Let’s not forget Boeing/EADS

I’ve already done a little of the Lou Dobbs show tonight. But it was WELL worth watching. I never miss his show, even tape it just to make sure I get to see it. Sometimes things come up just when Lou Dobbs is on, so I tape it to make sure I don’t have to miss out. Some stuff is just priceless!

Tonight Lou talked with Congressman Hunter (R CA) tonight.

Well, some members of Congress are fighting to block another deal threatening our national security. The U.S. Air Force Awarded a $35 billion contract to the European consortium that builds AirbusBoeing. Congressman Duncan Hunter is working to overturn the contract and to strengthen buy American regulations to start the outsourcing of jobs and the offshoring, if you will, of national security. Instead of Boeing. Congressman Duncan Hunter is working to overturn the contract and to strengthen buy American regulations to start the outsourcing of jobs and the offshoring, if you will, of national security.

Congressman Hunter joins me, he’s the ranking Republican on the Armed Services Committee, tonight from San Diego.

Congressman, are you going to be successful, do you think? Is this effort to review and overturn this contract going to be successful?

REP. DUNCAN HUNTER, (R) C.A.: Lou, I think we will be. You know, this is a provision that I put in the bill a couple years ago that the White House objected to violently. And that was the legislation that I put in on the House side. It passed the House defense bill that said that foreign companies which were government subsidized which describes Airbus well, because it is subsidized by those countries can’t have a piece of American defense contracts.

But in this contract, I think it’s important for Americans to know that we are looking at the impact of about 100,000 jobs being created in Europe with American taxpayer dollars. That’s a massive economic stimulus program for Europe.

DOBBS: OK. Now, we learn that. But what in the world have you people in Congress been doing? What in the world has this Republican administration been doing to outsource the president’s helicopter to an offshore general contractor? The light attack helicopters and now this tanker aircraft? This isn’t an accident, as they say. I’m starting to see a pattern here, congressman.

HUNTER: Well, Lou, what you can ask me, what I’ve been doing, I put in over the last two years, before this tanker deal was ever consummated. A provision that would block Airbus from having a chance to compete on the tanker.

DOBBS: Congressman, let me be clear. I wasn’t talking about what you were doing — when you chaired the House Armed Services committee were at the forefront of this fight. But I don’t understand how your party and this Democratically led Congress, this president, how anybody can sleep at night doing this?

HUNTER: Listen, I think it’s a massive mistake, because the one thing you never outsource, first, from my perspective, you don’t outsource anything if you don’t have to. But the one thing you should never outsource is national security.

DOBBS: You’ll never make it in corporate America, congressman.

HUNTER: Well, let me tell you, this is important, Lou. Because you know, the aerospace industry in this country is an important part of what we call the arsenal democracy. That’s our ability to project the American air power around the world in time of crises. And if we give away big pieces of it, it’s not going to be here when we need it.

DOBBS: Let me ask you, what is the president of the United States, what his administration saying to Congressman Duncan Hunter, the ranking Republican on this committee?

HUNTER: We’ll get that when we send my provision in this bill when it goes up to the Senate in conference. The president’s people will issue a statement. I hope at this point they’ve been pretty well bludgeoned by thousands of messages from the American people saying don’t give those 100,000 jobs to Europe. If so, they won’t object to it and we’ll get this provision through.

DOBBS: Tell me how the geniuses at the United States Air Force, at the Pentagon, the Department of Defense and this administration managed to but Northrop Grumman into competition with Boeing, to put American contractors in competition with one another, and then turn it over to Airbus against whom we have charges in the World Trade Organization for subsidizing that business?

HUNTER: It’s an old pattern, Lou. And what you do is if you’re an American company, you partner up with a European company, just as they did on several other aircraft. And you go in as so-called partners where there’s going to be some jobs created in America. But thousands and thousands of jobs created offshore, all with American dollars, all with American taxpayer money.

DOBBS: Does this White House ever call up one of you Republicans on Capitol Hill and say, is this too stupid, too irresponsible even for they’re administration?

HUNTER: Lou, I would say this, there’s not a lot of us that believe in buy American with on the American defense — with defense contracts. I’m one of them. Every provision that’s been put in the bill over the last three or four years with respect to forcing buy American provisions have been put in because I put it in. The administration is not interested in —

DOBBS: That really wasn’t the question I asked. Do any of those dumb so-and-sos ever call you and say, have they gone too far?

HUNTER: No. The answer is, everybody’s drank the Kool-Aid on free trade except for a few folks, Lou. And that’s a tragedy for our country and the defense industrial base.

DOBBS: Absolutely. Congressman Duncan Hunter, fighting a very lonely battle there on Capitol Hill. We thank you very much. Duncan Hunter, thank you.


So, now we know that there really is something in the Kool-Aid! Outsourcing is NOT the answer. Some of the figures on job loss are incredible. From earlier in the evening we have these numbers:

PILGRIM (voice-over): For the last three months, jobs have been drying up in this country and fast. The nation’s businesses lost 14,000 jobs in December, 26,000 in January and 101,000 in February.

NIGEL GAULT, GLOBAL INSIGHTS: Each monthly decline has been bigger than the last. So loss of jobs in the private sector of the economy, which is where we really generate the wealth in the economy, that’s a signal that the economy is slipping into recession.

PILGRIM: Yet, President Bush is still talking about job growth, touting his administration’s track record of job creation.

GEORGE W. BUSH, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: There will be ups and downs. And after 52 consecutive months of job growth, which is a record, our economy obviously is going through a tough time.

PILGRIM: But that’s an understatement. The only jobs growing right now are government jobs. So far, in 2008, private industry cut 127,000 jobs in January and February. The federal government cut 9,000 jobs. The only job creation was in state and local government, 42,000 jobs paid for by taxes. Even last year fully a quarter of one million jobs created were government jobs and economists say private jobs will be cut further.

Yup folks, it’s getting ugly out there as Jack Cafferty would say! And don’t we just know the truth of that one? I’m getting ready to do another article on the banks. You stay tuned now and it will be an eye opener! We’ve got to get ourselves away from the bankers! If we intend to save ourselves at all! We definitely can’t count on sanity from the Government!


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4 Responses to “Let’s not forget Boeing/EADS”

  1. That is not the issue I have been reporting on. This issue has to do with the Air Force 40 billion dollar contract, not rent a cops. I’m not sure why that would be an issue either since Boeing’s security is their prerogative.

    I do appreciate your stopping by though to comment. And I am sorry if the security issue affects you. I may have to look into it, but for now will stay on the contract issue.

  2. I think you need to research Boeing and the topic of outsourcing. There is a huge information gap; for instance Boeing is outsourcing all their security to Pinkerton, life long military and police personnel with years of experience will be replaced with 10.00 rent a cops. It is a disgrace!

  3. I hear you. Gives me hope though! If they are still on the air then the administration doesn’t yet have the balls to come after us!

  4. Well Done!!! I love Lou Dobbs and Jack Cafferty. I’m surprised they are allowed to speak their minds the way the do. They probably let them to try to lull people like us into some sort of complacency…..as IF that would even work……..LOL

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