McCain Flip-Flops on Torture

In June of 2005 Senator went up against the Bush administration and torture. He fought to keep torture out of the hands of the CIA and won. Here, in 2007 we see McCain in a video speaking out against torture again:

YouTubeMcCain On Torture ‘it’s not like 24, this is

2:55 seconds

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Since his capture and detainment as a POW, John McCain has been against the use of torture, but now, suddenly he has changed his mind. Why? Could it be that he has been promised the White House in 2008 if he supports the Bush administration’s position on torture? Or maybe something less than moral and more along the lines of being unstable?

In an article written in the San Francisco Chronicle we find this:

McCain Supports Bush Veto of Bill Banning Torture
Doesn’t Want CIA Limited To Methods Used by Military
by Bob Egelko

On Saturday, however, McCain backed Bush’s veto of a bill that would have barred the CIA from employing those same techniques – or any others not authorized by the Army Field Manual – when questioning prisoners.

In a Saturday morning radio address announcing the veto, Bush said the measure would have barred “safe and lawful” interrogation methods that have prevented terrorist attacks.

“This is no time for Congress to abandon practices that have a proven track record of keeping America safe,” the president said.

Safe and lawful? What a liar! This is against ALL our laws AND the Military Field Manual! How dare this ‘so called’ president try to justify his actions? And what does that make of McCain? Why a liar too of course not to mention a man who can’t seem to make up his mind. This is nothing more than a ploy to be elected. If that man walks into the Oval Office it will be because the elections were rigged. And yes, I’m saying that voting machines can’t be trusted.

In congressional testimony last month, however, Justice Department official Stephen Bradbury indicated the administration does not consider waterboarding illegal in all circumstances and reserved the right to resume its use by the CIA.

Campaign aides said Saturday that McCain believes waterboarding violates both U.S. and international law and is forbidden to all federal agencies. Randy Scheunemann, foreign policy director for McCain’s campaign, denied any inconsistency between the senator’s record and his position on the bill.

No conflict huh? Well, I guess people can say just anything these days and get away with it. Just goes to show how two-faced a candidate can be. Did I mention this man is unfit to be elected?

McCain feels “it’s a good thing that (the CIA can use) enhanced interrogation techniques that are not revealed in your newspaper,” Scheunemann said. He declined to identify methods that McCain believes should remain available to the CIA while being off-limits to military interrogators.

The Army Field Manual prohibits the use of force during interrogation. Among the techniques it forbids, in addition to waterboarding, are beatings, burns and electric shock; use of extreme heat; use of dogs; mock executions; forced nudity or sexual acts; hooding or taping a prisoner’s eyes; prolonged sleep deprivation; and denial of needed food, water or medical care.

So, as a matter of public record, on video and voting record we have McCain saying that torture doesn’t work. But now he flips and does a 180 and says it is OK? Did I miss something? Maybe McCain is now a pod person? Or maybe McCain is just insane. Or maybe he has been paid an awful lot of money to change his views? Must be the latter! Nothing else makes the least bit of sense! Just what planet are these candidates living on that they expect us NOT TO REMEMBER what they said just yesterday? I don’t get it. I want some of what the Senator is smoking, then maybe MY world will look the way HIS does. Because otherwise I just do NOT believe this shit!

YouTube – morrison321abc’s Channel

So America, I leave it to you to decide if this man can be trusted. I have my answer already.

~ by justmytruth on March 12, 2008.

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