McCain, Money and Voting

All voting information was taken from The information there was invaluable in my research. Thank you to them. If you want to track what your representatives are doing, that’s the place to go.

So, now it is time to tie the voting to the money and see if there is anything here that needs further scrutiny. Let me note first that there are two extra votes here not included on either Senator Clinton’s voting record or Senator Obama’s. That is because these were new votes taken since I started this and weren’t recorded yet for the other two. I only included them to show you that the Candidates ARE still voting, even if that “voting” is to NOT VOTE AT ALL.

McCain is supposed to be big on Second Amendment rights. You know, the one that allows individual citizens to own and carry guns? Yet, in his voting record, see the full document here: McCain’s Votes he chooses NOT TO VOTE AT ALL. This is a gun control Amendment specifically to assure that the funds in Bill S 1200 are NOT used to DECREASE Gun Ownership. Now why wouldn’t he vote Yes to that one?

McCain also voted No on the bill to strike the telecom immunity for surveillance. In other words, remember those campaign contributions from Telecoms such as IDT Corp who gave $84,850, or Univision Communications with $82,000, or Cisco Systems, Inc. $60,650, who used to only sell routers but now has diversified immensely to where they have a $35 Billion base. So I can see WHY he would vote against hitting the telecoms. Not to mention he seems intent on being a Bush wannabe. Stay the course and all that crap.

Personally? I’ve already endured almost 8 years of an illiterate idiot who embarrasses me every time he opens his mouth. I REALLY don’t want 4 more. But you folks have to decide what you are willing to put up with. I already know who I am NOT voting for…..

McCain voted Yes to FISA but NO to FISA as Exclusive Means for Conducting Electronic Surveillance. Hummmmmm, what does he know that we don’t know??? I found that very curious indeed.

He also didn’t bother to vote on the Foreign Intelligence Acquisition. You know, that bit where they get to data-mine OUTSIDE the United States of America? That would directly affect intelligence to the next President. Shouldn’t THAT be of interest?

A few other things I found highly questionable was voting NO on Iraq Troop Reduction Amendment. That’s a bit out of touch with the Citizenry of the United States I think.

No Vote on congress Expressing the Sense of Congress Regarding Federalism in Iraq. OR No Vote on Expressing the Sense of the Senate Regarding Iran and the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. Yet he flat out admits “There will be other wars.”

He didn’t vote at all on the United States Policy in Iraq Resolution of 2007. Ya, he seems interested in being President. And NO VOTE on the United States-Peru Trade Agreement. If this is ANY indication of what kind of President he would make, RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!

No Vote on Department of Homeland Security Appropriations.

No Vote on Implementing the 9/11 Commissions Recommendations.

No Vote on the Border Fence and Customs Appropriations either. Real confidence builder huh?

No Vote at all on Real ID funding. I’ll admit I think any No Vote at all is a cowards way out. FOR ALL OF THE CANDIDATES! No just McCain.

No Vote at all on FDA Drug Import Certification Amendment. You know, the one that certifies that the chemicals in your drugs are safe?

He didn’t bother to vote for Clean Energy Achievement Criteria.

And No Vote on any Budgets. That definitely affects the government.

No Vote on Bridge Repair. No Vote on Limiting Mexican trucks to Commercial Zones Near the Border.

Oh, and students? Forget you! No vote of any kind on your issues.

In fact, he didn’t bother to vote at all 54 out of 89 possible times. NOT GOOD if you ask me. That is MORE than half the time. Is he even doing this job? Or getting paid to sleep? Does he care about your issues or not? And because he has voted yes and no to other things I know he is still voting, so don’t excuse this as his being a candidate or anything else.

His track record on Women’s issues is absolutely abhorrent. Why any female Republican would vote for him is beyond me. But hey, gung ho party and all that jazz!

Some of the things I did agree with him on were voting FOR, or Yes, to stem cell research.

He voted Yes to declaring English the National Language.

He voted AGAINST restrictions on Lobbying and Donations Regulations. Go figure!

He voted No against Expressing Support for ALL Men And Women in the U.S. Armed Force.

Mind you, McCain is from my home state. This state borders Mexico and has a HUGE illegal immigration problem. His stance on most of that was unimpressive to me to say the least. So while I should be happy he is running I don’t think he is worthy of support. I think money and power have gone to his head and that is why there are so many No Votes on his record. These huge multi-country, multi-national financial institutions want concessions later on, so McCain chooses not to vote now. He can’t be pinned down later on by any of it. You and I get screwed.

~ by justmytruth on March 6, 2008.

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