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As if there wasn’t enough evidence against this administration for being out of touch, out to lunch, disconnected from the plight of the average American, here is our Vice President in an interview with Martha Raddatz:

What Dick Cheney Thinks of What You Think

Mar. 19, 2008

The transcript can be found HERE:

In a news article from JustForeignNews, we have this in relation to the video above:

Cheney on Iran
Dan Froomkin,, Thursday, March 20, 2008; 12:46 PM

Remember all those crazy conspiracy theories last week that Cheney’s Middle East trip, coming hard on the heels of Adm. William Fallon’s abrupt resignation, signified that the White House had some sort of plan in the works to attack Iran?

Cheney didn’t quite confirm those theories yesterday – but he said he understood where they were coming from.

[ABC News’s Martha]Raddatz: “Can you foresee any point where military action would be taken? I ask you this because when you come over here, people in the region start thinking you’re over here to plan some sort of military action.”

Cheney: “Well, I suppose that’s because of my past history.”

Raddatz: “Yes, it is. So what would you like to say about that, and Iran?”

Cheney: “Well, I think the important thing to keep in mind is the objective that we share with many of our friends in the region, and that is that a nuclear-armed Iran would be very destabilizing for the entire area.”

Conventional wisdom suggests that whatever military plans Bush and Cheney had in mind for Iran were dealt a death blow in December, after the nation’s intelligence agencies publicly concluded that Iran halted its nuclear weapons program four years ago.

But it’s never been entirely clear whether Bush and Cheney really believed what they were being told – or whether they felt the intelligence community was maliciously sabotaging them.but Cheney avoided a direct answer: Raddatz tried to get at this issue yesterday,

Raddatz: “Do you believe the National Intelligence Estimate, that says they shut down their nuclear program or intentions five years ago?”

Cheney: “I think it’s been – it’s important if you’re going to look at the National International Estimate that we be precise in terms of what it says. And what it says is that they have definitely had in the past a program to develop a nuclear warhead; that it would appear that they stopped that weaponization process in 2003. We don’t know whether or not they’ve restarted… . “

Raddatz: “But do you have high confidence they halted their nuclear weapons program in 2003?”

Cheney: “I have high confidence they have an ongoing enrichment program.”

Raddatz: “But not high confidence they halted it?”

Cheney: “The enrichment program? They’ve never halted enrichment -“

Raddatz: “The nuclear weapons program.”

Cheney: “Well, just go back and look at the National Intelligence Estimate.”

Raddatz: “It says high confidence they halted their nuclear weapons program in 2003.”

Cheney: “And high confidence that they had a nuclear weapons program.”

Apparently Cheney can’t understand the difference between past tense and present tense. Perhaps someone should educate him???? I think if someone is going to hold such a high office it really is important that they understand basic English!

Raddatz: “Right. But I’m specifically asking if you have high confidence, yourself, when you read that intelligence that that in fact happened in 2003?”

Cheney: “I think it’s important, again, to be precise, in terms of what we’re talking about.”

Raddatz: “I’m trying to be precise.

The obvious conclusion: The intelligence finding didn’t conform to his views, so he doesn’t put much stock in it.

And there you have it, it doesn’t matter what the conclusions are, the president and vice president want war with Iran so they are going to try to make us believe what THEY determine is the truth despite what the EVIDENCE concludes. They don’t care what you and I feel, they don’t care what the evidence points to, they just haven’t figured out how to spin it yet. Take your spin and shove it where the sun don’t shine Cheney!

So, let’s take a look at the different kinds of plutonium and how they work. I honestly had no idea that this was so complicated and I’m only showing you an excerpt from the web page I found. You can view it HERE:

Because of the preference for relatively pure plutonium-239 for weapons purposes, when a reactor is used specifically for creating weapons plutonium, the fuel rods are removed and the plutonium is separated from them after relatively brief irradiation (at low “burnup”). The resulting “weapons-grade” plutonium is typically about 93 percent plutonium-239.

Such brief irradiation is quite inefficient for power production, so in power reactors the fuel is left in the reactor much longer, resulting in a mix that includes more of the higher isotopes of plutonium. In the United States, plutonium containing between 80 and 93 percent plutonium-239 is referred to as “fuel-grade” plutonium, while plutonium with less than 80 percent plutonium-239 — typical of plutonium in the spent fuel of light-water and CANDU reactors at normal irradiation — is referred to as “reactor-grade” plutonium.

All of these grades of plutonium can be used to make nuclear weapons. The only isotopic mix of plutonium which cannot realistically be used for nuclear weapons is nearly pure plutonium-238, which generates so much heat that the weapon would not be stable. (International rules require equal levels of safeguards for all grades of plutonium except plutonium containing more than 80 percent plutonium-238, which need not be safeguarded.)

So my question would be, which type of plutonium does Iran have? And if they have stopped experimenting with the weapons grade plutonium, why bother them? What is wrong with Cheney and bush? Are they mad?

Every single bit of information I can find says that Iran stopped trying to enrich plutonium.

National Intelligence Team: Iran Stopped Nuclear Weapons Program in 2003

U.S. report: Iran halted nuclear weapons drive in 2003

US finds no Iran bomb program
Nuclear effort ended in 2003, report says

U.S. Finds Iran Halted Its Nuclear Arms Effort in 2003

And the list goes on and on and on. Take your pick they all say basically the same thing. I’m sure bush is just hopping mad that he can’t find a smoking gun somewhere and will do everything he can to manufacture one. he’s good at doing that. We’ve already seen him in action a few times these last few years. It makes me mad that young men and women are dying for nothing basically over in Iraq and it won’t stop as long as we are there. We need to bring our troops home and screw the consequences to bush’s face! Over 4,000 Americans dead already. 23,491 officially wounded in some way. Not to mention the scars on their minds. How can we let this continue?

bush and cheney are insane and need to be gotten rid of. They need to be impeached and war crimes tribunal held for crimes against American citizens as well as crimes against Iraqis. This is no longer any joking matter.


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