Bush and Abuse, Where do we go from here?

I’m no longer the huge fan I once was of the ACLU. I was, up until they started fighting for the rights of illegal immigrants. They don’t seem to get that ILLEGAL means you broke the laws of this Nation, Illegal means you don’t have rights unless it be those of the Geneva Convention or something close to that. But no CIVIL rights as American Citizens do.

And especially not since they refuse to take up the case of discrimination against smokers. These are LEGAL Citizens of the United States who have rights, yet nothing from the ACLU defending them against discrimination, job loss, or anything else. The loss to businesses has been incredible, they are suffering as much as smokers are. But the ACLU turns a blind eye, a deaf ear, like they aren’t citizens and so don’t matter. I can’t forgive them for that.

So I have a real hard time with the ACLU. Except in one area, Bush. If history says anything about this man it will be that he is a tyrant and an abuser. That he took an oath of office and then flaunted the trust which was given to him, not by me, I NEVER voted for him, ever, but I know those who did, and he has betrayed everyone of these people who put faith in him.

It shouldn’t be surprising considering everything that man touched he ruins. From failed businesses to the Governorship of Texas where crime rates spiraled, education faltered, the rich got richer and the poor got poorer. In his plastic bubble I’m sure he sees himself as some great leader. The rest of us are just waiting for him to go away!

Anyway, I got a letter from the ACLU the other day telling me about all the things going on there. Here is a portion of it:

National Security Letters FOIA

In April 2007, the American Civil Liberties Union filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request with the Department of Defense and the CIA to turn over documents concerning their use of National Security Letters (NSLs) to demand private and sensitive records about people within the United States without court approval. After they failed to comply, the ACLU filed a lawsuit in June 2007.

In October 2007, the ACLU received documents from the Department of Defense that reveal that DoD has secretly issued hundreds of NSLs to obtain private and sensitive records of people within the United States without court approval. A comprehensive analysis of 455 NSLs issued after 9/11 shows that the Defense Department seems to have collaborated with the FBI to circumvent the law, may have overstepped its legal authority to obtain financial and credit records, provided misleading information to Congress, and silenced NSL recipients from speaking out about the records requests.

All of the Defense Department documents obtained by the ACLU can be found online at: www.aclu.org/safefree/nationalsecurityletters/32088res20071006.html

I thought I’d include the link here in case anyone is curious and wants to read all about this on their site. It is really eye opening. The sheer arrogance of bush is beyond belief and very troubling. That it could have gone this far, unchecked when so many checks and balances are available, is devastating.

If any of you were smart enough to watch Zeitgeist, you are aware of the power of the federal reserve bank, how it was created illegally, put into business illegally, and is now the most powerful governing body in the world. Between it and its co-conspirators, they can make or break any country that doesn’t fall into line. It was all spelled out in Zeitgeist.

bush has broken our laws. By what means he is still in the heart of our Government only those in Congress can answer. I hold them all responsible. Only Ron Paul has consistently stood up for the American citizen and it is why they call him Dr. No. But this post isn’t about Ron Paul. It is about an abusive tyrant named bush.

With a green light from bush the defense department has taken it upon themselves to come after the Citizens of this country. Not because we are guilty, but because they can. Because they have the technology. Because those in Congress didn’t have the balls to enforce the Constitution of the United States of America. Because the almighty dollar, now worthless, was all they cared about. May God have mercy on their souls.

The Defense Department documents uncovered today contain numerous revelations of potential abuses of the National Security Letter power:

* Documents show the Defense Department may be flouting the law and, by simply asking the FBI to issue the NSLs on their behalf, accessing documents it is not entitled to receive. There is no evidence that the FBI has ever turned down such a request. (See document page 60)
* The Defense Department told Congress that it seeks NSL assistance from the FBI only in joint investigations, but an internal program review shows that the military asks the FBI to issue NSLs in strictly Defense Department investigations. (See document pages 178-80)
* A heavily redacted copy of the results of an internal program review prompted after the New York Times reported potential abuses of the military’s NSL power shows that the Defense Department has issued NSLs with little guidance or training, no coordination within the military, no real recordkeeping, and an inadequate review process. A Defense Department action memo identifies and recommends fixing these flaws. (See document pages 49, 54-73)
* Although compliance with Defense Department-issued NSLs is voluntary, the coercive language found in these letters would lead a reader to believe compliance was mandatory. For example, one NSL was stamped multiple times with the words “subpoena” and “non-disclosure obligation” to intimidate its recipients with authority the Defense Department does not have. According to Navy records, no credit agency has ever refused to comply with the military’s requests, and only two financial institutions have refused to comply. (See document pages 16-18, 87, 1040)
* The Defense Department appears to “gag” all NSL recipients as a matter of course, and, despite recent changes to the law, the NSLs issued by the Defense Department do not inform recipients of their new right to challenge the request and gag order in court. (See document pages 87, 303)
* The Defense Department can use NSLs to gather information on individuals not suspected of wrongdoing. (See document pages 112-114)

“The Fourth Amendment protects against the government’s effort to rummage broadly through the papers and documents of individuals without narrow and specific justifications,” said Arthur Eisenberg, NYCLU Legal Director. “Yet the excessive secrecy surrounding the military’s use of national security letters opens the door to abuse. Without oversight and accountability, there is nothing to stop the Defense Department from engaging in broad fishing expeditions.”

Here is the 4th Amendment for your viewing:

U.S. Constitution: Fourth Amendment

Fourth Amendment – Search and Seizure

Amendment Text | Annotations

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

U.S. Constitution: Second Amendment

Second Amendment – Bearing Arms

Amendment Text | Annotations

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

These rights are being tested right now. The illegal search and seizure of the bush administration must stop. Any attempts by any other administration to do the same things must be met with instant disapproval by Congress, if they have any guts left that is. Congress was elected to represent We the People. If they do not do their jobs, we have the right, the DUTY, to replace them.

Arm yourselves by LEGAL means. A well armed population means survival right now. Since bush and company have sign our military and the Canadian military into one, we cannot depend on Law and Order now to defend us. Our leaders have forgotten who they work for, who put them where they are, and who can bring them down again. We are, We the People. But we need to become MORE, do MORE if we are to save ourselves and STOP the One World Government.

From the Zeitgeist site on Activism we have:


When people think of “Activism”, most envision some form of awareness program, protest or public disobedience. While these forms of Activism are functional and important, they often only operate on a limited level, usually failing to address root causes. In fact, our whole society tends to address any and all social problems from a superficial standpoint. For instance, we imprison millions of people in the US, based solely on the supposed “illegal” actions of that person, with little to no regard as to what has occurred in that person’s experience to cause that action.

This is an important point, because the “Truth Movement” that exists today, while doing a good job in educating people about the problems themselves, falls far short in regards to actually accomplishing anything. This is because they are operating within a myopic understanding about what the actual problem is. Just like all other elements of society, the “Truth Movement” has created factions, which, out of ego, serve to compete rather than unify. Furthermore, no holistic, logically derived, philosophical disposition is understood.

For instance, we often hear about this thing called the “Patriot Movement”. Not only is this an outmoded concept, it is entirely offensive and counter unifying. We all should know that at this stage in our social evolution, we as human beings cannot allow a “One World Government” to take hold, because the Religious/Corporate/Government/Banking Institutions that rule our world will only manifest even more tyranny and totalitarian dominance. This is the tendency our social systems create – the need to consolidate power, to the most extreme. As an analogy, Corporate America continues to monopolize the retail sales sector by producing powerhouse retail outlets like Walmart. Walmart is an example of how the world economic game works. It is a logical step in the unenlightened self interest of a company to do things like use cheap labor from poor countries, drop the price of each product, and build huge stores in small towns, consequently destroying the smaller shops in the town as they are unable to compete. This is essentially what the Banking Systems of the West are doing to the world. They are moving to absorb anything and everything and reduce/eliminate competition. The One World Government that the Council on Foreign Relations and numerous other despots speak of, is merely a manifestation of the corporate tendency to reduce competition and consolidate power… no different than Walmart. The United States, and the banking institutions behind it, operate completely and entirely as a Corporation. Their entire interest is in the self perpetuation of their institution. They don’t care about people – They can’t afford to.

Now then, the Patriot Movement, on a certain level, functions very well in its work against the North American Union and the like. However, it is also broadly counter productive because it implies support for “America” and nothing else, by definition. In reality, the problems with the elite that are working to create a One World Government are not solved by protesting for “America”. In fact, it is an entirely biased and inadvertently racist disposition to say things like “America is the greatest nation on earth”, for America is, just like all countries, another manifestation of million of years of development by human beings of all nationalities. Additionally, the “Pledge of Allegiance” is a horrific invention, which serves the same underlying operation – to Separate and create Arrogance.

Religion, Race, Class, Patriotism and all other arrogant notions of dominance and separatism is the actual problem. We must understand as human beings that our religions, races, classes, nationalities, and even fear, greed and arrogance itself are learned associations. They are no more a part of you than the clothes you have on, and you are free to take them off at anytime and discover who and what you actually are.

Therefore, the reality for true Activism resides not only in “divisionary” protests and disobedience as they relate to the issues at hand, but also in the critical analysis of the social environment that is creating the problems to begin with.

We can continue to kill the cockroaches that keep coming into our kitchens, but until we find the hole in the wall or the spoiled food behind the fridge, they are just going to keep coming.

I will have more on this point in the future.

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