Meet Mike Gravel, Presidential Candidate 2008

Never heard of him? Well, you should have. He is the one who single-handedly stopped the Viet Nam war and the draft. Thanks to him the “Wall” doesn’t include more names.

YouTubeMike Gravel 2008-On the Issues. Freedom for

I love to read CommonDreams. They give me news I don’t hear about anywhere else because they aren’t owned by big media. They can, and do, tell it like it is. In this article author Pat LaMarche introduces us to some facts about this Presidential Candidate:

So what happened to the draft? Ever question why the Vietnam War ended around the same time that the government could no longer steal young men out of their homes and pack them off to boot camp? And if you’re around 50 years old, don’t you feel lucky that the draft ended in 1973?

It wasn’t luck.

It was Alaska Sen. Mike Gravel and his six month filibuster that saved your life.

How quickly we forget the hero’s in our Country. All that pretty packaging we get from those that the big money men WANT in power, which means they are not good for you and I! Yup, I’m talking about Hillary Clinton, John McCain and Barac Obama. Vote for these three and the big corporations get exactly what THEY want. These three will give us status quo government. If you really want change, how about you actually put your votes where they count? Don’t be fooled by media hype and pomp. That is nothing but a distraction. In this video, learn more:

YouTube – Mike Gravel – Converting Vegetarians

“Paul has gained ‘experience’, somethig Gavel to impaitent. …. 08:52 From: BARYE. Views: 16749. Mike Gravel – the truth about gas prices”

” A video showcasing the inspiring words of Mike Gravel. Mike Gravel is a former senator from Alaska who is running for president in 2008. I have never been as excited about any candidate as I am about Mike Gravel!! He needs your help to spread the word about his campaign. CHANGES BEGINS WITH YOU!

The video above certainly gives a unique perspective on this Candidate. I honestly didn’t know he was running. Now, I do. I’ll be investigating Mike Gravel’s voting record and money contributions, so stay tuned.


“The recent revelation by Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) that senators knew the intelligence on the Iraq War was being cooked in the lead-up to the invasion refutes the claim that Congress was misled by the White House. As a result of this news, Democratic Presidential candidate Mike Gravel says it’s clearly disingenuous for lawmakers to make the claim that they did not know then what they know now about Iraq.

Well, I guess I know who is next on the list of candidates for scrutiny. Stay tuned. Now, I couldn’t find any actual voting record for this candidate, however, you can find out how he feels by going to I found this site most helpful in getting more information about Mike Gravel. For instance:

Believes abortion is a Woman’s right. Agrees with NARAL Pro-Choice.
Believes in hiring more Women and Minorities.
Strongly favors same sex domestic partnership benefits.
Is strongly opposed to the death penalty.
Strongly opposes the three strike laws. He believes that if you are poor, you don’t get justice. And I believe he is correct.
He opposes the right to own a gun unless you are licensed and have training.

And so on. This candidate truly is about change. I have yet to see either Hillary or Obama stand up like this and say how they really feel on anything. However, I often hear them skirt issues and do lots of doublespeak!

So, check out Mike Gravel for yourself and make up your own mind. I can’t do more on him than I have here. You can do google searches as easily as I can. I find half the stuff I stumble upon while looking someone up is quite interesting.


~ by justmytruth on March 7, 2008.

2 Responses to “Meet Mike Gravel, Presidential Candidate 2008”

  1. Hello Lynne,

    You are welcome. I’ve tried to show all the candidates and was actually working on a piece on Ron Paul who now seems to have pulled out.

    I too think it is important for REAL change, not just the pretty packages that Big Corporations back status quo candidates with.

    There are none so blind as those who will not see the truth. Thanks for posting.

  2. thank you for your support of Mike. I volunteer for the campaign and feel strongly that we need a real change in governemnt not just the appearence of change where the Corporatocracy still runs the show for their benefit and not the benefit of the people who are paying the taxes.

    Thanks again,

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