Is Barack Obama’s Ship Sinking Fast?


Looks like the race issue was only the beginning of Barack Obama’s problems. Meanwhile, Clinton is being very quiet. Was she actually that smart or is it we are being diverted from looking into Her campaign further? And yes, I really am the suspicious sort who says,”Why is all this coming to light now? Does Hillary have anything to do with it???”

From NewsWithViews:


Posted 1:00 AM Eastern
by Jim Kouri
March 22, 2008
© 2008

There is a far-reaching scandal brewing for presidential hopeful Sen. Barack Obama, thanks to a radio talk show host based in Oregon. Syndicated talk show host Laurie Roth’s revelations make the news story about Obama’s relationship with a racist, anti-American pastor look like child’s play.

A top official at the Pentagon during former-President George H. W. Bush’s Administration and a former CIA intelligence officer maintain that Barack Obama and former Weather Underground honcho William Ayers funneled money to Professor Rashid Khalidi, a known terrorist sympathizer.

Khalidi serves on the faculty of Columbia University in New York and is best known as the professor who invited Iranian President Ahmedinejad to visit Columbia University after he finished his speech at the United Nations. According to confidential sources, Khalidi has direct ties to the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO), a group on the US State Department’s list of known terrorist groups.

“One source for this information was once a top military figure in the 1990s. He doesn’t take making allegations lightly. If he says something happened, believe me, it happened,” said syndicated radio talk show host Laurie Roth.

“Another source is a former agent for the Central Intelligence Agency, who is an expert in counter terrorism,” said Roth, who broke the story on her show Friday night.

“I certainly don’t want to demonize someone because they are a woman, black or liberal running for President. I love the idea that in our culture, a black and woman can now run. However, it does matter to me with any candidate, their consistency with good judgment, their voting record, their association with people with questionable backgrounds and commitment to our country,” she said during her show. To listen to Laurie Roth’s 3-21-08 show click here.

Here are the connections as described by very reliable sources, who possess impressive military, national security and intelligence backgrounds:

Allison Davis, who hired the young Obama into his small, Chicago law firm Davis, Miner, and Barnhill in 1993, left the firm in late 1999-2000 and became a housing developer. Davis went into business with Tony Rezko, the indicted businessman who’s scheduled to go on trial for corruption in Illinois, and who was a major fund-raiser for Obama.

Davis met Rezko when he was a client of Davis, Miner, and Barnhill. Rezko is currently under indictment in Illinois for demanding kickbacks from companies seeking state government business contracts under Governor Blagojevich. Obama was identified as one of the politicians cited in the indictment as having received political contributions from Rezko out of his kickback funds.

Tony Rezko hosted fundraising events for Obama in his home and was on Obama’s US Senate campaign finance committee which collected $14 million for his campaign against conservative Alan Keyes, an African-American who served as an Ambassador during the Reagan Administration. In order to avoid a scandal during his presidential campaign, Obama returned $85,000 that Rezko and his family had donated to him.

In early 2000, while Obama served as a state senator in Illinois, he also sat on the board of the nonprofit Woods Fund. The Woods Fund is a Chicago-based foundation that claims its primary mission is to make financial grants in order to increase and/or create opportunities for disadvantaged people and low-income communities.

The chairman of the Woods fund board in 2000 was Howard Stanback, who like Obama also had connections to Davis, according to the reliable sources.

Davis submitted a grant request to the Woods Foundation for a $1 million investment in his development partnership, Neighborhood Rejuvenation LP, that would be used to finance low-income senior-citizen housing. Under normal circumstances, a board member is supposed to recuse himself or herself from decisions where they have a business or personal relationship.

Obama, who did not recuse himself, voted to approve Davis’ grant request. Stanback, on the other hand, abstained from voting. The housing project, which also received a $5.7 million loan from the city of Chicago, in turn donated almost $70,000 in political contributions to Obama’s presidential campaign.

In the past, Rezko gave Obama — who served as an Illinois State Senator — his first two political contributions in 1995, $1,000 each from two of his companies. In 1998, State Senator Obama wrote letters to city and state officials urging them to fund a Davis-Rezko housing project. It was an obvious quid pro quo arrangement.

Another major fund raiser for Obama is William Ayers, who also sat on the board of the Woods Fund with Obama and is a professor at the University of Chicago.

Bill Ayers, along with his wife Bernadine Dohrn, was an active member of the Weather Underground, a radical left-wing group that advocated violence against the United State. Both Ayers and Dohrn went “underground” in 1970 after others in the group accidentally detonated a bomb in a Greenwich Village (New York City) townhouse. The blast killed three of the group’s members including Ayers’ girlfriend at the time.

While Ayers and Dohrn were hiding from law enforcement, the Weather Underground participated in the bombings of the US Capital, the Pentagon and a State Department building. In 1981 Ayers and Dohrn turned themselves in to federal authorities, but all charges were dropped as a result of alleged “government legal misconduct.” In his 2001 memoir, Ayers wrote, “I don’t regret setting the bombs. I feel we didn’t do enough.”

Ayers and Dohrn are known to have held at least one fundraiser for Barack Obama in their Chicago home.

During Obama’s last year on the board of The Woods Fund (2002), he participated in awarding grants, including a $70,000 grant to the Arab American Action Network, a Chicago-based group founded by Rashid and Mona Khalidi.

In another suspected quid pro quo arrangement similar to those with Ayers and Rezko, Rashid Khalidi also held a fundraising event in his home for Barack Obama.

In the Middle East, Rashid Khalidi was known as a man to be reckoned with. From 1972 through 1983, Khalidi was the director in Beirut of the official Palestinian press agency, FAFA. His wife worked there as well.

According to sources, when the Khalidi’s left Chicago for Columbia University in New York, Rashid was honored with the Edward Said Chair in Arab Studies at that Ivy League university. Their goodbye party in Chicago included testimonials from Bill Ayers and Barack Obama.

“What other fund raising connections does Obama have? How many times can you look the other way in church and with fund raising situations with more than questionable people?” asked Ms. Roth.

“We all make mistakes in judgment with people and their backgrounds sometimes, but usually we learn and pick better friends and associates. How come Obama seems to have continued hanging around more than questionable characters with anti American backgrounds and some with criminal behaviors? Now one is being indicted, Tony Rezco, who raised a ton of money for Obama,” she said.

As President, how much would he look the other way when dealing with national security and dangers to our country? How much would he listen passively to terrorist leaders then lecture us on our ugly American status? This kind of change is not what our country needs!” added the popular talk show host, whose show is syndicated by USA Radio Network.

In a related story, during an interview on Thursday morning (March 20) with Black Panther leader Malik Zulu Shabazz, Fox News Channel viewers learned that Shabazz’ group endorsed and supported Senator Barack Obama for President of the United States. Even on Fox — an organization wrongly accused of being “conservative” — the interviewers were careful in their questioning of Shabazz, a recognized racist and anti-American radical.

The New Black Panther Party leader proudly announced on Fox News that his organization endorsed Obama for President.

“While some people may say that Barack Obama has no control over who endorses him, he should have control over what endorsements are posted on his websites,” said Laurie Roth, who, besides hosting a popular talk show, is a regular columnist for

“The endorsement of the New Black Panther Party was posted on Barack Obama’s website. Why was this tolerated unless Barack Obama wanted their endorsement? If he does not want their endorsement, how much control over his staff is he going to have once he’s elected President?” asks Mike Baker.

The New Black Panther Party is openly anti-White, anti-Jewish, and anti-America. After Obama’s Tuesday damage-control speech, his campaign pulled the Black Panthers’ endorsement story off their website.

It’s also been reported that Obama’s campaign staff was allowed to fly a Che Guevara flag inside his office, according to NewsMax.

“Do these revelations demonstrate a pattern of Barack Obama’s judgment? If so, then I do not want him dealing with world leaders. I do not want these groups having access to the White House. Do you?” asks the New Jersey-based political strategist.

“It appears the Barack Obama water carriers within the mainstream news media are on the job as usual — ignoring another story that has the alternative media on the Internet buzzing: Obama’s embracement of an endorsement by the radical, racist organization,” Baker added.

To contact Laurie Roth 509-701-1884

© 2008 – – All Rights Reserved
For radio interviews regarding this article:

Talk about self sabotage! Knowing that reporters LOVE to dig stuff up, did Obama really believe that all of this was for his own good? I cannot wait to see what the Obama Spin doctor’s have to say on this one. Should be an interesting read.

I’d also like to point out that the involvement of the CIA and Military personnel are highly suspicious also. WHY don’t they want Obama elected? Because that is the ONLY logical conclusion to come to in light of this story. What has Obama done recently that would turn both these agencies against him? Further investigation is needed here I think. Anyone up for it?


~ by justmytruth on March 25, 2008.

9 Responses to “Is Barack Obama’s Ship Sinking Fast?”

  1. OK, did I just get stoned or did you? I didn’t mention Larry Sinclair once in that article. The talk show host I mentioned was Laurie Roth. Next time please read the article before you decide to comment off the top of your head. These were NOT made up facts. This article was from back in March…

  2. Larry Sinclair has thus far failed to produce a single viable piece of evidence. Is it any wonder nobody in the mainstream media wants to risk their career and credibility covering this farce?

    Legally and morally, the burden is on Sinclair to prove his allegations, not on Obama to disprove them. Larry Sinclair knows this, but he is banking (quite literally) on the fact that the court of public opinion operates quite differently than a court of law, and isn’t making any substantial effort to prove his accusations. He knows that it’s hard to prove you DIDN’T do something, and is rallying the ignorant under this pretense to send him contributions (and any other number of other ‘fundraising’ activities of questionable legality).

    I’ve been trying to get Mr. Sinclair to response to questions on his blog (simple ones, like “If you think Obama’s phone records would prove you right, why don’t you provide your phone records, they should work just as well, right?” ), but the blog is so heavily moderated that not one single real question can get through, and apparently even his own worshipers are now having a hard time posting due to overaggressive comment deletion.

    I know several people who’ve tried to ask questions of Mr. Sinclair, but that is apparently not allowed on his blog, despite the fact that his blog clearly states “You may comment on any post, regardless of your position. However, please note that any and all abusive, threatening and vulgar comments and emails will result in your user name, email address and IP address being posted regardless and without the posters permission. You have been warned.” .

    Small wonder, huh? The guy who wants to force Obama to answer his questions will not answer anyone else’s 🙂

    I personally would love it if someone in the media just exposed this guy for the fraud he is. I’d watch that episode for certain, and I’m sure the advertisers would be well pleased by the number of viewers 😉

  3. I think Rev. Wright has just doomed Obama today anyways and we will not have to be concern about everything which there are many. Obama is not fit to be president of this great nation!

  4. Do you have links for any of this?

  5. Jim Mackey, the F.B.I. is all over this, but the f.b.i. and the c.i.a. do not report to the media with on going investigations, they have to wait like everybody else for indictments and trial dates. It has been reported in the Sun-times, and on 60 Minutes ‘State of Corruption’ about a war profiteering company seeking the help of Obama and Blagojevich, involving some dark charactors such as, Al Sammarae, Auchi, Danil T. Frawley, Rezko, and Mahru. Although I do agree with the fact the main steam media has ignored all of these stories for reasons unknown.

  6. Ok, so give me a hint here, where would I look for your post? You really have me curious but not wanting to spend all day on searches. Please?

  7. I know there is a lot of controversy about Larry Sinclair and his allegations. Have you looked at the Illinois Senate record for November 4 1999? Read my post on this.

  8. Apparently some people can’t read. This isn’t MY article except that I posted it and made comments on it. Did you even listen to the radio show? The link is in the article. Nor is this innuendo and supposition. The facts came from CIA and Military personnel, I did not make them up.

    Thank you for your comment.

  9. If as you say is true where is your proof..that silver bullet and why haven’t the entire media jumped all over this, the FBI, CIA, everyone involved in intelligence agencies and they would have know about this a long time ago and Senator Obama would have been in trouble..Once again you come up with inferences, guilt by associations, inneuendo and flatout lies. Maybe you all need to look into Hillary Clinton’s Hsu ties in china to her and his over 250k campaign gift?? It seems you all hate Obama so much you would smear him to get McClain or clinton elected..sounds like a plan from all you swiftboaters once again.

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