Door’s Open, Come On In…


I don’t know why I was surprised at this. Still, I nearly had to pick my jaw up off the floor when I saw this on Lou Dobb’s Show. I just couldn’t believe it. I guess there are things that just don’t come to mind when you think of Government Outsourcing. Here is the story:

New evidence tonight that our government is putting expediency ahead of national security once again. The State Department is outsourcing the manufacturer of American passports to foreign countries and at the same time doing little or nothing to enforce visas into the United States. It always seems to get just better and better.

Louise Schiavone has our report.


LOUISE SCHIAVONE, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): New findings about passport security breaches and visa over stakes are raising red flags about national security. “The Washington Times” reports batches of blank passports have been shipped to several countries, including the Netherlands, Israel and Germany and then on to Thailand for processing.

MICHAEL CUTLER, FORMER INS AGENT: Would they do this with money that’s being minted in the United States or being printed in the United States? The passport is as vital a document as is our currency. This should never been outsourced to any foreign company. This should be done by the American government.

SCHIAVONE: The outsourcing decision was made by the Government Printing Office, which the report states reaped huge profits in over charges to the State Department. GPO says it couldn’t find a U.S. company capable of assembling the latest state of the art passports and that perceived profits were due to accounting procedures and GPO says, “The materials are moved via a secured transportation means including armored vehicles.”

And if you believe that I have some beach-front property for you here in Phoenix! They want us to trust them with Real ID and force us to get a National Driver’s License? Ya know, call me stupid, but somehow I’m not seeing the security in all this. Either they are smoking something they shouldn’t be, or it is just more incompetence in government under george walker bush.

Meanwhile, a former U.S. consular officer has just completed a report on visa violations noting various estimates that a quarter to half of the nation’s 12 million-plus illegal immigrants are visa overstays, also…

DAVID SEMINARA, FORMER FOREIGN SERVICE OFFICER: Also does not quantify the huge amounts of foreign nationals that come to the U.S. with tourist visas and work illegally and come back and forth to the United States from their countries and work illegally in the U.S. for several months per year.

SCHIAVONE: Cleared through by time-pressured consular officials after what he says are on average two to three-minute interviews.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The way that those consular officials have to process the applications for visa, it’s kind of like Lucy at the Bonbon factory.

SCHIAVONE: The State Department would not comment on the visa overstay issue.


SCHIAVONE: But Lou on the matter of overseas passport assembly the State Department insists there’s nothing to fear. However Congress is asking for a full accounting of what passport components are made overseas and whether that could threaten national security — Lou.

DOBBS: Well if there’s nothing to fear, why should there be any concern about the fact that one of the principal firms involved in this had its technology stolen by the communist Chinese?

SCHIAVONE: That’s right. SmartTrac in Thailand pled a case at The Hague last year that the Chinese had in fact stolen its patented technology. So this is an issue that has lots of potential for violating national security.

DOBBS: You know the question becomes, if the State Department is outsourcing visas and if the State Department is outsourcing passports, if the State Department can’t get much of anything else done around the world, I mean why do we have a State Department? Even their briefings by their spokesmen are boring nonevents with very little information?

SCHIAVONE: We asked this question, Lou, and you know what our answer is — no comment.


DOBBS: Brilliant. Thank you very much, Louise Schiavone.

I feel like I’m banging my head against a brick wall here. Is there ANY intelligence in the bush administration at all? Is there any common sense down that chain of command? How incompetent do you have to be before someone pulls the plug? Before someone says “Hey this guy just isn’t in touch with reality, nor is his administration.”

I know I’m not the only one outraged at this administration. There are 2 million viewers for Lou Dobbs each day, myself being one of them. And you wouldn’t be a Lou Dobbs fan if you didn’t agree with what he talks about, would you? So I know I’m not alone here. Trouble is, we all have our pet projects and groups we belong to that don’t come together in a cohesive group large enough to be felt and dealt with. Somehow, someway, we have to change that BEFORE this imbecile gets us into a 3rd World War. Like picking a fight with Iran. bush was already warned about Iraq. I don’t think the Middle East will stand for any more meddling from the United States over there.

We the People need to start really watching our Government and taking it back again. Those we have placed our faith in have misled us. ALL of them.


~ by justmytruth on March 27, 2008.

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