Rights for Illegal Immigrants

Illegal Immigrants Bill of Rights in the United States of America.

You have the right to leave.
The same way you arrived, in the night, walking, without aide or comfort, food or water.

You have the right to speak English! This is the United States, not an annex of Mexico. If you wish to live here, learn the language and become a citizen.

You have the right to visit, so long as you leave. There are also laws against vagrants.

You have the right to be deported.
Anytime, anyplace, anywhere we find you. If you don’t like it, don’t come in the first place or do it LEGALLY!

You have the right to be silent. Only those who are citizens have a right to speak their minds, criticize, or express outrage in this country. All others are guests and should remember that.

You have the right to stay in Mexico. That’s your country and you have rights there. If you don’t like it there, make the changes you do like in your own country before you come to mine demanding I change for you.

Rights you do NOT have:

You have no right to a home, a place to sleep, to work, or buy food. This country is for those who are here legally or naturally born, or just visiting. If you want that to change, become a citizen.

You do not have the right to vote.
You don’t get a say in what happens to you if you are caught here illegally or caught committing a crime. You do have the right to be prosecuted.

You do not have the right to representation. That right is reserved for U.S. Citizens only. You will have to wait till you get to Mexico before getting a lawyer.

You do not have the right to bear children here so that we have to support you and them. Go back to Mexico and let your beloved country take care of you.

ILLEGAL ALIEN: An “illegal alien” is a foreigner who (1) does not owe allegiance to our country; and (2) who has violated our laws and customs in establishing residence in our country. He or she is therefore a criminal under applicable U.S. laws.

The term “illegal alien” is used by U.S. citizens who believe that non-citizens entering our country must comply with our immigration laws.

The term “illegal alien” is predicated upon U.S. immigration law which requires foreigners entering the U.S. to comply with our country’s rules and laws regarding entry into, and residence within, our country.

What part of that do you people NOT understand? If these people don’t owe allegiance to the United States of America, by what right do all these bleeding heart politicians and activists groups have to demand they be allowed immediate citizenship? They broke our laws to begin with. Why anyone would want to allow them citizenship is beyond me. There are LEGAL ways to enter this country which are being made easier all the time. If you want me to take you seriously, do things the right way.

Wikipedia defines Illegal Immigration as:

Illegal immigration refers to immigration across national borders in a way that violates the immigration laws of the destination country. Under this definition, an illegal immigrant is a foreigner who either has illegally crossed an international political border, be it by land, water, or air, or a foreigner who has entered a country legally but then overstays his/her visa. In politics, the term may imply a larger set of social issues and time constraints with disputed consequences in areas such as economy, social welfare, education, health care, slavery, prostitution, crime, legal protections, voting rights, public services, and human rights. Illegal emigration would be leaving a country in a manner that violates the laws of the country being exited.

Got that? What part isn’t clear?


~ by justmytruth on March 4, 2008.

30 Responses to “Rights for Illegal Immigrants”

  1. I have not heard it as simple as this before. it is as if the person who wrote this read my mind aand put my exact thoughts down. now we just our country to listen to its people and remove the intruders

  2. Illegals are paid to live in this country. You have US Senators and Congressmen to thank for that. They kill Americans and do not have to fear prosecution as long as they make it back to their American city before being caught.
    Senators love illegals in this country because as long as illegals vote for who Senators tell them to vote for then they can go right ahead and keep their Senate seat.
    Please remember that Senators hide behind the US Constitution. No Term Limits. Senators don’t give a crap abut this country as long as they can keep their jobs.
    American Taxpayers (thanks to Senators) pay illegals $30 Billion a month to live in this country. All illegals have to do is continue killing Americans, raping this land, taking weekly paychecks to live here and committing crimes and it’s ok. Just keep voting for who our Senators tell them to vote for and Senators are ok with that.
    Americans are as good as dead..thanks to Senators, The US Constitution and the illegals in this country that our Senators continue to support.
    I don’t like it but that’s the way it is.

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