IRS Totalitarian Government at its Worst

I hope everyone had a wonderful President’s Day. I spent mine in research. I thought my hind end would be permanently attached to the chair! LOL! But in all seriousness the research I did was necessary.

If you haven’t seen Aaron Russo‘s movie Freedom to Fascism you need to. Never have I seen anything documented so well as to how bad things are. Aaron was neither left-wing nor right-wing, he just wanted to know. He asked the questions we all need the answers to and some of them I will give you here as I took excerpts from his movie and typed them out for you.

America Freedom to Fascism

to Fascism…The Film Determined to find the law that 149 min –

Be prepared to be amazed and take some notes! Here are a few of the things I learned:

A partial list of taxes Citizens pay:

1)Accounts receivable tax
2)Automobile Tax
3)Building Permit Tax
4)Capitol Gains Tax
5)CDL License Tax
6)Cigarette Tax
7)Corporate Income Tax
8)Court Fines (indirect tax)
9)Dog License Tax
10)Estate Tax
11)Federal Unemployment Tax
12)Fishing License Tax
13)Food License Tax
14)Fuel Permit Tax
15)Gasoline Tax (42 cents per gallon)
16)Hunting License Tax
17)Inheritance Tax Interest Expense (Tax on the Money)
18)Inventory Tax
19)IRS Interest Charges (Tax on top of tax)
20)Liquor Tax
21)Local Income Tax
22)Luxury Tax
23)Marriage License Tax
24)Medicare Tax
25)Parking Meters
26)Property Tax
27)Real Estate Tax
28)Septic Permit Tax
29)Service Charge Tax
30)Social Security Tax
31)Road Usage Tax (Truckers)
32)Sales Tax
33)Recreational Vehicle Tax
34)Road Toll Booth Taxes
35)School Tax
36)State Income Tax
37)State Unemployment Tax
38)Telephone, Federal Excise Tax
39)Telephone, Federal Universal Service Fee Tax
40)Telephone, Federal, State, and Local Surcharge Tax
41)Telephone, Minimum Usage Surcharge Tax
42)Telephone, Recurring and Non-Recurring Charges Tax
43)Telephone State and Local Tax
44)Telephone Usage Charge Tax
45)Toll Bridge Taxes
46)Toll Tunnel Taxes
47)Traffic Fines
48)Trailer Registration Tax
49)Utility Taxes
50)Vehicle License Registration Tax
51)Vehicle Sales Tax
52)Watercraft Registration Tax
53)Well Permit Tax
54)Worker’s Compensation Tax
55)Federal Income Tax

This is in addition to any state/city income tax you may pay AND sales taxes on consumer goods you buy. Obviously the list goes on and on. But what I’m sure you are REALLY interested in is a conversation that Aaron had with Sheldon Cohen who was a former IRS Commissioner and is former counsel to the IRS AND wrote the tax code! The conversation that follows is taken from an interview that Aaron Russo had with Sheldon Cohen:

Aaron Russo asked “And why does the IRS code (shows picture of an news article here titled 26 CFR CH. 1 (4-1-03 Edition) ) say that it is voluntary to comply, NOT mandatory?”

Sheldon Cohen, “Voluntary, that’s a euphemism we use when we talk about traffic signals, most people at 2 am, do you stop at a red light?”
Aaron Russo, “Ya”
Sheldon Cohen, “Is there a cop there?”
Aaron Russo, “Well, sometimes I don’t.” (laughing)
Sheldon Cohen, “Well, I do! And most of us do, most of us do. But that is voluntary compliance.
Aaron Russo, “That was a complete perversion of logic. Traffic laws state that it is mandatory to stop at a red light. The IRS code says it is voluntary. Voluntary and involuntary are the complete opposites of each other, yet he wants us to believe that they mean the same thing.”

Dictionary: voluntary adj.
The action undertaken of one’s own free will.

Dictionary mandatory adj.
Commanded by authority.

Your income tax is a 100% voluntary tax, and your liquor tax is a 100% mandatory tax. The situation is as different as night and day. Dwight E. Avis Head of the Alcohol, Tobacco Tax Division Bureau of Internal Revenue.

Aaron Russo asked Sheldon Cohen, “So, can the government criminally prosecute a person for information they put on their 1040?”
Sheldon Cohen, “Yes.”
Aaron Russo, “So doesn’t that violate the 5th Amendment?”
Sheldon Cohen, “No.”
Aaron Russo, “But the 5th Amendment says that I don’t have to do anything that might incriminate myself.”
Sheldon Cohen, “Well, it doesn’t incriminate you, but you can come to hell.”
Aaron Russo, “But you said before that I can be put in jail for it.”
Aaron Russo, “Isn’t it true, that the word INCOME isn’t defined anywhere in the IRS code?”
Sheldon Cohen, (LONG PAUSE)“ The law says that it has, that the government has the right to tax income from any source no matter where it finds it.”
Aaron Russo, “But the word INCOME is not defined in the code. It just says income without a definition.”
Sheldon Cohen, “That’s right.”

The courts define INCOME in the Eisner vs. Macomb as GAINS made from INCOME or PROFITS. So the supreme court has ruled that INCOME is not WAGES, it is NOT LABOR, it is derived from Corporate activity.

The Supreme Court has said your labor is your private property. When you go to work for someone it is an even exchange, there is NO GAIN.

Chief among such contracts is that of personal employment by which labor and other services are EXCHANGED for money and other forms of property. Coppage vs. Kansas 236 U.S. 1, 14 (1914)

Sheldon Cohen stated, “Title 26 requires you to pay taxes and file a return.”
Aaron Russo, “Doesn’t Title 26 have to be in compliance with the Supreme Courts decisions?”
Sheldon Cohen, “You’re going to take a 1920’s case and superimpose it on the whole of today’s revenue code that was written after it? No, that’s not …”

The Supreme Courts ruling have never been overturned.
Aaron Russo, “Can a lower court overturn a Supreme Court ruling?”
Sheldon Cohen, “No.”

Aaron Russo, “So how are they putting people in jail today when they aren’t putting a tax on their labor?” “Doesn’t the IRS code have to be in compliance with the Supreme Court ruling?”
Sheldon Cohen, “Aaron, this is a waste of time. Because whatever I say you aren’t going to believe.”
Aaron,” He’s right, I don’t believe him and neither should you.”
Sheldon Cohen refused to answer any more questions. He did state that, “You are liable because the courts say you are liable, and the courts say you are liable and that is why you are liable. “
But remember, Sheldon Cohen is talking about the LOWER COURTS which are NOT in compliance with the Supreme Court AS THEY HAVE TO BE!

When Aaron asked Sheldon Cohen if the lower courts didn’t have to be in compliance with the Supreme Court, Sheldon Cohen stated they were. Aaron then asked him, “Where?” Sheldon Cohen stammered and said, “You caught me unprepared!”

Aaron offers to come back but Sheldon doesn’t want to do that.
Aaron attempts to ask a hypothetical question but again, Cohen tells him, “You are making silly arguments here.”
Stunned, Aaron says, “How can the Supreme Court be a silly argument?”
Cohen responded with, “Because it is inapplicable.

Aaron is astounded. “That made my heart stop! He just said that Supreme Court Decisions do not apply to the IRS. That’s the behavior you would expect from a totalitarian government maybe in China or Russia or Cuba, not from America. They were just making up the law as they went along. Now I knew the tax movement was right. The IRS thrives on intimidation and fear, not on the law. It’s no different than a criminal protection racket using brute force to extract your money from you.” Then Cohen threatened Aaron.

There is no way for me to put down here all the important information this short movie holds. It also covers the Federal Reserve Bank, another ILLEGAL entity in our country and one designed to make us, the average American, little more than slaves.

Do yourself a favor, educate yourselves, join the groups that will help you stand strong against this “New World Order” and the slavery it represents. We are not the Governments fodder, we are WE THE PEOPLE” and we will take our country back from those who would oppress us!

Other Cases from 1916 to about 1923 that are relevant:

Stratton Independence vs. Hobart,

Southern Pacific vs. Low,

Bowers vs. Kurbo Empire,

Burnett vs. Hormel, and

Doyle vs. Mitchell.

Some groups you might be interested in also are:

We the People Foundation

Tax Protest Movement


~ by justmytruth on February 19, 2008.

10 Responses to “IRS Totalitarian Government at its Worst”

  1. I found very informative. The article is professionally written and I feel like the author knows the subject very well. keep it that way.

  2. I have my blog set to monitor comments. I’m not sure what you mean by your comments disappearing, I have authorized them all, but they do have to wait for me to log in to this account before they are approved.

    Show me the law that says we have to pay taxes and that our wages are income. In all my research I have not found anything but tax codes and those are NOT laws.

  3. Allow me to apologize for the misspelling in the above comment, I accidentally pressed enter before proofreading.

  4. why do my comments keep disappearing? I am not extremely familiar with blogs, but I don’t believe they disappear after a set time period, or else the comments above would be gone. I hope you are not removing the comments you are unable to refute in order to create in people a false sense of accuracy regarding you point of view, all the while suppressing the point of views of another. I am sure that is not what you are doing, because after all the would be an action deemed stylistically fascists. If my comments are going to be deleted though, I will quit posting them to your blog, and attempt to find sites where spirited, civil, and factually based disagreements are encouraged.

  5. Hello Rob,

    There are tax codes but NO LAW that says we have to pay taxes on wages. Wages garnered in exchange for labor are NOT taxable. The law states that taxable income is that income which is in profit over and above operating expenses. In the Constitution it states:

    Section 8. The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes, duties, imposts and excises, to pay the debts and provide for the common defense and general welfare of the United States; but all duties, imposts and excises shall be uniform throughout the United States;

    The way the IRS works towards wages is a direct tax on wages and not an apportioned one and therefore it is ILLEGAL! It was also never ratified in Congress. And yes, it is a conspiracy to make the united States citizen pay for the pet projects of all those we elect and not a legal tax. The IRS has been lying to the American people for a very long time. IRS agents who have searched for this information cannot find the law that states a person’s income is taxable. If you are a law student you should be able to find such a law…


    The above section is limited by Article I, Section 2, Clause 3:

    Representatives and direct Taxes shall be apportioned among the several States.


    And Article I, Section 9, Clause 4:

    No Capitation, or other direct Tax, shall be laid, unless in Proportion to the Census or Enumeration.

    As contemplated by the Founders, direct taxes were required to be levied according to the rule of apportionment while indirect taxes were required to be levied according to the rule of uniformity. Thus, anytime Congress attempted to impose a direct tax; it was required to apportion the tax among the States according to the rule of apportionment.

    In 1895, a legal controversy arose concerning a federal income tax statute. In that year, the United States Supreme Court struck down, as unconstitutional, the federal Income Tax Act of 1894. The Court concluded the tax imposed by the Act on “rents or income of real estate” was not significantly distinct from a tax on the property itself. Therefore, the Court classified the tax as a direct tax requiring apportionment among the several States.

    The Supreme Court, in a decision written by Chief Justice White, first noted that the Sixteenth Amendment did not authorize any new type of tax, nor did it repeal or revoke the tax clauses of Article I of the Constitution� Direct taxes were, notwithstanding the advent of the Sixteenth Amendment, still subject to the rule of apportionment and indirect taxes were still subject to the rule of uniformity.

    also see here:

  6. When you say I am an idiot, and uneducated, even though I am a law student so I am trying to educate myself, you also refer me to an undisclosed Supreme Court case. I would like to know what case I need to review and I only hope it isn’t Eisner v. Macomber, 252 U.S. 189 (1920. In that case the Supreme Court considered the taxability of a “stock dividend” — that is, a dividend that was not a cash payout, but that simply gave corporate shareholders some additional shares of stock for each share that they already owned. Because such a “stock dividend” has no real effect — it just divides the same corporate pie up into more slices — the Supreme Court held that it was not taxable. Naturally, in the course of deciding a case about such a corporate context, the Supreme Court made some remarks that were appropriate to that context, such as noting that, in the corporate context, income would be “a gain, a profit, something of exchangeable value, proceeding from the property, severed from the capital.”

    But these remarks were not a comprehensive definition of income in all contexts, and, whenever the Court has given such a comprehensive definition, it has been broad enough to include wages. Indeed, in the very same case, the Supreme Court gives a definition: it says that “‘Income may be defined as the gain derived from capital, from labor, or from both combined,’ provided it be understood to include profit gained through a sale or conversion of capital assets.” This definition clearly includes wages, which are a “gain derived from . . . labor.

    I also have to wonder, if I am such an idiot, and the movie is so accurate, why was Sherry Jackson found guilty of tax evasion along with Al Thompson (Thompson following the advice of Joseph Banister)? Obviously the strategy did not work for two prominent proponents of the tax protester movement, but I’m the idiot who doesn’t sleep in a bedroom/living room/bathroom combo with bars as a front door.

    I am enjoying the conversation but I do hope that as we continue you will be a bit more civil in your responses as opposed to lashing with insults, obviously insults do little to help the cause.

  7. You really are an idiot. Income from working wages is NOT INCOME as defined by the tax codes. If you think it is then you are uneducated and one of the masses that needs to learn WHAT is and is not legal in this country. I feel sorry for you.

    Income is defined as Corporate GAINS. Income is NOT working wages. Read the supreme court decision on this matter!

  8. This movie claims that there is nothing in the internal revenue code that requires the payment of taxes; that is incorrect.

    26 U.S.C. §1

    (a) Married individuals filing joint returns and surviving spouses.–There is hereby imposed on the taxable income of–
    (1) every married individual (as defined in section 7703) who makes a single return jointly with his spouse under section 6013, and
    (2) every surviving spouse (as defined in section 2(a)), a tax determined in accordance with the following table:
    (b) Heads of households.–There is hereby imposed on the taxable income of every head of a household (as defined in section 2(b)) a tax determined in accordance with the following table:

    (c) Unmarried individuals (other than surviving spouses and heads of households).–There is hereby imposed on the taxable income of every individual (other than a surviving spouse as defined in section 2(a) or the head of a household as defined in section 2(b)) who is not a married individual (as defined in section 7703) a tax determined in accordance with the following table:

    The tables have been omitted in the interest of time conservation. They simply outline how much taxes should be paid based on income amounts.

    What is taxable income?

    26 U.S.C. §63

    (a) In general.–Except as provided in subsection (b), for purposes of this subtitle, the term “taxable income” means gross income minus the deductions allowed by this chapter (other than the standard deduction).

    (b) Individuals who do not itemize their deductions.–In the case of an individual who does not elect to itemize his deductions for the taxable year, for purposes of this subtitle, the term “taxable income” means adjusted gross income, minus–
    (1) the standard deduction, and
    (2) the deduction for personal exemptions provided in section 151.

    What is Gross Income?

    26 U.S.C. §61

    (a) General definition.–Except as otherwise provided in this subtitle, gross income means all income from whatever source derived, including (but not limited to) the following items:
    (1) Compensation for services, including fees, commissions, fringe benefits, and similar items;
    (2) Gross income derived from business;
    (3) Gains derived from dealings in property;
    (4) Interest;
    (5) Rents;
    (6) Royalties;
    (7) Dividends;
    (8) Alimony and separate maintenance payments;
    (9) Annuities;
    (10) Income from life insurance and endowment contracts;
    (11) Pensions;
    (12) Income from discharge of indebtedness;
    (13) Distributive share of partnership gross income;
    (14) Income in respect of a decedent; and
    (15) Income from an interest in an estate or trust.

    Do you have to file a tax return?

    26 U.S.C. §6151

    (a) General rule.–Except as otherwise provided in this subchapter, when a return of tax is required under this title or regulations, the person required to make such return shall, without assessment or notice and demand from the Secretary, pay such tax to the internal revenue officer with whom the return is filed, and shall pay such tax at the time and place fixed for filing the return (determined without regard to any extension of time for filing the return).

    (b) Exceptions.–
    (1) Income tax not computed by taxpayer.–If the taxpayer elects under section 6014 not to show the tax on the return, the amount determined by the Secretary as payable shall be paid within 30 days after the mailing by the Secretary to the taxpayer of a notice stating such amount and making demand therefor.
    (2) Use of government depositaries.–For authority of the Secretary to require payments to Government depositaries, see section 6302(c).
    (c) Date fixed for payment of tax.–In any case in which a tax is required to be paid on or before a certain date, or within a certain period, any reference in this title to the date fixed for payment of such tax shall be deemed a reference to the last day fixed for such payment (determined without regard to any extension of time for paying the tax).

    Some tax protesters have argued that the internal revenue code does not define an individual, well:

    26 U.S.C. § 7701

    (a) When used in this title, where not otherwise distinctly expressed or manifestly incompatible with the intent thereof—
    (1) Person
    The term “person” shall be construed to mean and include an individual, a trust, estate, partnership, association, company or corporation.

    They also have several former IRS agents who claim they do not pay taxes and instruct others to do the same. Sherry Peel Jackson, a former agent featured, was found guilty of tax evasion in 2007. The movie also conducts interviews with Joseph Banister and it leads you to believe he was acquitted of charges for tax evasion. Joseph Banister counseled Al Thompson regarding the invalidity of the income tax law. Al thompson was sentenced to six years in prison for tax evasion, while both Al Thompson and Joseph Banister were acquitted of conspiracy to commit tax fraud (not tax evasion).

    A great resource to determine the validity of Aaron Russo’s movie regarding income tax is: Ensure that you are at the top of the page so that you can use the table of contents feature for quicker searching.

  9. Hello Daniel,

    Unless you are willing to give me links to back up your information I’m going to call your bluff here. Aaron Russo’s information jives with other information I have, times and dates, etc. on FBI case files and FOIA documents. Please, give us some links to check out.

  10. You have to be careful with Russo’s movie. I have been researching it and have found a number of inaccuracies and misleading. I am not even half way and I am starting to feel that he is just using what he wants from his footage to get whatever opinion he wants out there.

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