Ricin Poisin Found, Positively Identified

This article comes courtesy of a comment left by a reader. Now, I was very ill yesterday with a fever and just couldn’t get to the computer. Don’t know where the fever came from either as I felt totally fine in the early morning and then suddenly tired about 9:30. I layed down and that was all I remember until the guys came to deliver groceries. After that I was out again until just before my roommate got home. So, if I didn’t OK your comment in a timely manner, it wasn’t that it wasn’t a good comment, simply that I wasn’t ABLE to.

I’m going to include the articles here only because things have a way of disappearing off the internet. Something like this should NOT be able to. I’m wondering exactly WHY no other News Agencies picked this one up? Were they told not to? Are the media so owned that something like this can go unreported to the rest of us? This is a deadly poison. Or could it be that this is so absurd that it could only be dreamed up in some government office?

Chilling Thoughts Amid Questionable Circumstances
By Cheri Roberts-Piper MTR News

A few days ago authorities found and positively identified the deadly poison Ricin in a Las Vegas hotel room. A man lies silently in a coma in some desert hospital unable to tell anyone how he became ill. He is said to have been at the hospital since Valentines Day when he called an ambulance due to respiratory distress.

With an unconscious witness/victim/homegrown terrorist the police were able to find evidence in the hotel room that is too convenient to be true. Let’s look at the time line of the story first, because it makes no sense, but is told in the style of Rumsfeld so that it isn’t immediately apparent it makes no sense.

Authorities say that on Sat Feb 22 a friend or relative of the rooms occupant reported to the hotel that there are pets left in the sick mans room.

So first off we are to believe that pets had been left unattended and unnoticed in the room for 10 whole days! One of the animals, a dog was found dead. How long had the dog been dead? How many more animals were in the room and what kind were they? How did they survive unheard all that time? A hungry animal would be howling and whining. Surely in a hotel that would have been heard by someone.

Then we are told that on Tues. Feb 26 the hotel’s management notified police they found “weapons” in the room.

Tuesday? If the friend reported the animals Fri the 23rd why is it the “weapons” were not discovered until five days later? A Las Vegas hotel room left untouched over a weekend let alone for 5 whole days? A room whose occupant lay dying in a hospital due to Ricin poison. People in and out of the room to take the dead dog out, to remove the other unknown number of animals and to clean.

Call me a conspiracy theorist, but according to Capt. Joseph Lombardo

“Firearms and an anarchist type textbook” were found in the room.

He said at a news conference late Friday Feb 29 that the book was marked where there was information about Ricin. However test results on those items were negative for the substance.

Police also said they “found castor beans possibly used to make the substance (Ricin)”.

An “anarchist type textbook”? What the hell is that? Can someone say “HR1955”?

“Firearms”? Ok, that could be believable enough, but castor beans?

Then on Thurs. Feb 28 the friend goes back to the hotel room to retrieve the sick mans belongings where he finds two vials of a “substance” that tests positive for Ricin. Authorities don’t know if they missed finding the vials when they searched the room two days before or even how long the vials had been in the room. They do not know if the man in the coma has any connection to the Ricin, but they know that Ricin is what has made him ill.

So now we have police allowing a man they can only identify as a “friend OR relative” back into the room to contaminate the potential crime scene and to possibly carry away evidence from a potential crime scene?

Are you kidding me?

This is propaganda at it’s stupidest. The DHS, FBI, CIA, DOJ, and the Bush administration have been priming the American mind to accept the possibility of a Ricin attack for years. The administration is under fire more then ever, there is a supposed tell-all book coming out of former White House Press Secretary Scott McClellen in April, Impeachment IS on the table and so is war with Iran and/or Syria. The election they hope to steal is still too far away to help and they have KBR detainment camps at the ready.

Are We that stupid? Don’t we smell the set up here? This is just like how they set up 19 Arab hijackers and Muslims around the world after 9/11. They are using the same play book. Remember the unharmed and in tact passport of Mohammad Atta – alleged Sept. 11th hijacker? You know the one that was discovered in the rubble of the WTC where everything else was pulverized dust? And that passport fit so nicely with the flight manuals, Koran and other items that were stumbled upon in some other hotel room in those first days after the attack.

This isn’t about 9/11. It’s about the fear and the anger and the suspicion we felt as a people on and after 9/11. It’s about terrorism and governments. It’s about fraud, deception, and false flags. It’s about pride and survival. It’s about me and it’s about you. It’s about our way of life and even our very lives.

And damn it, it’s about time.

It’s time now to talk with a more serious tone – a tone that is like that of our president when he says,

“Yer either with us or yer against us”. (bush speech)

It’s time to be focused, bolder, and stronger that’s true, but it’s also about a different kind of time. It’s about the time that we may not have left. And maybe in the context of that kind of time we can get busy so that we may become focused, bolder, and stronger in order to survive…and win.

What are we up against here and what truly is at stake? And then, more emphatically what do we do?

It’s time.

I like this writer! It’s about time we had someone in the news media saying it like it is. I can’t tell you just how refreshing I find this! I’m so tired of watching the news only to hear the exact same sound bites coming out of each station, and with cable that is a lot of sound bites! What is really funny/strange though is that all the links in the authors article now don’t work and they all go back to Yahoo News. Something smells funny. Maybe the press didn’t come off the way they wanted it to?

Ricin Man, Part 3

By Cheri Roberts-Piper MTR News

On Thursday March 13th authorities announced that an Officer involved in the investigation of the Las Vegas Ricin incident tested positive for small amounts of Ricinine or Ricidine found in his system. Ricinine is an alkaloid (3-cyano-4-methoxy-N-methyl-2-pyridone) that shares a common plant source with Ricin, and its presence in the system infers Ricin exposure. However, the alkaloid substance is extracted from the seeds of the castor plant and does not derive directly from Ricin.

KTNV News in Nevada reportedly identified the Officer as Jim Mitchell and he is said to have no symptoms of Ricin poisoning. The Officer was one that arrived on the scene to search a Las Vegas hotel room on Feb. 26th – weeks after it’s occupant – who is believed to be suffering from Ricin exposure, called 911 on Valentines Day. Bergendorff had been transported to a local hospital for respiratory distress. He was reported to have fallen into a coma after arrival and remained so for many weeks although family members have reported differently and have said Bergendorff was merely heavily sedated.

Some people who read/see/hear the news on the Las Vegas Ricin case will feel a shiver of fear and then file it away in their “terrorists are out to get me” box, and some will pay little attention at all, but I urge the reader to look further into the known details of this case and the discrepancies and omissions I point out in today’s update as well as in two previous articles found HERE and HERE.

There have been no press reports stating where or when the poison was made. A home and storage unit in Utah along with the room in Las Vegas had been searched and all tested locations tested negative for any traces of Ricin. Officers themselves didn’t find the Ricin vials in the room when they searched the hotel room on Feb. 26th.

This begs the question of how and where Officer Mitchell was exposed to Ricinine and if there really is any link to this case at all. Something to take into consideration at this point is the fact there has been no mention of the three animals that were found in Bergendorff’s hotel room having been exposed to or ill from Ricin or Ricinine. It is not mentioned whether they had even been tested for exposure. These animals had gone unattended for nine days in Bergendorff’s Las Vegas hotel room where castor beans were found as well as the vials of the poison itself. Because animals remain low to the ground where any poison in the air would have settled one must wonder why we have heard nothing about them being tested. Animals are highly susceptible to Ricin poisoning and are routinely used by governments and scientists around the world to study and test the affects of Ricin. It is unclear why there is no reporting on this fact with regard to the animals considering the new reports of the Officer’s alleged exposure.

Another news report states the wife of this officer was “scared to death” when she heard the news that she too must be tested. Why -after a month since possible exposure by the Officer who is showing no ill affects, would the wife be “scared to death”? A simple Google search on Ricin proves she has nothing to worry about.

Additionally it is reported the Officer tested positive for Ricinine – which is derived from castor beans, but NOT derived from Ricin itself. The castor beans found in the hotel room themselves could not harm unless they were chewed and ingested. The likelihood of the Officers’ wife being exposed is extremely slim and even though the possibility warrants testing, the reporting by the press on her being “scared to death” was irresponsible considering they did not clarify to the public that Ricin poisoning is not contagious and further, according to the CDC,

Person-to-person transmission through casual contact has not been reported and although Ricin may adhere to clothing or be present on surfaces, there is low potential for transmission via contact with contaminated clothing or contaminated surfaces”, and

“ People who were not present where the Ricin was found are not likely to have been exposed at levels high enough to negatively affect their health”.

Sounds like someone was trying to scare the hell out of us huh? Yup, I’d say so. Good thing this reporter wasn’t that stupid and DOES think and didn’t let the press get away with fear mongering. I did check out KTNV and I did find their reports on the racin poisoning. They can be found HERE: There are quite a few of them. Enjoy! If you can’t find them from the link I gave you, simply do a search for racin.  The second article goes into HR 1955.

Now, for the scary part watch this video:

YouTube – Freedom of Speech and H.R. 1955 pt. 1

Here is the bill for you to examine: H.R.1955 If there was ANYTHING to be afraid of, it is this bill. The terms and definitions are far too broad and sweeping. We need to have this bill repealed!


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    please pass it around.

    Evidence Room: Hijacker’s DNA, FBI Fingerprints

  2. You are MOST welcome! I found them to be incredibly refreshing, not the media hype and blather that usually reaches us. Please keep up the great job and let me know if you find any more good stuff. Thank you!

  3. Thank you for posting my stories.

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