian lobbyist Joe DioGuardi. The Albanians collected one million dollars for the presidential campaign of this senator.

Read the rest of the story HERE:

It saddens me to see the greed of these candidates. Taking money from foreign governments? I’ve always known McCain would do anything for a buck. Makes me wonder how many times he’s been on his knees blowing someone just for that campaign contribution. They are all disgusting and revolting to me. Where is their Patriotism? In the toilet I’m sure. But unless we get the word out, one of these irresponsible fools will sit on the White House chair and be a symbol for our nation. Makes me want to vomit.

I love my country! I want her back! Not one of these candidates will do that. In fact, I will guarantee you that they will do everything in their power to give America away. Fools and more. I’m sure the Rothchilds, the Morgans, the Rockefellers, etc. are just wringing their hands with happiness right now knowing that the USA is theirs to do with as they please. She can be destroyed now, or propped up, but she will NEVER be the same.

When did American’s lose all their common sense? Where there is smoke there is fire. These shit on a shingle candidates aren’t worthy of your loyalty, they aren’t worth anything at all. Wake Up America! Stop consuming that Kool-Aid. THINK!

I dread the coming elections knowing that one of these three worthless excuses for humanity will hold this highest office in this Land. And it will be too late then to say I told you so. Much too late. When the dreams of a Strong America lay as ashes around your feet, who will you blame then? Iraq? Iran? No, look to yourselves. Look into your hearts. I and others have told you so for long enough…


~ by justmytruth on April 3, 2008.

2 Responses to “Obama Mania, The High Cost to America”

  1. I hear you loud and clear. But I can’t help but keep trying. Wait until you read about McCain! There’s a bastard who should be in prison.

  2. Unfortunately, we are going to be stuck with one of these three. It won’t matter which one for nothing will change and we will continue to rapidly spiral into compliance with the “new world order”. Looking at what is happening today, the entire globe will be under ONE totalitarian government control. Our founding fathers are no longer rolling in their graves, they are dying all over again. They gave us a precious gift and we’ve allowed it to disappear.

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