Chinese Government Spying, Convicted…

From the Lou Dobbs show last night were several great stories that I will relate here in two different pieces. First, the one done of the Communist Chinese Government caught spying in OUR US Government. This investigation was thorough, I would hope. I’m not as trusting as I once was of things this Government does anymore.

Be that as it may, I’m very glad these people are no longer able to spy for the Chinese Communist Government. From CNN’s Lou Dobbs:


DOBBS: All of mainstream media, this broadcast we’re proud to say is the only one that refers to China as communist China. The other folks in the mainstream media don’t apparently understand who runs China. We do.

And case in point, two new cases tonight of communist Chinese spies operating in this country, a Pentagon official now facing up to 10 years in prison — I said Pentagon official facing up to a decade in prison after pleading guilty to selling U.S. military secrets to China and a former Boeing engineer now charged with selling trade secrets for the Chinese government.

Louise Schiavone has our report.

LOUISE SCHIAVONE, CNN CORRESPONDENT : A guilty plea now from the Pentagon weapon system analystPeople’s Republic of China. Justice officials say Greg Burgerson (ph) played into the hands of communist China in the most classic way.

KENNETH WAINSTEIN, ASST. A.G. FOR NAT’L SECURITY: Complete with traditional elements of spy trade craft, including foreign handlers, payouts, cut out couriers that compromised a government employee. All of which resulted in the penetration of our government’s information security system and the passage of national defense information.

SCHIAVONE: The indictment charges Burgerson conspired with Taiwan born Ti Chan Quo (ph), a naturalized U.S. citizenaccused Chinese spy passing on information about U.S. Taiwan communications and weapon sales, information about the global information grid linking major DOD sites and other classified and unclassified information, all for a few thousand dollars and other gifts. Early this week Burgerson signed a court document asserting, “I hereby stipulate that the above statement of facts is true and accurate“, end quote. Analysts say China’s espionage has been costly.

JOHN TKACIK, HERITAGE FOUNDATION: I do see that there are a lot of very new Chinese weapon systems coming on stream that seem to be based on U.S. designs. How they got those designs, they could have gotten them any number of ways. But human intelligence in the last year seems to be certainly one of the more publicized ways.

SCHIAVONE: In the case of Burgerson, co-conspirator Quo, and a Chinese immigrant were also charged and pleaded not guilty. In a separate indictment, a former Boeing engineer, Don Fen Greg Chung (ph), was accused of stealing trade secrets and collecting U.S. aviation data for China, including information about the space shuttle. Chung has entered a not guilty plea.

SCHIAVONE: Lou, as you said, Burgerson faces up to 10 years in jail. His Taiwan-borne co-conspirator could get life and then all accused of being willing instruments of what analysts believe is the largest and most aggressive espionage operation in the United States — Lou.

DOBBS: And while a number of our elected officials and bureaucrats could be considered as useful fools in the exercise supporting the most amazing momentous transfer of knowledge from one nation to another in history both lawful and as you have documented, unlawful. Louise Schiavone, thank you very much reporting from Washington.

Those just some of the most recent examples of communist China’s extensive spying operations here. Just last week Chinese-borne engineer Chi Mak (ph) was sentenced to 24 years in prison. Mak a naturalized U.S. citizen convicted of conspiring to smuggle sensitive U.S. Navy submarine technology to communist China.

House Speaker Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi calling for President Bush to boycott the opening ceremonies now of the Beijing Olympics. Last week Speaker Pelosi well she was speaking out against a boycott of the Olympics as a whole, but today she said the president should consider skipping at least the opening ceremonies in protest of China’s record on human rights. The White House says the president plans to attend the Olympics.

Pelosi you are worthless! And bush miss a photo op? Are you kidding me? This man would NEVER do the right thing! Give me a break here.

What makes me mad is that with all the things our government is putting the average citizen through, RFID chips, Real ID, airport screenings, etc., this stuff is going on under their noses. It seems to me that if they would secure the borders FIRST, we’d have a lot less of this crap going on. And then Citizens, not naturalized ones, but those born of here in this country for generations, wouldn’t have to be put through all the crap we are being put through. I feel like I’ve awakened in a third world country where all MY freedoms, guaranteed in the Bill of Rights and the Constitution, have been stolen away.

I hope sense comes to later generations and that bush and cheney are found guilty of war crimes and crimes against the American People. If our Congressional leaders weren’t so gutless and spineless we should have impeached their asses by now. They don’t deserve to tarnish that highest office in the United States of America. But this is JustMyTruth


~ by justmytruth on April 2, 2008.

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  1. Another side of story, there are 10 times more spies spent by US to China and other nations. It happens to every country. But I think weaponry secrets should be kept very strictly, I agree with you US need to do more on keeping its secrets, both bad and good.

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