Bush, Cheney, Not Welcome in Vermont

Vermont Town Doesn’t Like Bush/Cheney

According to an article in CommonDreams.org President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney shouldn’t go to two Vermont towns. In an article published March 5, 2008:

BRATTLEBORO – Voters in two southern Vermont towns passed articles Tuesday calling for the indictment of President Bush and Vice President Cheney for violating the Constitution.0305 02

More symbolic than substantive, the items sought to have police arrest Bush and Cheney if they ever visit Brattleboro or nearby Marlboro or to extradite them for prosecution elsewhere – if they’re not impeached first.

While never intended to do more than make a statement, it shows that We the People are sick and tired of having our Rights and Freedoms trampled on. When asked Why it was done, one person replied:

“It’s the opportunity for this small community to set a precedent and an example for the United States,” said Brattleboro resident Gerry Benjamin. “A little means a lot.”

Seems to me that more small communities need to do something similar. In fact with the laws that are being passed that are so against We the People maybe we should all NOT file our taxes. Do you think the Government might sit up and take notice then? They aren’t listening to us right now.

I’ve been saying for over 3 years now that President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney need to be tried on war crimes, crimes against the American People, and Treason. Their crimes are documented and I don’t know why the Congress is so afraid of doing what needs to be done. It seems it is up to the People to MAKE THEM LISTEN AND DO THEIR JOBS. Far as I am concerned the entire Senate and House of Representatives are cowards. Allowing our Constitution to be swiss cheesed like it has been is treason. Any laws passed that support this endeavor is Treason, any congress man or woman who supports it, treasonous. But hey, that’s just me.

So I applaud Vermont’s two towns of Brattleboro and Marlboro. I’m impressed that anyone has stood up to this administration. Certainly the gutless wonders in Washington won’t.

And while Washington believes we citizens are too stupid to govern ourselves, to know what is good for us. We can make up our own minds about what is being done TO US and I’m here to tell them they are wrong. I’m watching, and so apparently, are others.

As for Bush and Cheney going down in history as great leaders, I don’t think so. There are too many of us out here saying otherwise. And while one of these days they may silence us, they haven’t done so yet. Until that time, I’m going to continue to speak out, speak up, and do so LOUDLY! Call me what you will, but I refuse to wake up one day in a third world country with all my freedoms gone.

LONG LIVE AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL, despite what despots and criminals my try to do to Her.

In another article from CommonDreams.org, Code Pink is also drawing attention to the impeachment of Bush and Cheney.

Code Pink fast


Angeline tried last month to come up with another way to send a message to the Bush administration and a Congress she thinks has done too much enabling: She stopped eating.

Then she took it a step further. Angeline, 51, took her fast to the office of House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers Jr. (D-Mich.), where she vowed to stay and not eat until he agreed to meet with her. One day went by, then another, and another, and finally, on the 10th day of Angeline’s sit-in, Conyers agreed to talk with her about the impeachment of Vice President Cheney.

According to the article,

Hundreds of other members of Code Pink have now stopped eating, too. The Code Pinkers, as members of the much-maligned anti-war women’s group call themselves, are trying to convince reluctant congressional Democrats to join Rep. Robert Wexler (D-Fla.) in calling for impeachment hearings.

Each person’s contribution helps to get the message across to Congress that We the People are NOT happy with this administration. Each protest grows louder when combined with other voices from around the country. We WILL be heard.

Are you listening Congress? Can you hear us yet? We’ll yell louder if we have to, count on it. And any administration that tries to do this sort of thing again will be met with even more, and louder, disagreement.


~ by justmytruth on March 6, 2008.

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