The Smoking Gun, 9/11 DNA Evidence Revisited

By permission of the Author, Cheri Roberts-Piper MTR News, I’ve been asked to pass on this updated information on the 9/11 DNA Forensics that were used to identify the 19 suspected terrorists. The amount of research this author has done for this piece is incredible and I hope you will spend as much time reading it as I did and checking out the links provided.

I’m not going to include the full article here, that would take too long. But I encourage everyone to click on the link and read this piece. The research was incredible. My personal opinion from the start of the 9/11 nightmare was that the Government was way too quick in nailing suspects given what we know of the investigation process of almost any other crime. It just seemed too convenient for me. But I realize that had a personal loved one been involved in this more than as a volunteer, I might have bought into the whole investigation too.

None of this lessens the sheer horror of that day in any way. I watched, as did the rest of the world, as the WTC was hit, first by one plane, and then a second minutes later. I saw the hole they claimed was from a plane, flight 93, and thought, that just doesn’t look right! Where is the wreckage of the plane itself? And I saw the whole left in the Pentagon and thought, where are the wings? Shouldn’t there be something left of the plane if there are bodies? Things just didn’t add up. But the rest of the world seemed satisfied with the results and I just had more questions. So I continue to look at alternative information, unwilling to accept what the government says happened.

So, without further adieu, Here is the article:

Evidence Room: Hijacker’s DNA, FBI Fingerprints

By, Cheri Roberts-Piper MTR News

Stories have been written with headlines stating the FBI had the terrorists’ DNA before the Sept. 11th attacks. The information behind those headlines was rooted in chapter 30 – a two and a half page chapter titled The Terrorists, in the book Who They Were, Inside The World Trade Center DNA Story: The Unprecedented Effort To Identify The Missing by, Robert C. Shaler – Director of the Forensic Biology Dept in the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner (OCME) of New York. The information in chapter 30 briefly and unceremoniously outlines the DNA identification of three of the ten alleged terrorists that flew planes into NYC’s World Trade Center buildings.

The truth movement took bits and pieces from the chapter and came to the conclusion that the FBI already had the terrorists’ DNA before 9-11. While this may ultimately be true, the book in no way said anything like that. Unfortunately the 9-11 Truth movement glommed on to this as if it was ironclad proof of government involvement in the attacks and by perpetuating the unsubstantiated story they harmed the truth movements credibility. More importantly they missed what I believe is the real smoking gun evidence of FBI involvement in the crimes against America and her citizens on Sept. 11, 2001 by way of cover – up and finger pointing after the attacks. Evidence that I believe could be turned into a Federal indictment.

Before I go further, I must make a statement or disclaimer. I do not believe everyone within the walls of the FBI are bad people and I do not believe they were all involved in a conspiracy. However, I do believe there are people within the FBI that not only allowed the attacks to take place, but were a crucial part of the cover – up of the actual events; before, during, and after. I would also like to say that I do not believe the NYC’s Chief Medical Examiner’s Office (OCME) or its Forensic Biology Department were involved in any conspiracy to cover – up a crime however, I do believe they are guilty of negligence. Whether this was because they handled evidence that was believed to be that of the terrorists differently or for some other reason, I do believe they were unknowingly complicit in the misinformation that was manufactured and disseminated to the public.

In this article we will look at DNA technology and identification, evidence protocol, terminology and public statements by both the FBI and the NYC Medical Examiner’s Office (OCME). In doing so I will show how the only known scientific evidence connecting any of the alleged hijackers to the attacks of Sept. 11th in NYC would be inadmissible in any US court of law and therefor should be pulled from any public record of the attacks. Additionally, the American people should be told the truth about the evidence and it’s handling in a clear manner so that they know beyond a shadow of a doubt what they have been told is quite possibly and most probably untrue.

From the onset the US intelligence community was under fire – most predominately the CIA and FBI. Considering this, one must look at what transpired after the attacks and how the FBI played a good CYA game in the public eye. I will not go into the planning or execution of the attacks that point to government involvement. Instead I will take the ball from the time of the attacks forward and show how the FBI took control of the minds of the public by manipulating media information and quite possibly forensic evidence.

Before I can get into the forensics involved, I must set up the basic timeline establishing how the FBI made their case against 19 Arab hijackers to the public:

On Sept. 11, 2001 the FBI began their investigation in the attacks – codename PENTTBOM which stands for ‘Pentagon/Twin Towers Bombing Investigation’:

“Within minutes of these attacks, the FBI’s Command Center, the Strategic Information and Operations Center (SIOC) was operational. SIOC provided analytical, logistical, and administrative support for the teams on the ground in New York, Pennsylvania, and at the Pentagon. A new command center in New York City had to be established because the FBI field office was too close to “ground zero.” Evidence response teams and the FBI’s Disaster Squad were deployed to the crash sites.

Efforts began as a search-and-rescue mission. As days passed, the crash sites became crime scenes, and the tedious process of evidence collection began”.

Two days later, on Sept 13, 2001 the FBI investigated a tip related to a rental car parked at Logan International Airport in Boston. It was reported the FBI found an Arabic-language flight manual and other documents inside the car. They allege they found in these documents a name that matched one name on a passenger list of one of the 9-11 flights, as well as names of other suspects.

The following day on Sept. 14th, 2001 – only three days after the horror we call 9-11, it was the FBI who provided a list of 19 names to the American people. This list was not presented as a list of suspects, innocent until proven guilty. Instead it was presented as fact through the language they used.
The FBI said they were able to identify the 19 hijackers using flight, credit card, banking, and other records.

Then, on Sept. 16, 2001 a statement from Usama bin Ladin, denying any involvement in the attacks was broadcast by Qatar’s Al-Jazeera satellite channel,

“I stress that I have not carried out this act, which appears to have been carried out by individuals with their own motivation,” the statement said..

I found this to be an incredible read and I hope you will find it as informative as I did. Please visit the Author’s site for the rest of the story. Again, I have never found satisfaction in the stories put out by mainstream media. It all seemed too convenient to me. But that is JUST ME. I don’t drink kool-aid.

The package they wrapped for us was promoted by media without regard to evidence, or the scrutiny of evidence gathered. And as we know from hindsight, much of it is false. bush used it as a reason to go to war with Iraq, destabilizing that country, maybe permanently.

My sheer disgust with both media hype and no information content is almost as high as my disgust for the bush administration. I will maintain that the WTC and building 7 were brought down with explosives in a controlled detonation. Yes, planes did hit them, we all saw it. But those buildings were DESIGNED to withstand JUST SUCH AN INCIDENT. The fact that witnesses inside the buildings on the lowest levels heard explosions down there and yet we heard nothing of these testimonies, says volumes.

There WAS a Cover-up! Those responsible are still working for, and a part of, our government. They will never be brought to justice. The American People should be outraged over this incident.


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