Ron Paul, Is he still a Candidate?

Ron Paul

Like everyone else, when CNN ran their article on Ron Paul saying he had dropped out of the Presidential race, I said, “Well, OK…” But I was disappointed. Here was a man that actually VOTED! And he knows the issues, he doesn’t pussy-foot around them or dodge them, or say what he thinks you want to hear. Nor does he flip-flop on issues of torture like McCain. He doesn’t become vague and uncertain like Hillary and Obama when asked something they haven’t prepared for. I have to admit that I like straight answers, WHOLE answers, not the crap coming out of these top candidates mouths.

But none of that answered my question on was Ron Paul running for President still? I went to his website and found a video there, and STILL couldn’t decide if he was running or not. Gosh, how blonde can I get huh? So it was with relief when I read this article which explained to me HOW the Ron Paul Campaign works. It too is unique. Go figure.

From NewsWithViews:

alan stang

Thus begins the process that leads toward the national convention in the Cities in September, where John Sidney McCrud is scheduled to be coronated. Meanwhile, what has happened to the Ron Paul campaign? By now you know that he was overwhelmingly reelected to Congress with 70% of the vote, after another juvenile attempt by the Republican Party to defeat him, but there appears to be some confusion about the campaign for President.

The fact is that you and I – and Ron Paula – are running the show, not Dr. No. He is the spokesman of the Revolution, but he did not organize it. Unlike every other campaign, the inspiration comes from the bottom of the ticket, not from the top, not from shadowy groups like the Marxist Council on Foreign Relations that runs John McCrud. He will do what we tell him.

How likely is any of this? Probably not very, but the campaign is still in play and, again, anything could happen. Notice that, for something to happen, Dr. No need do nothing. He simply needs to stand by. If anything happens, it will happen because of you. Remember the pieces I did recently about “leaderless resistance.” This is what I was talking about. You are our leader.

One of the reasons that Ron Paul is called Dr. No is because he is a doctor and he votes No often. He is consistent with his belief in smaller government and votes that way. Stay tuned for his voting record, which compared to the other three has already taken me 3 extra days to do even knowing how things work. This man VOTES and votes often. He actually does the job for which his constituents hired him for. Imagine that, someone who actually does their job in Washington D.C.! Especially today with the examples we’ve already seen from the other candidates. <rolls eyes here>

So, I’m not sure who that spokesman was who was speaking for Ron Paul, but I’m sure he was mistaken. Seems it is another attempt to get voters to pay attention to the top three candidates and not look around them. Whenever there is flash and pomp, that is exactly what you don’t want, trust me! Those mean no good for us as Citizens of these United States.

Most people will vote for who they *think* will win. That’s what is wrong with our country today. We should be voting for who can actually CHANGE what is happening to us. I ask every person to examine their conscious, re-examine the past, see if there isn’t a need for drastic change which we won’t get from the top three candidates. Those have been bought and paid for and we can’t compete with that kind of purchasing power. THINK PEOPLE!


~ by justmytruth on March 13, 2008.

2 Responses to “Ron Paul, Is he still a Candidate?”

  1. The simple answer is yes. The real question is whether or not he will appear on the ballots. Considering what I’ve just been through with my ballot process, those in power are attempting voter fraud even as I write this.

  2. so is he still running or not.????

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