Senator Hillary Clinton and NAFTA

Hillary Clinton has been back-peddling from NAFTA on the campaign trail. Like all responsive candidates she wants us to believe that she is against this program, however, it appears she played a larger role in its inception than she would have us believe.

From an email received from the following information was released. I’ve also included other links.

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Clinton’s 1993 NAFTA Meeting
Jake Tapper, ABC News, March 19, 2008 4:58 PM

One interesting event in Sen. Hillary Clinton’s just-released schedules from the 1990s comes on Nov. 10 1993, when the former first lady was to serve as the closing act during a briefing on NAFTA, the trade agreement she now assails.

11:30 am – 11:45 am
PARTICIPANTS: Approx 120 expected to attend
(See briefing book for further info)
– Alexis Herman intros HRC for brief remarks
-HRC concludes program
(pp. 1375 and 1376)

Two attendees of that closed-door briefing, neither of whom are affiliated with any campaign, describe that event for ABC News. It was a room full of women involved in international trade. David Gergen served as a sort of master of ceremonies as various women members of the Cabinet talked up NAFTA, which had yet to pass Congress.

“It wasn’t a drop-by it was organized around her participation,” said one attendee. “Her remarks were totally pro-NAFTA and what a good thing it would be for the economy. There was no equivocation for her support for NAFTA at the time. Folks were pleased that she came by. If this is a still a question about what Hillary’s position when she was First Lady, she was totally supportive of NAFTA.

That first attendee recalls that the First Lady’s office in the East Wing put together “the invitation list, who was invited authorizations and all that stuff.”

And what is this attendee’s response to Clinton today distancing herself from NAFTA? “For people who worked hard to pass NAFTA and who support the importance of markets opening for the economy in the long term, they’re very upset. A number of the women who were there are very upset. You need to have some integrity in your position. The Clintons when Bill Clinton was president took a moderate position on trade for Democrats. For her to repudiate that now seems pretty phony.”

Recalls a second attendee, “they were looking for women in international trade who supported NAFTA. Senator Clinton came by at the end. And of course she asked for our support and help in passing NAFTA.”

Women who attended that event, the second attendee says, have been incredulous to see Clinton distance herself from the trade agreement as she campaigns today. “They’re all saying, ‘What’s this all about?’ We all heard it firsthand.” She says Clinton isn’t being honest with voters today.

I really hate to say I told you so, but these candidates are complete shit. The choices we have between Obama, Clinton and McCain are complete crap. These aren’t choices, these are set-ups for the Corporate and Military Regime. Vote for any one of these and you WILL BE SCREWED! I can guarantee you four more years of the same bull shit we’ve already had.

Want real change? Vote for Ron Paul or Mike Gravel! Or even Mickey Mouse, but not these candidates!


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  1. Hillary lied about Bosnia … and there’s video to prove it. Check it out here: and here:

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