I charge President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney with committing War Crimes

Have you ever read the Geneva Convention? It is one of the longest Documents I’ve ever seen. I also didn’t know that it had had four incarnations. Now I do. By the very definition of War Crimes the President, G.W. Bush, and Vice President Dick Cheney, should be tried for these crimes. At the very LEAST this Administration should be IMPEACHED!

A short definition of War Crimes is as follows:

War crimes include such acts as mistreatment of prisoners of war or civilians. War crimes are sometimes part of instances of mass murder and genocide though these crimes are more broadly covered under international humanitarian law described as crimes against humanity.

War Crimes Act of 1996
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The War Crimes Act of 1996 was passed with overwhelming majorities by the United States Congress and signed into law by President Bill Clinton.

The law defines a war crime to include a “grave breach of the Geneva Conventions”, specifically noting that “grave breach” should have the meaning defined in any convention (related to the laws of war) to which the U.S. is a party. The definition of “grave breach” in some of the Geneva Conventions have text that extend additional protections, but all the Conventions share the following text in common: “… committed against persons or property protected by the Convention: willful killing, torture or inhuman treatment, including biological experiments, willfully causing great suffering or serious injury to body or health.”

The law applies if either the victim or the perpetrator is a national of the United States or a member of the U.S. armed forces. The penalty may be life imprisonment or death. The death penalty is only invoked if the conduct resulted in the death of one or more victims.

This certainly applies to our President and Vice President. Considering the treatment of the detainees in Guantánamo and the Iraqi people. Since our Congress and Senate do not believe they work for *We the People* of these United States and instead work for someone who thinks of himself as an all powerful dictator no different to me than Saddam Hussein. Since my demands for them to take action have gone unheeded, I’ll make them here, on the internet for all to see. And speaking of Saddam Hussein, since he no longer exists, WHY are we still in Iraq? The only possible answer is to take control of the oil.

Waterboarding IS Torture! It is a war crime and has been authorized by our President and the Vice President. This is strictly illegal! And whether the Supreme Court wishes to side with the President or not, it doesn’t make the Rule of Law invalid, it only makes the supreme court justice a lackey. There are too many of those in the Bush Administration.

Nancy Pelosi should be ashamed of herself! She has betrayed the American public. Being a mother and grandmother I have to wonder just what she is doing to her children and grandchildren with her refusal to Impeach the President and Vice President.

As of October 11, 2006 there were over 655,000 Iraqi deaths. These were not trained military personnel but civilians, women and children. There have been rapes and murders committed against these civilians too, all for the express purpose of demoralization. This too can be layed into the lap of our so called Commander and Chief! According to Anitwar.com the current death toll is 1,173,743. I had no idea there were so many LIVING in Iraq, let alone dead. Is it any wonder they hate us?

I expect this blog and myself will disappear. But I will send this out to others in the hope that they too will demand we take a stand. I’m sick and tired of the N.S.A. spying on myself and my roommate for no reason. So if they are going to do something, let them. I do not advocate violence against the President or Vice President, I only want the RULE of LAW upheld and those responsible for its disregard taken to account.


~ by justmytruth on February 16, 2008.

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