Visions of “The Terminator”

Technology will always advance. That’s a sure thing, unless we blow ourselves off the face of the Earth or cause someone else to do it for us. So, when reading this article, all I could think about was Arnold Schwarzenegger in “The Terminator.” Is this where technology is taking us? Will we be ANY smarter than the Sci-Fi movie story plot people were? I can only hope so. But recent military decisions make me question whether this is justified or not.

I guess I HOPE that we as a society/world at large have grown enough to have this technology, but with men like dubya, I do not believe it at all. He shed no tears over the victims of Katrina. Ignored warnings prior to the storm to take action. He made no effort to cut his vacation short until FORCED to do so. No, I put no faith in those in charge. Men of good decision making ability have seemed to be ousted. Fallen comes to mind, and there have been others. This should be a last resort, not a convenience, just as war should always be a LAST resort. No personal vendetta should ever be allowed to be the reason a country goes to war.


Having said all that, I never want to see another soldier die either. But what kind of war is it if no-one dies. How do you know who wins? Do you see my dilemma? So far these robots are controlled by humans, but technology advances, and it advances quickly. And even if a human is controlling a robot, will this seem more like a video game to the controller? Here, from I bring you this article:

Published on Monday, March 31, 2008 by
Anti-Landmine Campaigners Target War Robots
Campaigners says deploying autonomous murderous robots is not a smart idea
by Jason Mick

A group that has long focused its lobbying efforts on stopping the proliferation of land mines is turning its attention to a surprising new target: war robots. In the first known instance of a non-government group protesting against war robot technology, the London-based charity, Landmine Action, hopes to ban autonomous killing robots in all 150 countries currently bound by the current land mine treaty.

While all machine gun-packing robots currently are human-controlled, the U.S. Department of Defense has expressed interest in deploying autonomous robot warriors onto the battlefield in the near future. Last month DailyTech reported that Noel Sharkey, a robot researcher at Sheffield University, expressed controversial concerns about the ethics of autonomous war robots. He stated that such robots might be capable of “war crimes”.

Sharkey’s speech inspired Landmine Action to take action against the war robots. Richard Moyes, Landmine Action’s director of policy and research, says the fight against autonomous killers is not a policy switch. He says the organization has already fought cluster bombs, which use infrared sensors and artificial intelligence to decide when to detonate. Landmine Action believes that taking the targeting decision out of human hands, and putting it in a machine’s is a deadly one.

Moyes explains, “That decision to detonate is still in the hands of an electronic sensor rather than a person. Our concern is that humans, not sensors, should make targeting decisions. So similarly, we don’t want to move towards robots that make decisions about combatants and noncombatants.”

Yup, visions of “The Terminator” all right. Relentless, autonomous, without fatigue or need for sleep, where will this lead us? Is this what we wish to become? WHY? Because we can? Everyone speaks of God, well what would God say? Isn’t this a tad bit “God-less?” I don’t mean to rant. God for me is a personal journey, not something I often talk about publicly. But I’ve just witnessed my government commit war against another country by telling lies to us and now refusing to bring our troops home and I’m supposed to trust them to do the right thing here? Umm, NO. Sorry, but you already blew my trust quota when you lied about 9/11, then failed in Katrina, not to mention all your failed administrators.

I’ve heard bush threaten, or insinuate, the nuclear war card. I refuse to trust anyone who will even consider this a means to an end. I cannot speak for anyone but myself here, I realize that, but the surreal is far too real at the moment.

I don’t know where this will take us. I don’t have a clue if those in charge have the wisdom to make the right choices if/when the time comes. I have no faith in this administration nor this Congress. I don’t know a lot of things but I keep trying. What are your thoughts?


~ by justmytruth on April 1, 2008.

8 Responses to “Visions of “The Terminator””

  1. Key word being programmed huh? What a good little slave you will be for your masters! How wonderful for you! You must be so proud.

    I’m NOT afraid of you. If the worst you can do to me is kill me then there is nothing at all to fear from you…

  2. Who’s talking about fear? I have not been programed to fear anything. I am telling you a fact. I am that which you write about and as I have said, you know nothing about us. And as for S Packard, we are not to be bought or used. We have been created to enhance the communities and cities.

  3. I suppose you think you are telling me something I don’t already know and are trying to either warn me or scare me. But you are doing neither. Freedom isn’t free, nor is it cheap. Those who cower in fear will find only domination in the end. I choose freedom and the fight for it, whatever comes.

  4. You don’t know anything about real terminators. There are creations all around you that you have no knowledge of. You may find that talkng too much can be dangerous.

  5. Hi Steven,

    Thanks for posting. I could not begin to say what the future holds! The technology moves ahead so quickly! But I do agree that whatever it might be will be reserved for the rich and those the government deems needful to have it.

    Again, thanks for posting!

  6. I fully believe that no later than the year 2100 we will have real bionics equal to the ones in the Six Million Dollar Man and Bionic Woman, ie indistinguishable from real limbs, eyes, and ears without damage and/or a medical exam that will give super strength, speed, and senses. I also think that we will have real Terminators equal to the ones in the movies. However my fear is that bionics and terminator technology will be reserved only for military and police use and the rich who can buy it. The masses will be left with similar medical techology which will not give us the super powers of the the military/police versions. Therefore we will be at ther mercy of military and police bionic operatives and terminators.

  7. Yup, I know the feeling. That’s why it was called Terminator! Visions of unstoppable metal robots killing everything in sight, out of control. We won’t need to worry about Global warming, we’ll just exterminate ourselves.

    I’ll bet that will be convenient for the military if it ever decides to come after the Citizens of this Country…… Really, who needs Canada???

  8. Interesting post!!! It is friggin scary the things this government is considering. I sometimes feel like I’m living in an parallel universe!

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