Barack Obama, 20 years of Indoctrination

Just for your information and to let you know I haven’t forgotten the candidates. I’ll look for video’s of Hillary too and place them here. Enjoy! There just isn’t much I can say about this one. I think all that needs to be said is in the videos………

I know that everyone that has had influence in MY life has been incorporated into my views on life. I see Obama distancing himself from someone that is supposed to be an important part of his. For two reasons I do not believe what Obama says, the first being what I have already stated, that those who were important to me have become a part of me. The second reason is that this is a Candidate for President we are talking about who is trying to save his stance in the running. He has NO CHOICE but to distance himself from this Minister. But I ask you, when you go to church every week for 20 years to see someone, do their views, their way of looking at things, not become a part of you? Personally, I can’t believe otherwise. It just doesn’t make sense.

YouTube – Obama’s Pastor Jeremiah Wright of Trinity Church “New Video
Worst of Jeremiah Wright’s Sermons Pt. 1. 03:42 From: jca325. Views: 2882

There are so many more of these. I figured these were enough though. Think carefully before you vote. And I do not believe Hillory Clinton nor John McCain are worth voting for either. Vote your heart, not who you THINK will win. We need some serious change in this country. We won’t get it with these folks.

~ by justmytruth on March 18, 2008.

5 Responses to “Barack Obama, 20 years of Indoctrination”

  1. By the way, thanks for posting!

  2. Obama has since distanced himself from Rev. White. I’m sorry to say but I don’t trust ANY of these candidates. I’m voting for Ron Paul whether he is on our ballot or not.

  3. I couldnt agree more with your post. Not only was he his Reverand, he was also his so called Spiritual Advisor. What does an Advisor do? He Advises you to reaact in certain situations. You can not tell me that you would be that close to a person for over 20 years and not have alot of the same views on the world and life. Had it been any other Candidates Pastor or Advisor that spewed Anti- American or Raciest comments, that their career would have not ended that day.

  4. James,
    Your argument doesn’t make sense to me. I’m not accusing Obama of being a pedophile. I’m saying that when something is drilled into you for 20 years, it DOES have an effect on you. For 20 years Obama has listened to this man spew hatred, hatred of America, hatred of white people, hatred of anything not black. If anyone is promoting racism, it is this minister.

  5. So does that mean everyone who went to a catholic church for 20 years, and adored there minister until he got caught molesting kids is a pedophile?

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