Immigration, My Side of the Fence

So, I’m sleeping and you decide to break into my house, but instead of stealing, you clean it. You do a really good job too, and when I wake up I can’t complain about the work you did. But now you are standing there with your hand out expecting me to pay you. Oh, and while I’m at it, you expect me to send your kids to school, for free. Oh yes, and there is health care you feel I should pay for too because after all, you did all that work. But YOU broke into MY house!

This is what we face with illegal immigrants. I don’t care what your nationality is, what color you skin is, if you are here illegally you need to leave. You are a black eye in the face of every LEGAL IMMIGRANT who has ever gone through the process to become a United States Citizen. And why you think we should take you to our bosom is beyond me.

I’m told that you do jobs solid citizens here wouldn’t do, but I do NOT believe that. I believe that is simply an excuse you use to justify your being here. I have a saying and it goes like this, “If you need to justify it, you already know you are wrong.

CNN’s Lou Dobbs said last night:

DOBBS: A major defeat tonight for the illegal employers of illegal aliens in this country. A federal judge in Arizona has rejected an effort by that state’s business lobby to block a new Arizona state law cracking down on illegal employers of illegal aliens. And in doing so the federal district or judge accepted evidence that illegal aliens do, in fact, drive wages for legal workers down. It is something that we’ve documented and reported upon, on this broadcast, literally for years now.

Casey Wian has our report.

CASEY WIAN, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Time is running out for employers of illegal aliens in Arizona. Enforcement of a new state law that would revoke the business licenses of companies caught with illegal workers is set to begin immediately, that after a federal judge, Neil Wake (ph), rejected a motion by Arizona businesses to block the law because they claim it’s an unfair burden.

BARNETT LOTSTEIN, ASST. MARICOPA COUNTY ATTORNEY: In every single court hearing we’ve been successful in upholding this law. Judge Wake is a respected federal judge and he clearly stated that he did not believe that there is a likelihood of success on appeal. In denying the injunction he has voiced his opinion very strongly.

WIAN: The federal judge endorsed evidence submitted by Harvard University Professor George Borjas that the presence of unauthorized aliens in the Arizona workforce reduce the earnings of authorized workers in Arizona by 4.7 percent. That’s about $1,000 a year for the average low-skilled legal worker. Borjas estimates illegal immigration drove down wages for all workers in Arizona by $1.4 billion in 2005.

Judge Wake ruled that the cost to businesses to comply with the law are minor in comparison and he flatly stated he did not believe the business lobby’s argument that employer’s sanctions drive down wages. Law enforcement has been on hold pending the courts decision. Arizona businesses have been rushing to comply for weeks.

CHRIS HAZEN, HR MGR., PATIO POOLS & SPAS: If somebody wants to take that chance to lose their business license that’s a lot to risk.

WIAN: According to Judge Wake, there is anecdotal evidence Arizona’s employer sanctions law is already having its intended effect. Illegal aliens are leaving the state and wages are beginning to rise.

WIAN: Now the business lobby has filed an appeal with the Ninth Circuit in San Francisco. However, Judge Wake says he believes that appeal has little chance of success — Lou?

DOBBS: This is an overwhelming victory for — also for common sense and good, sound judgment and may I say respect for law. It’s a remarkable decision by this federal district court judge.

WIAN: It absolutely is. It’s very unusual to see a judge take a strong stand like he did in this latest ruling and he pointed out something that that study by Professor Borjas of Harvard University was probably understated the negative impact of illegal immigration is having on wages.

It’s a refreshing change from so many federal officials that you hear talk about how we need these workers and these people are doing jobs that Americans won’t do. There’s a federal judge who is taking a stand saying this is harmful to the economy of Arizona — Lou.

DOBBS: And legal workers, which has been…

WIAN: Absolutely.

DOBBS: We have been reporting on here for, literally years, and the facts are now beginning to present themselves, are moving into this national debate. And people watching this broadcast tonight, and Casey, all of us here, we can recall when we couldn’t get the national dialogue and debate started on the issue of illegal immigration. And, it is beginning now to take hold.

And I don’t believe any body’s going to be able to run from the facts. And the reality is, the common sense here, the idea that the Arizona State Chamber of Commerce went into a federal courtroom and tried to convince a federal judge, insult his intelligence by saying that following the law would drive down wages for U.S. citizens is — they’re out of their minds!

WIAN: The judge did not use the term “ridiculous”, but if you read between the lines of his ruling it’s clear that that’s what he thought. I point out one other thing, Lou.

DOBBS: Sure.

WIAN: There is a state senator leader in New Jersey who is now out today saying that he likes this Arizona law and he wants to try to do the same thing in New Jersey.

DOBBS: And we’re seeing evidence that this is going to happen across the country. Thank you very much, Casey Wian.

Thank you Lou! I’m a big fan of your show. You stand up for the average Middle Class American and we appreciate you very much. I don’t care what the left or right wing says about you!

Thank you Judge Wake also! By upholding the LAW, you have made a statement standing up for LEGAL Citizens of the United States. I, personally, appreciate it. I want to know that if someone breaks into MY HOUSE, I can call law-enforcement and get them OUT! Just because an illegal cleaned my house instead of stealing from it doesn’t make them welcome. THEY STILL BROKE IN! You are here without my permission and without the legal standing you need to stay. And on this issue I’m appalled that the ACLU is even involved. Maybe they should change their name to the Illegal Immigrant Civil Liberties Union? Because as the ACLU, (American Civil Liberties Union) they have no business being involved at all! Not unless they are on the other side of the fence standing up for AMERICAN RIGHTS.

If you want a better life than you had in Mexico, build a better Mexico! Don’t come to MY country and tell me how to live, how to treat you, and expect me to change everything about ME for you. And if you are here, LEARN ENGLISH! I expect to speak Spanish when I go to Mexico, not here in MY COUNTRY! You want some respect? Then give some respect, for the law, for this country’s citizens, for the language, for all the LEGAL Immigrants that have spent their blood to become U.S. CITIZENS.


~ by justmytruth on February 21, 2008.

2 Responses to “Immigration, My Side of the Fence”

  1. My fiance is a Border Patrol agent risking his life to keep Imigrants out (yes it is dangeous) It amazes me how they have the nerve to think that we owe them something!

  2. BRAVO!!!! Excellent piece. Well said. I’m speechless.

    Like you, I love Lou Dobbs. He says it as it is.

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