The Illegal Immigrant Flood Is Slowing Down?

For the first time in many, many years we have reports that the economy is affecting illegal immigration. Seems that the illegals don’t want to come to some place where the law is getting tough and the jobs are getting scarce. I was tickled to hear it.

CNN’s Lou Dobbs did a story tonight on just this issue. It is the first time in longer than I can remember that some GOOD news came out about illegals. Course, that doesn’t mean those that are here are in a hurry to vacate, but if the crack-down on employers continues, the jobs will dry up.

If these illegals are worried about their families being broken up, I suggest they all move back to Mexico NOW, not wait until one or both parents wind up being arrested. I don’t like seeing families busted apart, but I’m not interested in this economy taking on any more mouths to feed.

One has to wonder exactly WHY they can’t stand Mexico though. If they love their country so much, enough so that they are willing to stick out like a sore thumb because they won’t learn OUR language, why not stay in Mexico? Maybe they don’t have all the money in the world, but if you have family, land, etc., seems like that is all anyone needs.

Instead the Mexican President is shouting at every other country to take his people in, feed them, clothe them, open the borders, etc. Something smells to high heaven here. Seems like he should take care of his people FIRST instead of demanding every other country do something! SHEESH!

So, back to Lou Dobbs and the article:

Up next here, illegal alien crossing from Mexico have fallen. Casey Wian will have the surprising news for us — Casey.

CASEY WIAN, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Lou, there is strong evidence that fewer illegal aliens are crossing our nation’s southern border. Improved border security has helped. That’s only part of the story. We’ll have details coming up.

DOBBS: Casey, thank you very much. Looking forward to that.

(COMMERCIAL BREAK)DOBBS: The number of illegal aliens crossing into this country from Mexico appears to be declining. However, the federal government is quick to take credit for the drop. Many say the troubled state of our economy now is the real reason. There are simply fewer opportunities for those who enter this country illegally now to find work.

Casey Wian has our report.

(BEGIN VIDEOTAPE)WIAN (voice-over): The Department of Homeland Security says apprehensions of illegal aliens near the nation’s borders fell 18 percent the last three months of 2007 from the same period a year earlier. DHS says the drop is the result of 3,000 new border patrol agents, the deployment of the National Guard on the southern border, more fencing, and better technology. But a sociologist at the University of California in San Diego says that’s only part of the story.

THOMAS JIMENEZ, UNIV. OF CALIF. SAN DIEGO: We have seen a downturn in the American economy. A drying up of jobs where migrants, undocumented (illegals) migrants concentrate, like construction, like service sector jobs. When those jobs dry up, people are going to be less likely to cross because the economic incentive to come declines.

WIAN: Mexico’s government says the number of its citizens planning to leave the country to seek work mostly in the United States plunged nearly 60 percent from early 2005 to the end of last year. Mexican officials and others say a growing number of illegal aliens are choosing to self-deport, voluntarily leave the United States because of scarcer job opportunities and stricter enforcement of immigration law in places like Arizona.

ROY BECK, NUMBERSUSA: Sort of the bad news that keeps coming across illegal aliens in this country about the tightening enforcement plus the worsening economy, all of that is working together to drive a lot of illegal aliens out of this country.

WIAN: Legal and illegal immigrants also appear to be sending less money home. Remittances to Mexico dropped six percent in January, the sharpest decline in 13 years.


WIAN: A Customs and Border Protection spokesman agrees that the economy is playing a part in the decline of illegal border crossings. He also points out however that apprehensions have fallen for nearly two and a half years. He says that clearly shows border security efforts are one of the most important factors — Lou.

DOBBS: Casey, thank you very much. Casey Wian.

All I can say is there is good news after all about the state of the economy! A 60% reduction in illegals crossing? Yea! If this is what it takes to see the back-side of these people, so be it. American jobs need to be for Americans.

No-one is saying that if you want to be a citizen you can’t be one, you can, and I’m all for it. What I am against is these ILLEGALS that think they can come in here whenever they please and take jobs that may be needed by Americans. Employers shouldn’t be able to outsource the way they do when there are good people here ready to work. And speaking of this, Lou did another piece about employers just a few minutes later. Americans don’t leave when the going gets rough!

Construction, one of the industries popular among illegal aliens seeking work in this country. A nationwide building company tonight stands accused of hiring illegal alien workers and passing them off as independent contractors.

The New Jersey Counsel of Carpenters filing the lawsuit charging that Texas-based D.R. Horton has been fully aware that a subcontractor hired illegal aliens on a New Jersey building project and paid them less than prevailing wages. D.R. Horton declined comment, citing company policy not to comment on pending litigation.

Also corporate elites in this country, they’re on a hiring spree, but they’re hiring foreign workers.

Ya gotta love Texas. After all, they gave us bush and Halliburton! Yup, lots of good things come out of Texas! ‘Course, they gave us Ron Paul too!

Well American workers won’t benefit from corporate America’s rush to hire high-technology workers. Companies instead are looking overseas for filling those job openings. And the deadline for H1B visa applications just a week away. Companies are competing for some 65,000 visas. The program has been ripe with abuse. This year, the government says it’s doing something about that.

Louise Schiavone has our report.


LOUISE SCHIAVONE, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): Bad news for companies trying to beat the government’s worker visa lottery system. The old tricks won’t fly. Duplicate applications from one company for the same person, for the same job, no matter how much money that company has paid in application fees, will be denied.

It’s a step in the right direction, says a U.S. technology workers group that charges that many businesses use the H1B visa mostly to import cheaper foreign workers.

KIM BERRY, PROGRAMMERS GUILD: The economy is slowing down. Anything having to do with the mortgage or lending sectors is laying off workers. Citibank has laid off a lot of workers, including computer programmers. This is the wrong time to be bringing in more workers.

SCHIAVONE: In 2007, U.S. immigration fielded 120,00065,000 slots. The winners determined by a computerized random draw. Last year alone, 500 duplicate applications were filed to increase the change of winning. Now duplicates will be rejected and a $320 filing fee won’t be returned. applications for At the same time, reform efforts are underway in Congress.

SEN. CHARLES GRASSLEY (R), IOWA: We ought to make sure that we have reform of H1B so any company that wants to look at H1Bs first has to show that they made a good faith effort to hire American workers.

SCHIAVONE: In addition to the 65,000 H1B visas currently offered, 20,000 additional visas are available for foreign-born students with U.S. graduate degrees.

But a spokesman for Microsoft tells LOU DOBBS TONIGHT that’s not enough. “Microsoft has about 4,000 core technical positions that it cannot fill, either with American or with foreign talent. Other high- tech companies like Oracle, Intel, Google for example face the same kinds of talent shortages.”

Microsoft says it does not submit duplicate visa applications.


SCHIAVONE: Lou, the application process for the coming year opens April 1 and lasts five business days. With all of the fees combined for a company of 26 employees of more, the total cost per candidate application is more than $2,000 — Lou?

DOBBS: More than $2,000. How many duplicates did they say there were in the H1B application process last year?

SCHIAVONE: Five hundred. So we’re talking about companies who have a lot of money to throw at this process, $2,320. Plus if you want your application expedited, if you do win the lottery, you can pay another $1,000. So these companies have a lot of money to sink into this H1B visa. They could sink that into hiring American workers.

DOBBS: They could do that, and also I think we should put into context two other factors. One is that most of the companies amongst the top 20 seeking those H1B visas are what?

They’re Indian companies in the United States trying to bring in relatively low skilled, overseas workers under the H1B program and pay them low wages for the purpose of outsourcing work from U.S. domestic corporations. I mean, that’s outrageous.

SCHIAVONE: Right, Lou. And as we’ve reported in the past, the Indians call this the outsourcing visa.

DOBBS: The outsourcing visa, indeed. And the majority of those H1B visas last year were for not the highly skilled work that one might associate with the words of say someone supposedly as intelligent as Microsoft’s Bill Gates, but rather the low-skilled workers that are being brought in under that very program.

Thank you very much, Louise Schiavone. It’s about time this government wakes up to reality and does something about it for a change.

Bill Gates says a lot of things that just aren’t true. Remember the law suit against Microsoft? If Bill didn’t have all that money he never would have won. He’s a liar. He is bad for America and good for Billy boy! There’s no patriotism in that boy, don’t let him fool you for a minute! He just doesn’t like paying decent wages so the average citizen can live without having to hold down two jobs. I have absolutely NOTHING good to say about that man.

Ok, this rant is done. I enjoy your show Lou! Keep up the good work. People are listening…


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