CNN covers Bush

Today, as I listened to President Bush on CNN, I just had to shake my head. Hearing him call Raul Castro a dictator because the man won’t let prisoners out of prison was kind-of like the pot calling the kettle black! The conference was in defense of the Telecoms who are fighting to have immunity from prosecution. But other issues were discussed too.

Bush was almost spitting mad that his desires were being met with resistance. After all, We The People desire NOT to be spied on by our government! And these CORPORATIONS are trying to say that they are more patriotic than WE as CITIZENS are. They put the profits of financial gain before common sense and now they are facing the consequences. They do not appreciate that! You can read the Bills here:




The President would have you believe it is necessary for NSA to spy on American Citizens JUST IN CASE… Data mining by the NSA with words too numerous to mention makes it so that ALL U.S. Citizens will be in their database.

It was rather comical to watch him sputter and stumble over words and phrases as usual. He really should have paid attention in school and absolutely should have been forbidden to do impromptu speaking. It is simply embarrassing to think he is the leader of our country and such a country bumpkin when it comes to speaking.

Well, we have another 11 months of this to deal with. One can only hope that we survive this hopeless idiot and his pontificating. His foreign policy so far has been a complete disaster.

CNN reported on Tuesday, May 16th:

The Situation Online

Your phone records
In the company’s latest statement,external link Verizon denies allegations external link that it gave phone records to the National Security Agency. Compare this to what they said last weekNSA story broke. AT&T and BellSouth have also responded to claims that they turned over records of millions of their customer’s phone calls to the NSA.
external link after the the

I enjoyed this video immensely. You rock Keith Olbermann!

YouTubeSpecial CommentBush Put Telecoms Ahead of
Countdown w/ Keith Olbermann Special Comment: In a Presidency

Anyway, if you caught the CNN coverage you already know how President Bush looked with his usual moronic speech making.


~ by justmytruth on February 28, 2008.

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