If Congress Won’t Stem the Flow of Illegals Local Law Will

I don’t watch regular news as there really isn’t any news to it. At best I’ll tune in just in time for the weather. I’m not interested in sports. Want to know why health insurance costs are so high? Just look at sports. But I digress… On the issue of illegal immigrants a good source of news is always Lou Dobbs. He has his eye on EVERYONE! And I enjoy the comments sent to him by viewers.

While California’s Governor Schwarzenegger blames the housing industry for the budget deficit in CA. he has also asked for bush to send out National Guard troops to help with CA border. But, you know bush, never around when you want him. Must sit well with a member of the Kennedy family.

FAIR says education is the largest expenditure, costing the state $7.7 billion. The Center for Immigration Studies, which supports a lower immigration policy, estimate 13 percent of California public school students are illegal aliens or their children.

STEVEN CAMAROTA, CTR. FOR IMMIGRATION STUDIES: California has other problems, not just illegal immigration, but illegal immigration is clearly a significant drain on the state budget. Illegal aliens do pay taxes, just not enough to come close to covering the education and health care and infrastructure costs associated with them.

WIAN: The Congressional Budget Office study concurs, finding the tax revenues that unauthorized immigrants generate for state and local governments do not offset the total costs of services provided to those immigrants.

WIAN: Perhaps that’s one reason Governor Schwarzenegger recently asked President Bush to extend the deployment of National Guard troops on the southern border, a request that has so far gone nowhere — Lou.

DOBBS: As most requests of this administration on anything to do with border security that seems to be their favorite destination. That is nowhere.

Of course, if those requests were answered, bush’s buddies, big business, would be hurt in the pocket, can’t have that now can we? Perhaps we can encourage bush to move to Mexico at the end of his term since he seems to like it/them so much???

On another show, Lou Dobbs ran a discussion about the new database linking federal and local law enforcement together. This would enable officers of either local or federal agencies to identify quickly any illegal immigrant they found for deportation. Here’s the story:

DOBBS: The Department of Homeland Security now says hundreds of thousands of criminal, legal and illegal aliens behind bars as a result of a federal crack down. Immigration and Customs Enforcement is trying to improve efforts to quickly remove those criminals from the country. We also call that deport them, but critics in Congress are, well they’re criticizing the idea.

Louise Schiavone has our report.

LOUISE SCHIAVONE, CNN CORRESPONDENT: The office of Immigration and Customs Enforcement has unveiled a sophisticated plan designed to identify and deport offenders. It would involve linking federal and local law enforcement databases but already ICE finds Congress wincing at the cost.

JULIE MYERS, ICE: This is something we need to do. We need to do it right. We will have to hire more immigration enforcement agents who work in the jails, as well as more deportation officers, more individuals to help fly on the planes and folks throughout the entire immigration removal system.

SCHIAVONE: In a response to the ICE plan, House Homeland Security Subcommittee Chairman David Price (ph) asked specifically about the anticipated two to $3.5 million yearly cost of getting criminal aliens out of the country asking, quote, “why this two to four-fold increase in effort would lead to exponential cost growth”, end quote.

ICE says that Congress has underestimated the cost of the process from beginning to end. Experts say that getting Congress to spend the money required especially in this political year will be a challenge.

JAN TING, TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF LAW: Whether we have the resources and the personnel to do it, which is a function of, frankly, political will, I don’t hear a whole lot of political candidates in this election cycle talking about the importance of immigration law enforcement right now. I think political candidates don’t really like to talk about tough issues, which there isn’t a good sound bite available.

SCHIAVONE: Speaking with reporters, Myers stated flatly the program could not be a success without political support. (justmytruth: and you know there won’t be ANY of that!)

SCHIAVONE: Lou, the dimensions of the challenge and the first ever federal estimate of its kind, the office of Immigration and Customs Enforcement believes that up to 450,000 criminal aliens, both legal and illegal, will be behind bars in the U.S. and in queue for deportation at any one time this year — Lou.

DOBBS: Why do we say legal and illegal? Shouldn’t they be talking about illegal aliens?

SCHIAVONE: This is the interesting thing about it. You can have a green card, you can be in legal status, strictly speaking, but if you are guilty of some violent crime, you are eligible for deportation.

DOBBS: I think the point I would really like to make there is the people who run our prison system don’t make a distinction between illegal and legal immigrants, do they?

SCHIAVONE: This is the problem. They are trying to get the prisons across the country to identify who they have in custody. And what their status is because —

DOBBS: Politically correct idiots don’t have the sense to do that. And until they do acquire that, it’s going to be a very costly process and one that probably deserves the criticism that’s being heaped upon it. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement looking for political support, they can’t even get the support of the leadership of their own department.

That is the Department of Homeland Security. This is one mindless government in operation here on this issue and a host of others, obviously. But I mean, we are asking people to do things whether it’s the border patrol, whether it’s ICE., I mean it is ridiculous the position we’re putting those law enforcement agents in. Louise, thank you very much. Louise Schiavone.

And following right on the heels of this portion of the transcript was the next article which I’m really interested in and totally applaud! However, I’d love to see them go after ALL illegals, not just the criminals. Too bad if you don’t like it. This is America, not Mexico. There is a LEGAL was to immigrate, USE IT or be prepared to leave or be deported. This is OUR country!

I also have a solution for Congress, get us the hell out of Iraq and we will have plenty of money to spend on this project. If you aren’t bleeding this country dry you will have what is needed for THIS COUNTRY! Get a grip FOOLS!

The failure of Congress to crack down on illegal immigration and this president has left, of course, local authorities with no choice but to take action on their own. Officials in Rhode Island and New York tonight are doing what Congress would not do, enforcing immigration laws.

Bill Tucker has our report.

BILL TUCKER, CNN CORRESPONDENT: The governor of Rhode Island is taking on illegal immigration. Thursday, he signed an executive order requiring state agencies and companies doing business with the state to verify the legal status of their employees. The order also mandates that the Rhode Island state police, prison and parole officials move to identify illegal aliens in their jails and turn them over to federal authorities. In Suffern, New York, the mayor has announced that he will seek the same authority to identify illegal aliens among criminal suspects in his jails, turning those identified over to federal authorities. That authority is known as 287-G (ph).

MAYOR JOHN KEEGAN, SUFFERN, NEW YORK: We’re not doing this politically, for any political reason. We’re doing this to have a tool for our police force to use so that being a pro-active police force so that they can keep the community safer.

TUCKER: Advocates for illegal aliens are not happy about the mayor’s decision. At a town meeting Thursday night, the mayor explained it’s not his intention to deport every illegal alien in Suffern, only those who commit serious crimes. The police chief agrees.

CHIEF CLARKE OSBORN, SUFFERN POLICE DEPARTMENT: The only difference is we now have another tool on our belts to go out there and get rid of the ones that are not only victimizing the legal residents but they’re also victimizing the illegals, as well.

TUCKER: The next step is for Suffern to formerly apply for 287-G (ph) authority.

TUCKER: All right, should approval be granted, they will be the first community in New York State to be trained, though the mayor says he doesn’t expect that to happen until maybe September. Those officers would then join the more than 660 other local law enforcement officers who have been trained in immigration enforcement under 287-G across the country, Lou.

DOBBS: Governor Carciera (ph) deserves great commendation to start doing something about an issue that’s going to plague his state irrespective of what anyone says. I mean they have a crisis to deal with.

TUCKER: They do, indeed. And in fact, Lou, he did it by signing an executive order.

DOBBS: Right, an executive order that a lot of governors don’t have the guts to sign, although in all fairness, we are starting to see a lot of states…

TUCKER: We are.

DOBBS: … take action, a lot of communities. Leaving most of the — well, the spineless folks who sit in the United States’ Senate kind of wondering what’s happening in the country around them. I think it’s going to be fascinating and this president — good lord —

TUCKER: Well it’s interesting. What’s happening at the local level, Lou, is they’re doing something and they’re doing it in a tougher fashion than discussed in Washington which is comprehensive immigration reform.

DOBBS: I have to tell you these little silly people sitting in the United States’ Senate and that silly fellow sitting in the White House, talking about stuff as if it had no impact whatsoever on real people every day citizens to whom they have a responsibility. I mean, it is disgusting.

At some point this is going to have to be resolved. And it’s not going to be resolved by this nonsense from Obama and Clinton on comprehensive immigration reform. It’s nice to hear Senator McCain say he’s gotten the message, so we’ll see. You take him at his word. Thank you, Bill Tucker.

With as much talking as McCain is doing while saying nothing, I rather doubt there will be anything there either. But hey, I could be wrong. My faith in ANY of these candidates just doesn’t exist. I haven’t drunk the kool-aid you see. I don’t listen to the hype and blather or watch the pretty pictures. I do read the speeches and they say nothing at all. I look where the money comes from and that is fascinating, but I don’t jump on band wagons and it saddens me to see so many duped. Another four years of the same old same old is guaranteed by any of these candidates. It’s simply disgusting. Our only chance was either Ron Paul or Mike Gravel.

And we wonder WHY America is in the shape she’s in? Too many people sleeping at the wheel. As for the illegals, its getting hotter out there. Do you feel the pressure yet? I sure hope so! One day, we’ll be coming after the illegals that are NOT breaking our laws. Watch and see. This is just your breathing room. I’d take it and move on…….


~ by justmytruth on April 1, 2008.

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