More Bush inspired War?

I get very antsy when I read stuff like this. WHY does bush want war so badly with Iran? WHY doesn’t Congress reign him in? WHY haven’t he and Cheney been impeached yet? Why and why and why?

It doesn’t make any sense for us to go to war with IRAN. They haven’t harmed us, they haven’t done anything except mind their own business. Something our elected leaders should do! Why should American’s bleed and die for the tyranny of this administration? WHY??? Read on:


6 Signs The US May Be Headed for War in Iran
by Terry Atlas

1. Fallon’s resignation:
2. Vice President Cheney’s peace trip:
3. Israeli airstrike on Syria:
4. Warships off Lebanon:
5. Israeli comments:
6.Israel’s war with Hezbollah:

One thing interesting to note was that I couldn’t pull up any information on Fallon on CentComs website. My connection just times out. I find that really disturbing………

Apparently bush doesn’t like any appearance of dissent. Too bad! Our country was founded on dissent, on differing opinions, etc. and to have bush think he can get away with squashing any dissenters is unbelievable. But then, this whole presidency has been unbelievable! I’ve come to expect nothing good from bush and company. I hold him in extreme contempt. But that congress won’t do its job is also beyond contempt!

USS Enterprise heads for Iran

USS Enterprise heads for Iran to join the world’s largest sea-based strike force already on their doorstep. More of what the MSM won’t tell you:

The Enterprise makes three. Three carriers and three strike groups, total.

This finalizes the first phase of military escalation against Iran that VP Cheney promised to the Gulf States.

Call your Congress men and women and DEMAND that Bush and Cheney be Impeached! Flood the lines with calls, make them hear us! It is time to take back our beloved country before she is destroyed!

To Impeach Bush and Cheney: Let your voice be heard before it is too late.

CONGRESSIONAL SWITCHBOARD at 1-800-839-5276 or 202-224-3121

Cheney Task Force on Energy


~ by justmytruth on March 14, 2008.

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