Boeing, EADS, and Update….

Someone left a comment for me on another in this series of articles. He gave me a translation of a french speech given by Louis Gailois, CEO of Airbus. So, I went looking to see if I could track this down and maybe post it here for you to read. Here’s what I found.

From TMC.NET I got this article:

[March 01, 2008]

EADS rejoices at huge US Air Force contract award

(Associated Press WorldStream Via Thomson Dialog NewsEdge) PARIS_European Aeronautic Defence and Space Co. on Saturday hailed its victory over arch-rival Boeing to secure a multibillion-dollar U.S. military contract and bounce back from setbacks that led to major company restructuring.

EADS, the maker of Airbus planes, and its U.S. partner, Los Angeles-based Northrop Grumman, won one of the biggest Pentagon contracts in decades Friday, worth an estimated US$40 billion (?26 billion), to build 179 midair refueling planes.

“This is a formidable victory in the American market,” EADS CEO Louis Gallois said on France-Info radio. “To beat Boeing in the American market, well, we’re very proud.”

The win, announced Friday in Washington, drew gasps at Chicago-based Boeing. It opens the door to the possibility of follow-up contracts for EADS. The win was the first of three U.S. awards worth up to US$100 billion (?66 billion) over 30 years.


“We are creating lots of jobs in the United States, but we’re also creating (jobs) in Europe,” Gallois said on France-Info. He did not provide figures.

Addressing concerns that the Alabama assembly site could spell more job cuts on this side of the Atlantic, Gallois, speaking on France-2 television, stressed that Europe will play a role in building the tanker, with the nose made in France, the wings in Britain and part of the fuselage in Germany.

For French President Nicolas Sarkozy, the award is a “historic success.”

“After the difficulties of several months ago, EADS thus brilliantly renews with success … and in one of the most difficult and demanding defense markets,” a statement from the president’s office said.

So how much of this plane will actually be made here? Not the wings, or the nose, and only part of the fuselage will be done in Germany. But he doesn’t exactly say where any of this will be made. This was a super bad idea by the Department of Defense! And just because they could do it legally, doesn’t mean they should have EVER considered it! These men at the DOD must be on some serious drugs is all I can say!

I would still love to verify what the commenter said. So from my blog here is an excerpt from what was sent to me:


“The American factory does it need to Airbus to offset the impact of the weak dollar?

We do not have this plant in the United States because of the weak dollar. It will help us a bit but the assembly is only between 6 and 7% of the added value of an airplane. But this site is part of the vision 2020, our strategic plan, which provides that the deadline we are present in the United States in defence. This is a major step.

This contract will it have a negative impact on the activity of European factories as employees fear?

Quite the opposite! I say that we take European labour for up to the United States. This is not that. We build an assembly line but all parts of the aircraft will be produced in Europe wings to Filton, England, the central section in Saint-Nazaire and the nose at Méaulte in France, the fuselage in Nordenham Germany, the tail of the aircraft in Spain. The 179 aircraft that we are delivering to the United States Air Force are on the contrary a remarkable support to the ramp up of the A 330. This is an additional workload for European factories.

If someone can verify this for me, or point me in the right direction, I’d sure love to know it. Some of it is in that speech above, but not all of it. Anyone? We’ve got to expose this for what it is, the loss of America and those that are pushing us towards ruination. Let’s fight them.


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