Boeing, EADS and Vision 2020

I never know where something will take me when I start to look things up. And somehow, other things just jump out at me. I get this, “Oh my God, this is important and people have got to know.” Like I’m the only one whose figured it out, LOL. Oh well, at least I’m looking, know what I mean?

This link comes through another comment post on my blog. It comes from Reuters but is found on the Yahoo Finance page.

Tanker refuling

Reuters Photo: The KC-45A Tanker is seen refueling a B-2 stealth bomber in an undated illustration.

EADS memo eyes acquisitions

Sunday March 9, 3:22 pm ET
By Tim Hepher

PARIS (Reuters) – EADS wants to identify up to two acquisitions in the United States this year, according to an internal memo obtained by Reuters as the European aerospace group battles opposition in Congress to a U.S. Air Force deal.

Chief Executive Louis Gallois told staff that one of the group’s top 10 objectives for 2008 was to “propose two acquisition projects in the field of defense, security or services to the board, at least one of which is in the United States.”

The aim is part of a call to action for 2008 distributed days before EADS is expected to unveil annual losses triggered by industrial problems in its European plants and a weak dollar.

Also high on the list is completing the full or partial sale of half a dozen Airbus factories, opposed by French and German unions, and ensuring A380 output increases sharply as planned.

The goals for 2008 are designed to kick-start a plan called Vision 2020, which aims to reshape Europe’s top aerospace company as a global player over the next 12 years.

“This will be an action year in which we start turning Vision 2020 into reality,” Gallois said in the memo.

The written pep talk was distributed in the past week and its existence was confirmed by two sources who asked not to be named because the list has not been released outside the group. A spokesman for EADS declined to comment.

So EADS is selling a bunch of factories, or trying to, yet they want more share in the American Defense market. Oh, this cannot be good for America, not when the company is having financial difficulties. And they are very behind in delivery of the aircraft they have already promised. So WHY is the Defense Department so intent on doing business with this company? Shall we look into Vision 2020?

When I did a google search on Vision 2020 I got the most amazing results. Everything from medical institutions to physical therapy to World Health Organization, Universities, Insurance organizations, etc. Seems everyone likes that catchy phrase of Vision 2020. Even Cities are using it. And I’d never heard of it before. How can that be? I read a lot.

But, I finally found what I was looking for on the second page of my google search: Joint Vision 2020 builds upon and extends the conceptual template established by Joint Vision 2020b to guide the continuing transformation of America’s Armed Forces. Most of what I found on Vision 2010 was structured in China and Japan. Seems like the USA thought it would be a great idea to copy these countries. We are NOT China and Japan, it makes no sense for our Military to want to emulate these countries.

An excerpt from the beginning page of Vision 2020b is:

This integrated approach brings to bear all the tools of statecraft to achieve our national objectives unilaterally when necessary, while
making optimum use of the skills and resources provided by multinational military forces, regional and international organizations, non-governmental organizations, and private
voluntary organizations when possible.

Multinational military forces? Just what the hell are they trying to do here?

Participation by the joint force in operations supporting civil authorities will also likely increase in importance due to emerging threats to the US homeland such as terrorism and weapons of mass destruction.

I am currently unaware of any WMD’s aimed at the United States of America. Although I am sure there are plenty left over from the *Cold War*, it seems to me that the United States military is seeking to start fights when and where it can. This is a scary thought to me. Can no-one reign these idiots in?

But back to Boeing….

Gallois told staff in the memo that one of the company’s objectives in 2008 would be to “position EADS in the U.S. defense and security markets, and as a major step, ensure successful start of the KC-45A tanker program.”

Since it was founded from a French, German and Spanish merger in 2000, EADS has ridden a wave of demand for passenger jets. Now, top managers say it is over-dependent on cyclical airline demand as the economy falters. It wants to increase the 20 percent share of defense in group activities to about half.

Executives are also desperate to ease the choking effect on the group’s finances of a weak dollar, saying recently that the company’s survival was at stake — though part of that rhetoric was seen as a bid to convince European unions on restructuring.

While the company may want to do certain things, it seems to me they are in trouble. Does the United States really NEED to deal with a company such as this one? And I have a very hard time believing them when they say they will eventually make other aircraft here in Alabama. Something smells to high heaven!

Boeing’s Vision 2020:

  • Take this vision from Sun’s website:
    Everyone and everything connected to the network. Eventually every man, woman, and child on the planet will be connected to the network. So will virtually everything with a digital or electrical heartbeat — from mobile phones to automobiles, thermostats to razor blades — with RFID tags on them. The resulting network traffic will require highly scalable, reliable systems, from Sun.
  • Cisco has a similar vision. At a recent Boeing offsite a Cisco participant referred to the eventuality where “everything is a node on the network.”
  • We likewise hear most of industry — particularly enterprises in the information technology sector — pointing to the likelihood of a universally interactive digital world
  • For the sake of discussion let’s accept that there appears to be at least a start toward a shared vision
  • A brief look at the current commercial marketplace in this evolving information age shows — not surprisingly — similarities to our industrial age heritage
    • Is there a competitive environment? — Yes!
    • Are there multiple providers of systems (platforms, etc.)? — Of course!
    • Are our expectations rising with respect to the power of the network? — Unquestionably!
  • Similarities, yes — but market differences are quite striking. Take the furiously dynamic digital phone business as an example:
    • Commercial providers figuring out ways to ensure access — perhaps a form of interoperability, however reluctant?
    • AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, Cingular digital systems are becoming increasingly capable of sharing network services — arguably a form of interoperability — to some level.
    • In other words, commercial services seem at last oriented toward providing an environment for information exchange that — although it may use many different methods and forms — looks to the user somewhat like a contiguous infrastructure and messaging fabric.
    • An important lesson from current market experience is the willingness of the consumer to quickly embrace the changes resulting from this interoperability and see its potential — an interesting dynamic for industrial enterprises to consider.
  • The differences and similarities between the industrial age and the information age, of course, are much more complex than this short burst can address; but there are some interesting areas of tension associated with the current shifting from age to age:
    • For one, the nature of capitalist business has been forged in the smelters of the industrial age. Competition is the heart and soul of the industrial age. Competition is the salvation of the consumer, the purifier of the market place.
    • There seems to be an enduring tendency for industrial age companies to act alone against the forces of competition, to strive and survive in the market place as champions of enduring struggle for sales, growth, and recognition.
    • The dawning information age, on the other hand, has introduced exciting new capabilities, distributed decision and control processes, unprecedented awareness at the consumer level, and growing dissatisfaction with industrial age concepts.
    • There is a hunger for faster responses to needs, for greater security, for instantaneous access to information. The Internet has grown from a scarcely noticeable government experiment in the early 1990s to a colossus of communication, information sharing, and mischiefvirtually shrinking the world to living room size — all in a dozen years.
  • There seems to be a dichotomy in the fabric of consumer expectation, business and community.

Mischief? Why, because we want to know what is going on? Or because we CAN know what is going on if we look.

We need to reign in the Military along with our Government. If We the People ever want to see a free America again, the time is now for action. We cannot keep our heads in the sand. Too much is at stake. We cannot allow others to give away both our Military and our Country. As it stands now, both are being tried.

Boeing may have been what drew our attention, but the truth is, there is a mess out there we need to clean up and we can’t look to the rest of the world until we clean up our own back yard.

Common Vision 2020 theme: Globalization/One World Government

From Christopher Newport University
The VISION 2010 strategic plan will build on the great accomplishments CNU has achieved, guide institutional change, and stimulate initiatives and opportunities consistent with our mission. The most important benefit of this strategic process is the exciting prospect of a collaboratively envisioned future.

We will ignite in our students a love of learning and instill a sense of responsibility and civic duty that will give our graduates the knowledge and confidence to engage as responsible leaders and citizens in their communities, the nation and the world.

From Vision 2020

Welcome to VISION 2020: The Right to Sight

IAPB logoVISION 2020 is the global initiative for the elimination of avoidable blindness, launched jointly by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB) with an international membership of NGOs, professional associations, eye care institutions and corporations.

From the Puget Sound Regional Development we have:

The concept of people, prosperity, and planet provides a central theme for VISION 2040. This concept signals that our regional leaders use an approach that takes into account social, cultural, economic, and environmental benefits when making decisions. VISION 2040 is the result of extensive public involvement in determining the growth pattern for our counties and cities and in crafting the policy direction to manage that growth. In response to public comment, sustainability is woven throughout VISION 2040.

From the Joint Vision 2020 part1 The Military……

The US military today is a force of superbly trained men and women who are ready to deliver victory for our Nation. In support of the objectives of our National Security Strategy, it is routinely employed to shape the international security environment and stands ready to respond across the full range of potential military operations. But the focus of this document is the third element of our strategic approach – the need to prepare now for an uncertain future.

Joint Vision 2020 builds upon and extends the conceptual template established by Joint Vision 2010 to guide the continuing transformation of America’s Armed Forces. The primary purpose of those forces has been and will be to fight and win the Nation’s wars. The overall goal of the transformation described in this document is the creation of a force that is dominant across the full spectrum of military operations – persuasive in peace, decisive in war, preeminent in any form of conflict.

TECHNOLOGY VISION 2020: The U.S. Chemical Industry

The Technology Vision 2020 is a call to action, a strategic plan, for the U.S. chemical industry. Chemical companies must innovate and change to keep the U.S. chemical industry competitive in the global environment. The participants in the visioning process concluded that “the growth and competitive advantage of our industry depend upon individual and collaborative efforts of industry, government, and academe to improve the nation’s research and development (R&D) enterprise.” The Executive Summaryis a short version of the Vision. The complete “Technology Vision 2020: The U.S. Chemical Industry” is available electronically from ACS I&EC Division. Technology Vision 2020 is a joint effort of the:

American Chemical Society (ACS),
American Chemistry Council (ACC)
American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE)
Council for Chemical Research (CCR)
Synthetic Organic Chemical Manufacturers Association (SOCMA)

There must be thousands of references to Vision 2020 and I’ve just done a few here. As you can see it is all about the future and globalization, if you read the pages that is. We aren’t just talking about the North American Union here, but about a One World Government.

YouTube – One World Government?

Is this the beginning of a one world government being put

One World Government RFID 666 part 1. 09:42 From

I welcome your comments about this issue. This is only my perspective, but it seems to me the evidence is overwhelming. If we are going to keep the United States of America the way our founding father’s meant her to be, we have our work cut out for us. I am NOT advocating we withdraw from the world community, only that this country maintain her independence!

What has started out as a single issue, Boeing and EADS, has turned into being a Global issue. Do the math…….

~ by justmytruth on March 15, 2008.

2 Responses to “Boeing, EADS and Vision 2020”

  1. I have quite a few articles written about these very topics. While I do not credit the Bible with pointers for the future, I do think the writing is on the wall.

    Thank you for posting and stopping by… Do come back soon.

  2. Ya know, I found much of the same stuff all on my own too, and I was “blown away” by the fact that Vision 2020 is a world wide term and encompasses so many different subjects, and yet, no one is talking about any of it. I had the same thought – “how can this be?” I went to the Bible in the last book, Revelation, a writing of things to come, Chapter 13 talks about the “Beast” performing “miraculous signs, even causing fire to come down from heaven to earth in full view of men.” There is much more and is hard to understand, however, it is quite possible, right now, with Northop building airplanes equipped with lasers. What about the North American Union and the Trans Atlantic Union?

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