Those Who Profit from War

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this war in Iraq is not about democracy for Iraq, it isn’t about Freedom from tyranny, it is about PROFITS! Here is a list of War Profiteers and some information on them. You will notice that a lot of these are campaign contributors. Now what do you think THEY want for their money???

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First on my list is the World Trade Organization Here is what has to say about them:

World Trade Organization

It’s no overstatement to say that this secretive 146-member nation body is the Global Government. They make the rules of the global economy- and they ensure that labor rights, environmental protection, democracy, and human rights don’t get in the way.

Next is G.H.W. Bush, yup, you got it, GW’s daddy and so we can put GW here too. Any wonder GW thinks himself king george?

George H.W. Bush
former President

A true Texan, Senior’s got oil in his veins-from starting companies like Zapata Petroleum to his current job with the Carlyle Group. After launching Gulf War I, Bush pulled Kuwaiti strings for Chevron. He’s a former CIA chief, UN Ambassador, VP and Pres, but he’s always current in oil.

More oil boys? Meet our next candidate. Blood isn’t oil, but blood sure can buy a lot of it!

Lee Raymond
Chairman and CEO, ExxonMobil

Earth’s largest energy company and Jr.’s biggest campaign contributor is also to blame for countless spills, abuses, and evasions. Already well-placed to benefit from regime change in Iraq, top execs met with US-backed Iraqi opposition-just to guarantee their position.

Our Next candidate is a really fine individual. Enjoy this one folks! This one is too long to all be put here so I’ve included the link. A must read!

David J. O’Reilly
Chairman and CEO, ChevronTexaco

Despite its warm-and-fuzzy facade, this mega-company rides a wave of violence, corruption, and cronyism to get its way everywhere from Ecuador to Iraq, Nigeria and the US. Having former director Condoleezza Rice on the inside and sending millions every year to Jr. helps, too.

You knew we would get to Halliburton now didn’t you? Well, here they are coming in at number 5. Read on!

Ken Derr
Director, Halliburton & Citigroup former CEO, Chevron

Biggest mouth in Big Oil, Ken admitted how much he would love Chevron to have access to Iraq’s oil. Derr presided over Chevron during its bloodiest years in Nigeria. Now on Halliburton’s board, he knows how ruthless you’ve gotta be to get the goods.

And here we have one that really needs to be investigated more. This is a true slime ball!

Philip J. Carroll
Former CEO, Shell Oil, USA

Appointed to run Iraq’s oil industry American-style, Carroll and his oil buddies will make sure that the Iraqi people finally receive their long overdue oil wealth. Just like they did in Nigeria.

On their website listed under this man’s name is the section title:
learn more! get involved! give ‘em hell!

* Shell Oil Homepage
* Project Underground
* Amnesty International
* Environmental Rights Action
* Earth Rights International

We have GOT to care and to take action. Our government cannot be trusted to do the right thing any more and should be completely replaced. There are a few that are working for our good, but the majority are not….

Next on our list is:

Ray Irani
Chairman and CEO, Occidental Petroleum

The War on Terrorism definitely increases security for Oxy. US military aid to protect their operations in Colombia reached hundreds of millions in 2003. Resulting profits fund Oxy’s pay-offs to armed groups and ongoing human rights abuses.

You will recognize this one from all the campaign contributions he has made:

The Lord John Browne of Madingley
CEO BP, Director Goldman Sachs

BP made $41 million a day from price hikes and consumer fears due to the Iraq war. Lord of the Wells, Browne is waiting for that “future legitimate Iraqi government” to slip back in. Though he never had a problem doing business with Saddam before.

It must be nice to sit in an ivory tower knowing no one can touch you:

Charles R. Williamson
Chairman and CEO, Unocal Corp.

Can’t let human rights stand in the way of business. Unocal is famously cozy with dictators and repressive regimes past and present (including in Burma, Indonesia, and Afghanistan), and still shooting for the Afghan pipeline. And they hope we’ll forget their overnights with the Taliban.

And you are going LOVE this one!

Thomas Kean
Former Gov. of New Jersey Director, Amerada-Hess

Now chairman of the 9/11 Commission, Kean’s joint venture, Delta-Hess, is a partnership with Khalid bin Mafhouz-brother-in-law of Osama bin Laden. Doesn’t that seem just an itty bit inappropriate?

Yup, I think I do, thanks guys for pointing this guy out to us. For those in the State of New Jersey, maybe you might want to give this guy a call? Give him hell for Me too OK? According to Wikipedia we can tie this guy right back to his good ole buddy Bush!

Thomas Howard Kean (born April 21, 1935 in New York City) is an American Republican Party politician, who served as the 48th Governor of New Jersey, from 1982 to 1990. Kean is best known globally, however, for his 2002 appointment as Chairman of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States, widely known as the 9/11 Commission, which was responsible for investigating the causes of the September 11, 2001 attacks and providing recommendations to prevent future terrorist attacks. He was appointed to this post by U.S. President George W. Bush.

Now onto our next gem of a guy!

Red Caveney
President, American Petroleum Institute

Red poured over $1 million petrodollars into the Bush 2000 election, while API, the oil industry club he oversees, promotes destructive policies like increased drilling and hiding toxic release information. All in the name of “Energy Security.”

learn more! get involved! give ‘em hell!

* American Petroleum Institute Homepage

You had to know this one was coming!

Zalmay Khalilzad
US presidential envoy to Afghanistan and Iraq

Previously an apologist for the Taliban while serving Unocal’s Afghan pipe-dreams, Khalilzad has supported armed militants since the Reagan days. Now he’s the top US official in Afghanistan. How appropriate.

Isn’t it just though? How wonderful President bush must feel having all these good ole’ boys around him! NEXT!

Frank Murkowski
Governor of Alaska

Within days of 9/11, this then-Senator for Alaska began using the tragedy to squeeze oil out of the coastal plains of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in the name of national security. Wonder if he gets oil money for his election campaigns?

Gee, ya think? Is there any wonder our government has gone to hell in a hand-basket? With all these good guys sitting around and plotting it makes you wonder how we stand a chance in hell of doing anything. But we can and we MUST! This is OUR country and WE the PEOPLE are much stronger together than separately! Let’s expose this group and send them packing along with bush and company!

It is time to get rid of Bush and company. It is time to get rid of those who do not have our, We the PEOPLEs, best interests at heart. Time for America to get back to being what our founding fathers foresaw!


~ by justmytruth on March 14, 2008.

2 Responses to “Those Who Profit from War”

  1. I’m joining Jack Cafferty on “It’s Getting Ugly Out There!” We the People need to rise up and take back control of this once great nation before it is too late. Apparently we cannot trust our leaders any more. They have their own agendas.

  2. bush & co is most appropriate indeed. These people are sick and we are stupid allowing them to continue.

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